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Toilet Paper Dispenser Guide

Determining the proper size and type of commercial toilet paper holder for your business' restrooms requires careful consideration of how often the restroom will be used, how often it will be maintained, and how much space is available for the toilet paper dispenser. Toilet paper dispensers come in sizes to fit standard or jumbo size rolls, and beyond size, there are plenty of options and accessories to fit virtually any need.

Standard vs. Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers

Every toilet paper dispenser has a "roll size" that it fits. This size is equal to the diameter of the roll itself (including paper and core), and therefore determines whether the roll is classified as "standard" or "jumbo" in nature. Most dispensers are not adjustable, so once you have settled on a dispenser, you must always use the designated roll size for that unit.

Toilet Paper Dispenser Size
Toilet Paper Dispenser Image
Toilet Paper Dispenser Description
San Jamar R3590TBK Duett Oceans Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Black Pearl
  • Fits standard size toilet paper rolls
  • Lower capacity than jumbo roll dispensers
  • Better suited for low traffic environments, or areas where space is of concern
  • Great for use in hotel rooms, small, intimate establishments, and office restrooms
9 inch Double Roll Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser
  • Fits jumbo size toilet paper rolls
  • Higher capacity than standard roll dispensers
  • Better suited for high traffic environments

Toilet Paper Dispenser Capacity

San Jamar Toilet Paper Dispenser

The number of rolls a dispenser holds directly impacts the amount of maintenance the dispenser will require. Commercial toilet paper holders are available in single roll, double roll, or quad roll capacities. The more rolls, the less maintenance, however; the more rolls, the more space it will require.

Shop Toilet Paper Dispensers by Capacity

Stub Roll Section

It used to be that when toilet paper rolls ran low, operators had to decide between throwing away the low (stub) roll, or risk running out of toilet paper in the affected dispenser. Not any more. Many multiple roll dispensers are now designed to protect additional rolls of toilet paper until the first roll is completely used, thereby eliminating the risks of stub roll waste and the unfortunate occurrence of paper running out. Sliding panels can be moved over to reveal the next roll (in horizontally-aligned models), or the next roll can simply drop into place (vertically-aligned models) once the stub roll is exhaused.

San Jamar R3090TBK Reserva Oceans 9 inch - 10 1/2 inch Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Black Pearl

How San Jamar Toilet Paper Holders with Stub Roll Sections Work

  1. Load a fresh roll of jumbo toilet paper into the main compartment.
  2. Once that roll has been used down to a 5" or 6" stub roll (depending on the model), move it into the stub section.
  3. The new roll will become accessible only when the stub roll is finished so that you can now use every last sheet on each and every roll without worrying about your toilet paper holder going empty.

Open vs. Enclosed Toilet Paper Dispensers

Type of Toilet Paper Dispenser
Toilet Paper Dispenser Image
Toilet Paper Dispenser Description
Bobrick B-6867 Surface-Mounted Double Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Satin Finish
  • May be more prone to bacteria
  • Often less expensive than enclosed dispensers
  • Ideal for establishments looking for an affordable option
  • Fast, easy maintenance
San Jamar R4090TBK Twin Oceans 9 inch Double Roll Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Black Pearl
  • Typically more expensive than open dispensers
  • More sanitary and easier to clean
  • May hold more paper than their open counterparts
  • Some have translucent covers for easy viewing of remaining paper levels
  • Others have cut out viewing slots for monitoring paper levels

Toilet Paper Dispenser Materials

Lavex Janitorial Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Fits 9 inch Single Roll

Toilet paper dispensers are available in plastic or metal models. Both materials ensure longevity, and each has their own set of advantages in commercial settings.

Plastic Toilet Paper Dispensers

  • Easy to clean
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Resist scratching for a professional look
  • Often made of durable polypropylene or ABS plastic material
  • Many are available with translucent surfaces so your staff can quickly see when refills are needed
Bobrick B-2888 ClassicSeries Surface-Mounted Multi Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Satin Finish

Metal Toilet Paper Dispensers

  • Extremely durable
  • Naturally blend in with most decor
  • Can be polished to perfection with the right chemicals and cloths
  • Come in 20 or 22 gauge stainless steel, chrome-plated metal or steel, or cast aluminum options

Toilet Paper Dispenser Configurations

Toilet Paper Dispenser Type
Toilet Paper Dispenser Image
Toilet Paper Dispenser Description
Bobrick B-6637 Recessed Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Storage for Extra Roll with Satin Finish
  • Preferred choice when space is an issue
  • Designed to be put flush with the wall
  • Typically planned for and installed during build or remodel, not after the fact
Bobrick B-6867 Surface-Mounted Double Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Satin Finish
  • More traditional than recessed toilet paper dispensers
  • Installed when space isn't as much of a concern
  • Attach directly to the wall or stall
  • Can be replaced when one breaks or when an upgrade is desired without a major renovation
Bobrick B-35715 Partition Mounted Toilet Seat-Cover and Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Sanitary Napkin Disposal - 17 3/16 inch x 4 5/16 inch x 30 5/8 inch
  • Another option for when space is an issue
  • Combines toilet paper and disposable toilet seat cover dispensing
  • Mounted centered between two toilet stalls to serve both at once
  • Serve both compartments at once
  • Can also offer sanitary napkin disposal options built right in, for even more efficiency in a single unit

Locking/Vandal-Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers

Locking or vandal-resistant toilet paper dispenser prevent theft and misuse with added guards against vandalism and theft. These dispensers typically require a lock-and-key operation to open and close the dispenser during maintenance, and may feature concealed brake or tension springs to provide controlled delivery of toilet paper, stopping the roll from spinning freely. Locking toilet paper holders are perfect for highly-trafficked areas such as public restrooms, rest stops, and gas stations.

San Jamar R4090TBK Twin Oceans 9 inch Double Roll Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Black Pearl

How to Open a Toilet Paper Dispenser

To open an enclosed, locking toilet paper dispenser, follow these simple steps:

  1. Retrieve key.
  2. Unlock dispenser.
  3. Remove stub roll/core.
  4. Place new roll in the dispenser.
  5. Close dispenser.
  6. Return key to storage hook.

Other Considerations for Toilet Paper Dispensers

Toilet Paper Dispenser Feature
Image of Toilet Paper Dispenser Feature
Description of Toilet Paper Dispenser Feature
Bobrick B-34715 Partition Mounted Toilet Seat-Cover and Toilet Tissue Dispenser - 17 3/16 inch x 4 5/16 inch x 30 5/8 inch
ADA Compliant toilet paper dispensers meet the criteria established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), helping make your business more accessible to people with disabilities. Additionally, in ADA Compliant restrooms, grab bar clearance is key when choosing a toilet paper dispenser. This little bit of extra room ensures plenty of clearance for a grab bar to be installed.
Bobrick B-272 Surface-Mounted Toilet Tissue Cabinet with Satin Finish
When minimizing the spread of germs is your primary concern, taking a non-traditional approach to dispenser design may be best. Folded toilet paper dispensers offer one-at-a-time dispensing, as opposed to roll style dispensing, and are ideal for use in health care facilities and other high-risk establishments.
9 inch Double Roll Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser
For smooth, easy tearing of the tissue paper to provide reliable performance, look for a dispenser with integrated teeth built right in at the dispensing level.
Bobrick B-6699 Surface-Mounted Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Hood and Bright Polished Finish
When an enclosed unit isn't feasible, a hood on an open unit can do a similar job of keeping bacteria at bay. Hoods provide protective shields atop the roll, acting as a guard against contamination.
San Jamar R2090TBK Oceans 9 inch Single Roll Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser - Black Pearl
Many industrial toilet paper holders are designed with rounded tops that are not only stylish, but prevent the dispensers from being used as shelves, thereby minimizing abuse and extending the product's life.
Bobrick B-2840 Multi Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Utility Shelf and Satin Finish
To give your guests a little more room in your restroom, some dispensers include a utility shelf atop the unit. Great for placing personal items or extra rolls, these shelves show your customers that you care about their needs.

Feminine Hygiene Dispensers and Receptacles

Rochester Midland RMC RSVP Plus 25160100 $.25 Sanitary Napkin / Tampon Dispenser and Convenience Pack

Keeping your restroom stocked with essential feminine hygiene products is easy when you have the right feminine hygiene dispenser for the job. But how do you determine what's "right" for you? We're here to help.

Where will the feminine product dispenser be installed?

Feminine product dispensers come in recessed, semi-recessed, and wall mount options. Determining which style will work in your establishment is priority number one. Do you have space behind the wall for the unit to be recessed (or semi-recessed) into the wall? If so, you have the benefit of out-of-the-way operation with this type of unit. Should the unit need to be mounted to the wall, a wall mount dispenser is the way to go for easy installation in virtually any restroom.

How many products do you wish to offer?

Bobrick B-2706C Classic Series Surface Mount Sanitary Napkin / Tampon No Coin Vendor

Once you know how your dispenser will be mounted, it's time to decide how many products you'll be vending. We carry dispensers that vend two or three products at a time, with varying capacities per chamber.

Single Coin, Double Coin, or No Coin?

Profitability is the next consideration when determining the feminine product dispenser that's right for your business. We carry single coin, double coin, and no coin options for just this purpose. Many dispensers are field-convertible to allow for single, double, or no coin operation, and most come pre-set on one of these settings.

Lavex Janitorial Black Plastic Wall-Mount Sanitary Napkin Receptacle (IMP 1103)

Sanitary Napkin Receptacles

Other vital components in any commercial restroom are sanitary napkin receptacles. Sanitary napkin receptacles are available in floor, recessed, or wall mount options, and can be plastic or stainless steel in composition. These receptacles make it easy to safely and sanitarily dispose of feminine hygiene products in a discreet fashion that your patrons will appreciate.

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags

Lavex Janitorial 7 1/2 inch x 3 inch x 10 1/2 inch Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Bags   - 500/Case

It's a good idea to line your sanitary napkin receptacles with sanitary napkin disposal bags to increase sanitation and convenience for restroom users, while providing a clean and easy method of receptacle emptying for your staff. Sanitary disposal bags come in a variety of sizes to fit most common dispensers, and most are made of dry wax paper to prevent leaks. Feminine hygiene disposal bags often feature an undercut lip to enable easy opening, for proper, discreet disposal of feminine hygiene products.

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