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Toilet Paper Dispenser Guide

Determining the proper size and type of commercial toilet paper holder for your business' restrooms requires careful consideration of how often the restroom will be used, how often it will be maintained, and how much space is available for the toilet paper dispenser. Toilet paper dispensers come in

Carlisle EZSnap Floor Brush System

If you've been wondering how to make the most of your rotary floor machine, then you should start with understanding the differences between floor pads and floor brushes. Eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and highly effective on a variety of floors, brushes are a great alternative to floor pads, and the

Types of Mop Buckets and Wringers

Keeping your business clean is no simple task, but using the right mop bucket can make it easier. Whether you run a small business or large institution, a mop bucket and wringer is a necessary addition for everything from daily cleanings to surprise messes. This guide will cover the many different o

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Keep the floor surfaces in your restaurant, warehouse, hotel, or office building clean and free of dust with a backpack vacuum. Backpack vacuums can be used on a variety of floor types, including tile, carpet, and hardwood. Not only are these vacuums efficient, powerful, and comfortable, but they al

Carpet Sweeper Reviews

Keep the hardwood, carpet, tile, or vinyl floors in your foodservice establishment clean by using a floor sweeper. These items have low-profile designs, so you can easily sweep underneath of chairs and tables. They also operate more quietly than vacuum cleaners, so you don?t have to worry about dist

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Whether you run a hotel, a janitorial service, or a restaurant of any size, there is one piece of cleaning equipment that you can't do without: a vacuum cleaner. By choosing the best vacuum for your application, you can keep your floors sparkling, create an efficient cleaning system, and ensure the

Types of Mop Handles

Since cleanliness is a top priority for any facility, you'll want to select the best mops and mop handles to meet your needs. The question is: what kind of handle will be the most useful, convenient, and cost effective for you and your business?

Spill and Vomit Absorbents Buying Guide

From offices and school classrooms to storage areas and commercial kitchen floors, our selection of spill and vomit absorbents will help you easily and effectively clean up liquids and messes! They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit various needs within your facility. Use them to absorb sp

Restaurant Pest Control Tips

Whether you're dealing with flying insects, crawling insects, or rodents, a single pest that is seen, heard, or smelled within your restaurant can be a no-turning-back type of dealbreaker for many customers. A pest invasion violates the stringent sanitation requirements needed to keep food safe and

Pest Control Guide

Pest control is important in any business, but especially so in the foodservice and hospitality industries. We live in a time of strictly monitored health codes and are experiencing the boom of social media where a single rodent or insect could cost you customers. It pays to take the necessary pre

Janitorial Brush Buying Guide

Nothing ruins a dining out experience like messy floors, dusty windows, and dirty bathrooms. When the restaurant, café, or bar is not clean, you start to question the management, the service, and ultimately the food. If that happens, the restaurant starts losing money. Taking the time to clean

Bed Bug Mattress Encasements Guide

Whether you're operating a dormitory, 5 star hotel, or healthcare facility, bed bug infestations can happen at any time without warning. These tiny blood-thirsty pests are difficult to treat and can damage the reputation that you've worked so hard to earn. Act proactively, ensure sanitation, and all

Floor Sweepers Buying Guide

Floor sweepers are important for keeping any restaurant, café, or diner clean from everyday dust, dirt, and debris. To keep your restaurant clean, not only do you need to sweep indoors, but you also need to sweep your outdoor patio and sidewalk. Additionally, any sweeper that is used in the foo

How to Choose Floor Pads

You have a rotary floor machine to keep your floors in great shape, but equally important is selecting the best pad for your needs! Choosing a floor machine pad that's too weak will have no effect and will waste both time and money, while choosing a pad that's too aggressive can cause damage that le

Microfiber Cleaning Products Buying Guide

Make dirt and dust disappear by using microfiber cleaning products! Not only are they fast and easy to use, they will leave your facility spotless. With our vast selection of microfiber wet mops, dry mops, cloths, and mitts, you are bound to find just the right products to help maintain your clean f

Types of Restaurant Wipes

Whether you're cleaning up spills, sanitizing food-contact surfaces, or dusting display counters, wipes are essential to any food service establishment. We offer different types of wipes in varying sizes and materials so you can maintain the highest standard of cleanliness.

Types of Wet Mops

From busy kitchens to school hallways, mops are the simple and effective way to keeping floors sparkling clean. Mops are essential for keeping hard floors clean for each business day. But with the large selection, how do you know which wet mop type is best for your business?

Types of Brooms

Brooms are one of the most basic but important tools, and come in various forms to meet different needs, especially in the foodservice industry. A broom that can perform the task at hand is vital to the sanitation and cleaning of any kitchen or restaurant, and we have a large selection of brooms to

Learn everything you need to know about keeping your establishment clean and pest free with our janitorial and pest control resources. We have guides to help you pick the best cleaning equipment and products for your business as well as advice and tips for how to keep pesky rodents and other pests out of your facilities.

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