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Spill and Vomit Absorbents Buying Guide

From offices and school classrooms to storage areas and commercial kitchen floors, our selection of spill and vomit absorbents will help you easily and effectively clean up liquids and messes! They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit various needs within your facility. Use them to absorb spills, clean up after guests who get sick, line shelves to reduce grime, barricade and direct large puddles toward a drain, or catch leaks and drips from machines.

Key Features of Spill and Vomit Absorbents

  • Cleans up oil and water based spills and bodily fluid messes
  • Surrounds and directs spills
  • Aids in eliminating odors
  • Covers and hides unpleasant liquids
  • Comes in a variety of forms to suit specific applications
  • Helps to maintain non-slip surfaces on floors to prevent accidental falls
  • Used to prevent rain wash off and pollution when placed outside on oil drums
  • Fulfills health code requirements and guidelines

Types of Absorbent Pads and Rolls

All-Purpose Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Rubbermaid FG425100YEL Over-The-Spill Station Kit with Pad Dispenser and 25 Pads
We offer a number of useful absorbent pads and rolls that feature melt-blown polypropylene cores for superior strength and maximum absorbency. The innovative core aids in trapping liquids and bodily fluids better than traditional absorbing materials.

The pads come neatly stacked in packages or dispensers, while the rolls come with cores that allow them to be placed on bars for easy access and dispensing when necessary. A majority of both pads and rolls also have perforations that offer a way to select the correct sheet size for each individual job, making them easy to handle while effectively reducing excess waste and replacement costs.

Some of the pads also double as caution signs. Their color coding, symbols, and cautionary messages ensure optimal visibility and safety to help reduce liability and risk of injury. Full spill kits are also available to keep your establishment ready for any clean-up job.

Spilfyter Z-75 Oil Only White Heavy Weight Absorbent Pad - 100/Case

Oil-Only Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Oil-only absorbent pads and rolls are made specifically for use with oil-based liquids such as lubricants, fuels, mineral oils, and vegetable oils. The pads will float on and repel water while absorbing any oil.

They’re best used in manufacturing plants and other industrial settings where oils, solvents, and coolants are commonly used. Additionally, they help to maintain a non-slip surface on floors to prevent accidental falls.

Absorbent Chemicals

We offer a concentrated granule solution that can effortlessly be applied to any surface. It blends odor neutralizers, natural botanicals, and emulsifying agents to make it highly effective against waste-related odors. Plus, it’s easy to use. Simply spread it over the surface of the spill and allow the granules to absorb the liquid and odors. The granules can then be swept up and disposed of.

The impressive and powerful chemical absorbs 5 - 6 lb. of liquid per 1 lb. of powder, making it a long-lasting, economical cleaning solution for commercial kitchens, child or pet day cares, and automotive mechanic shops.

Special Application Absorbents

Spilfyter G-76 Universal Black Heavy Weight Absorbent Drum Top   - 25/Case

Absorbent Drum Top Covers

Absorbent drum top covers are specifically designed to catch drum drips on 55 gallon fluid drums. The pre-cut holes provide a perfect fit around drum pumps and vents to catch any fluid that may drip from the spout of the drum pump.

Not only does it help absorb any oil that may spill while pouring oil into or out of the drum, it also aids in preventing rain wash off and pollution when placed outside. Plus, the dark color hides stains to ensure a clean, professional look.

Spilfyter G-76 Universal Black Heavy Weight Absorbent Drum Top   - 25/Case

Absorbent Socks

Absorbent socks are designed to be shaped to fit around equipment. It has the ability to absorb a variety of fluids including oil, water, solvents, and coolants. Its thickness also makes it great for barricading and surrounding liquids to keep them contained. It helps to prevent messes from spreading and creating bigger clean-up jobs.

How to Clean up Vomit

How to Clean up Oil

  1. Clear the affected area of furniture and other objects.
  2. While wearing disposable gloves and any necessary protective gear, apply a spill and vomit concentrated granule solution or absorbent pad to the affected area.
  3. Allow the absorbent products to set on the area for at least 10 - 15 minutes or until the liquid or fluid is thoroughly absorbed.
  4. If using a granule solution, sweep or vacuum away the granules. If using absorbent pads, pick up the pads and dispose of them in a plastic garbage bag.
  5. Thoroughly sanitize the affected area.
  6. Discard gloves or any other protective gear.
  1. Clear the affected area of furniture and other objects.
  2. While wearing disposable gloves and any necessary protective gear, surround the spill with an absorbent sock or socks to contain the oil to one area.
  3. Place absorbent pads or rolls on top of the spill to soak up the mess.
  4. Once the spill is thoroughly absorbed, pick up the pads and dispose of them in a plastic garbage bag.
  5. Use additional pads or rolls to absorb any excess liquids if necessary and dispose of them.
  6. Discard gloves or any other protective gear.

Absorbent Sock and Pad in Action

Watch this quick video to see how an oil spill is handled using absorbent socks and pads. In just minutes, spills can be cleaned up, preventing unwanted damage or accidental injuries.

Accessories for Spill and Vomit Absorbents

Product Picture Description and Usage
Perforated General Purpose Safety Goggles
  • Protects eyes from dust, dirt, grime, and harmful chemicals or vapors
  • Available in a range of styles including fully-protective goggles and glasses with side shields
  • Goggles boast elastic straps that accommodate individual facial contours for a comfortable fit every time
  • Goggles are large enough to fit over existing prescription eye wear
Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder-Free Textured Gloves - Large
  • Provides protection by creating a barrier between hands and hazardous spills or bodily fluids
  • Comes in a variety of materials including latex, nitrile , and vinyl
  • Single use design helps to promote superior sanitation
  • Boasts exceptional puncture, tear, and chemical resistance
  • Check out our disposable gloves buying guide for additional information
20 inch Pop-Up Safety Cone Wet Floor Sign
  • Aids in keeping employees and customers uninjured during the cleaning process
  • Lets everyone know to watch their step as they walk through certain areas
  • Eye-catching colors and symbols make them easy to see from a distance or in dimly lit areas
  • Come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes to meet your specific needs
Unger EDTBR Ergo Lobby Dust Pan with Broom - Telescopic Handle
  • Ideal for use after applying concentrated granule spill and vomit absorbent solutions
  • Enables easily clean-up of granules, dirt, and debris
  • Can be purchased separately or in pairs
  • Check out our Types of Brooms buying guide for broom type comparisons
Medium 22 oz. Microfiber String Mop with Scrubber and 5 inch Band - Blue
Lavex Janitorial 36 Qt. Yellow Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo
  • Allows for effortless transportation of a large supply of cleaning solution within facilities
  • Most buckets include wringers that provide a way to wring the water out of mops, helping to make cleaning easier
  • Dual mop buckets minimize water changes and preserve the cleaning power of solutions
  • View our Types of Mop Buckets and Wringers guide for comparisons and additional information

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