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Floor Sweepers Buying Guide

Floor sweepers are important for keeping any restaurant, café, or diner clean from everyday dust, dirt, and debris. To properly check off your cleaning list and keep your business in order, not only do you need to sweep indoors, but you also need to sweep your outdoor patio and sidewalk. Additionally, any sweeper that is used in the food service environment needs to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily use, but gentle enough to not leave behind scuff marks on your floor, walls, and furniture. Whether you're choosing the vacuum or floor sweeper, it's imperative to keep your restaurant always looking its best. Be sure to check out our carpet sweeper reviews as well!

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Types of Sweepers

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Mechanical sweepers are powered by the simple action of pushing them. A series of gears force the blades or brushes to spin as a sweeper is moved forward or backward. This ensures the sweeper works quietly and efficiently, so customers won’t be disturbed. This also means there is no battery or cord to limit the area or time that you can clean. They also come with a dustpan that is easy to empty, cutting down on cleaning times for your employees or if you hired a cleaning service. The lack of cords makes mechanical sweepers highly maneuverable for use in tight spaces around and under tables, chairs, and counters.

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Electric sweepers draw power either from a rechargeable battery or an outlet in the wall. This naturally makes them louder than their mechanical counterparts, meaning that, depending on the setting and situation, they may be a distraction when used around customers. For electric sweepers that use rechargeable batteries, it is a good idea to have several replacements on hand in case of an emergency. Also, because cords can limit the area you are capable of cleaning, make sure you have access to a standard outlet in all areas you will want to use a corded sweeper.

Sweeper Uses

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Indoor sweepers can be mechanical or electric. The ideal indoor sweeper is light-duty and quiet with a low-profile for maneuverability around furniture and customers. Indoor sweepers are perfect for picking up dust, dirt, and small bits of trash and debris. These types of sweepers are good for cleaning up small messes during service hours without distracting guests. Additionally, these floor sweepers are capable of cleaning a wide variety floor surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and tile. For a more powerful cleaning option for indoor use, check out our vacuum cleaners.

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Outdoor sweepers are larger and more powerful than indoor sweepers to deal with the rigors of cleaning outdoor surfaces like asphalt, bricks, and concrete. Many outdoor sweepers are electric; however, there are mechanical versions. Utilizing large, circular brushes, outdoor sweepers are capable of sweeping up large debris and tough dirt buildup. While indoor and mechanical outdoor sweepers can be used during service hours, outdoor electric sweepers should be reserved for before- or after-hour periods when customers won't be around. The powerful motor of an outdoor sweeper will be an unwelcome distraction for customers trying to enjoy their meals. If you need a more versatile piece of outdoor cleaning equipment, then see our wet / dry vacs.

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Industrial and Street Sweepers

For your most heavy-duty cleaning needs, industrial sweepers and street sweepers are the most powerful choice available. With push styles available as well as ride-on options, these tough sweepers are perfect for cleaning up warehouses, streets, and sidewalks. Like other outdoor sweepers, the powerful motors of industrial sweepers and street sweepers can make a loud noise that will detract from the ambiance of your establishment. Reserve the use of these large cleaners for before- or after-hours times, when they won't disturb your guests.

Blade Designs

Most indoor sweeper blades are one of two designs, either brushes or brushless (rubber). When the sweeper is pushed forward or backward, the blades quickly spin to gently, yet thoroughly clean the floor by picking up and depositing dust particles into the waiting dustpans. Both blade types work on many different surfaces and are designed to leave no marks behind.
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  • Utilize brushes to sweep dirt and debris into the dustpan
  • Vary by number of brushes
  • Work together to sweep up more dirt in a single pass</li>
  • Work well on various floor surfaces including tile, linoleum, hardwood, and low-pile carpet
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  • Utilize rubber blades to sweep dirt and debris into the dustpan
  • Pick up finer debris than brush blades
  • Are easier to clean to prevent dirt build-up
  • Work well on various floor surfaces including tile, linoleum, hardwood, and low-pile carpet
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