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Types of Brooms

Brooms are one of the most basic but important tools in your janitorial arsenal, and they come in various forms to meet different needs. A broom that can perform the task at hand is vital to the sanitation and cleaning of any kitchen, restaurant, hotel, or office. We have a large selection of brooms to match any task!

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How to Select the Right Broom

When choosing a broom, think about these questions:

  • What types of floors do I have?
  • What types of debris am I usually sweeping up?
  • Are there tight spaces and corners I need to clean?
  • Do I need to sweep wet areas, dry areas, or both?
  • Are there oils, chemicals, or other compounds on my floors?

Deciding these factors will help narrow your options down and make it easier to choose the best broom type to fit your establishment. Use the chart below to help determine the best broom type for your needs.
Broom Guide Chart

Types of Brooms

Different broom types have special features, such as larger heads or shorter handles, that give them certain advantages.

  • Amish Broom: Amish brooms are made of high-quality corn straw, bound and sewn by hand. They are designed to last for years of indoor and outdoor use.
  • Lobby Broom: Lobby brooms are light weight and compact, making them ideal for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures, and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Mid-Size Broom: Mid-size brooms are a little larger and great for general, daily sweeping. For fast, efficient cleaning, use mid-size brooms in hard-to-reach areas, corners, or along walls.
  • Warehouse Broom: Warehouse brooms consist of an over-sized broom head that’s designed for sweeping up dust and other fine debris particles in warehouses or other large, open areas.
  • Whisk Broom: Whisk brooms are short, small brooms without handles that are made for cleaning tight spaces. They're designed for use with dustpans.

This video briefly covers our various broom offerings as well as some of their features and recommended uses.
Expert Tip
Just like with mop buckets, it's important to designate your brooms for different areas in your facility, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and restrooms. Try using a color-coded system to help your staff identify the right broom for every task!

Bristle Types

There are two main types of broom bristles: flagged and unflagged. While unflagged bristles tend to last longer than flagged bristles, there isn't one that is better than the other. They both specialize in different areas, so it's all about finding the right tool for the job.

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Flagged bristles are frayed at the ends to help collect small particles, making them ideal for collecting small dust and debris.

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Unflagged bristles are straight and stiff, making them better suited for collecting larger debris in open areas.

Bristle Materials

We offer a wide range of bristle materials to fit any application. Choose a material that excels at a specific task, or go for something versatile that can be used throughout your facility. Mixing and matching materials is a great way to make sure that all of your floor surfaces are being properly maintained.
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Great for medium to heavy floor sweeps and scrub brushes, polypropylene offers good abrasion resistance and shear/break strength. It is resistant to water, solvents, acids, oils, fungus, and bacteria growth, and will not stain, discolor, or absorb odors. Wet or dry applications; indoor and outdoor use.

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Similar to polypropylene, these flexible polystyrene bristles are perfect for tight corners, with excellent bristle bend recovery and shear/break strength. They will withstand water, solvents, and acids, and are best in fine floor sweeps and counter dusters. Avoid when sweeping compounds or oily surfaces.

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Natural Corn Fibers

Natural corn fiber bristles are ideal for sweeping dust and fine dirt in dry conditions. These bristles are made of expertly bound and hewn corn straw, making them highly durable yet non-damaging to your floors.

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Tampico Fibers

Produced from the stem of the Mexican agave plant, Tampico fibers have a medium texture and are ideal for dry sweeping on semi-smooth surfaces. These natural fibers are also resistant to heat and chemicals.

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Nylon bristles are stiff yet flexible for general cleanup of small debris on smooth floors like hardwood or laminate. These brooms are generally for indoor use, but they do resist water and won't absorb odors.

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Synthetic bristles can be used on wet or dry surfaces because they are highly resistant to acids and oils. Synthetic bristles are also flexible and won’t scratch the surfaces of your floor.

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Synthetic Corn

Chemical and liquid resistant, synthetic corn bristles can withstand high temperatures up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. "X"-shaped bristles are excellent for use on carpets and entry mats.

Broom Accessories

Looking for replacement items or even some extra supplies to enhance your floor maintenance program? Check out our broom accessories to find everything you might need!

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Broom Heads

We offer an impressive selection of broom heads that can be screwed onto your existing broom handles. Swapping out broom heads is a great way to save some money and maximize the value of your handles. Choose from both mid-size and warehouse broom heads to keep your janitor's closet fully stocked.

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Broom Handles

We also offer separate broom handles that can be swapped out with your worn or damaged handles without having to buy a completely new broom.

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Dustpans are a great addition to your brooms, as they can help collect the dirt and debris from your floor for easier disposal. We offer standalone dustpans to go along with your existing brooms, as well as dustpan / broom combos that save storage space.

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Hangers / Organizers

To help keep your brooms organized and conveniently stored, check out our broom hangers / organizers! These systems can be mounted to your wall for out-of-the-way storage of your brooms and mops.

Other Ways to Sweep

If your establishment calls for something a little less, or a little more, than what we’ve described, there are other forms of sweepers that may be beneficial to you.

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Indoor Sweepers

Also known as “Hoky Sweepers,” these indoor sweepers are great for use on tile or carpeting. Low profile designs and no electrical cord make these great for quick and quiet cleaning of lobbies, entranceways, and restaurant dining rooms.

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Outdoor Sweepers

Outdoor sweepers are great for parking lots, walkways, storefronts, and warehouses because they don’t require an electrical cord. Wide cleaning paths help you clean quickly, and brushes help sweep fine dirt as well as large debris into a built-in container.

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Vacuum Cleaners

For heavy-duty cleaning, reach for your vacuum. Perfect for picking up almost anything from fine dust to larger debris, a vacuum cleaner is always handy, no matter what type of foodservice operation you run. Upright vacuums and backpack vacuums are both great for large floor areas, while backpack vacuums are also great for tight corners and for steps.

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