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Pest Control Products Guide

Controlling and eliminating pests is important for all businesses, but it is especially critical in the food service and hospitality industries. The presence of pests is an indicator of uncleanliness and poor hygiene, which will damage your business's reputation. Pests also carry harmful diseases and bacteria that can harm staff and customers, meaning it's vital you take the proper preventative measures to keep your business pest-free. Protect your business with a variety of pest control products, allowing you to combat the threat pests pose to your establishment and even prevent infestations before they can even start.

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Use the following links to Iearn more about different types of pest control products:

  1. Rodent Control Products
  2. Bed Bug Products
  3. Flying Insect Control Products
  4. Crawling Insect Control Products
  5. Personal Insect Repellent

Rodent Control Products

Rodent control products are designed to deal with common food service pests like mice and rats. These pests are often found by food and water sources and can cause a lot of damage, being capable of chewing through food packaging, electrical wiring, insulation, and drywall. Rodents also spread a variety of diseases such as E. Coli, salmonella, and listeria, threatening the health of customers and putting food service operations in danger of failing health inspections. Even just the sight of one rodent can call your establishment's hygiene into question, giving a big hit to your reputation.

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Glue Traps

Glue traps are primarily used to catch rodents, but can also be used to catch other pests like snakes and large crawling insects. These traps consist of a tray coated with a sticky adhesive designed to prevent the pest from moving. Glue traps come in many varieties, ranging from simple boards coated with glue to lighted traps designed to lure pests with a soft glow before trapping. 

  • Application - Placed along pathways near signs of rodent activity
  • Target Pests - Rodents, snakes, and large crawling insects
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Snap Traps

Snap traps are a type of pest control intended to lure rodents in with bait before snapping shut. These types of traps are among the most common and affordable pest control options, being great for dealing with small rodent infestations. They are placed along pathways where evidence of rodents such as droppings can be found. Eventually, rodents will be lured in, before the trap snaps shut and prevents escape.

  • Application - Placed along pathways near signs of rodent activity
  • Target Pests - Rats and mice
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Bait Stations

Rodent bait stations are small boxes consisting of holes large enough for rodents like mice and rats to enter. Inside these stations bait blocks can be placed, luring rodents inside. These bait blocks are highly toxic to rodents, eliminating the pests that consume them. Some rodents may also carry the bait back to their nests to share with other pests, completely eliminating the infestation. 

  • Application - Placed along pathways near signs of rodent activity
  • Target Pests - Rats and Mice
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Multiple Catch Mouse Traps

Multiple catch traps allow for the capture of several rodents at the same time. These traps range from lethal varieties that eliminate pests right away to more humane options that collect multiple rodents for later release. This variety of trap catches anywhere between 15 and 30 mice at a time, making them ideal for dealing with large-scale infestations. 

  • Application - Placed along pathways near signs of rodent activity
  • Target Pests - Mice 

Bed Bug Products

Bed bug products are designed to prevent bed bugs. These pests are small insects that hide in lodgings like couches and beds before biting victims. Bed bugs do not spread diseases and harmful pathogens like some other pests, but their bites can be extremely irritating and cause serious allergic reactions. Bed bug control products need to be used in tandem with hospitality housekeeping such as turndown service in order to prevent bed bug infestations from occurring.

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Bed Bug Spray

Bed bug spray consists of chemicals specifically designed to eliminate pests like bed bugs, fleas, and carpet beetles. Simply strip the affected room before spraying the solution on infested surfaces. The bed bug spray eliminates current pests as well as prevents future infestations from occurring for up to 30 days. This form of pest control is ideal for hotels, motels, hospitals, and dormitories as it allows for a quick and efficient response to bed bug infestations.

  • Application - Sprayed on infested surfaces
  • Target Pests - Beg bugs, fleas, and carpet beetles
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Bed Bug Powder

Similar to the spray variety, bed bug powder is a great way to eliminate bed bugs and prevent new infestations from occurring. The powder eliminates pests by attaching itself to the outer shell of the insect, dehydrating and killing it slowly over time. Place bed bug powder around mattresses and baseboards to quickly get rid of any bed bugs that might be introduced to the environment. These powders also work well on several other types of pests like ants, millipedes, and cockroaches, providing you with a complete defense. 

  • Application - Placed around mattresses and baseboards
  • Target Pests - Bed bugs, ants, millipedes, and cockroaches
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Bed Bug Encasements

Bed bug encasements provide protection to mattresses, box springs, beddings, and pillows, preventing potential infestations. If bed bugs are ever introduced to an environment, encasements protect items from infestation by not allowing bed bugs to enter. Not only are bed bug encasements a great preventive measure for dealing with infestations but they also can be used to trap bed bugs inside once an infestation has already occurred.

  • Application - Placed over mattresses, box springs, bedding, and pillows
  • Target Pests - Bed Bugs

Flying Insect Control Products

Flying pest control products are used to keep insects like flies, bees, and mosquitoes away from guests and common areas. These insects can be found in just about any type of business including food service establishments, industrial settings, convenience stores, and hospitality businesses. Flying pest management is usually associated with outdoor pest control and preventing flying insects from entering doors and windows.

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Strip Doors

Strip doors are ideal for the backdoors of food prep facilities, allowing ventilation while shielding the area from flying insects. Not only do strip doors improve ventilation, but they also allow employees to pass in and out quickly. Employees can pass by with ease, even if they’re carrying or pushing an item in transport. At the same time, strip doors maintain a pest-free environment, keeping insects like bees, flies, and mosquitos from entering the building’s interior. 

  • Application - Hung in open entryways leading to outdoor areas
  • Target Pests - Wasps, flies, and mosquitos 
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Bug Zappers

Bug zappers shock flying insects with electricity, eliminating them instantly. Powerful lights attract bugs toward the zapper before eliminating them once they are lured in too close. Indoor zappers are a big part of pest control in industrial settings, keeping warehouses safe from flying pests. Traditionally, outdoor zappers are used around environments such as patios or beer gardens, providing a discreet way to eliminate annoying flying pests. 

  • Application - Hung in outdoor and industrial areas
  • Target Pests - Flies and mosquitos
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Air Curtains

Air curtains are mounted above entranceways, creating a wall of air that prevents pests from entering your establishment. Not only are air curtains great at keeping flies and bees outside of your business, but they also aid in climate regulation. Air curtains help ensure you maintain a clean environment, keeping unwanted particles and insects outside of the building. 

  • Application - Mounted above entranceways to outdoor areas
  • Target Pests - Flies and wasps
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Insect Chemicals

Flying insect chemicals quickly eliminate dangerous flying bugs like bees and hornets. These chemicals are designed to get rid of flying insects from up to 20 feet away, allowing staff to maintain a safe distance. Pest control chemicals can also be used on nests, potentially eliminating entire infestations of flying pests within seconds. 

  • Application - Sprayed on insects or hives
  • Target Pests - Wasps and hornets

Crawling Insect Control Products

Crawling pest control products are intended to eliminate and prevent insects and arachnids such as spiders, cockroaches, and ticks in your establishment. Insects like cockroaches carry a variety of harmful diseases, putting your customers at risk. These pest control products allow you to maintain health code requirements, preventing infestations and creating a more sanitary environment for all to enjoy.

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Insect Fogger

Insect fogger is used to penetrate deep into cracks, crevices, and carpet fibers, eliminating crawling insects and arachnids like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and beetles. To use insect foggers, first clear out the infested room and ensure all guests and employees are out of the immediate area. Set the fogger on a covered stand or chair in the middle of the room and lock the sprayer into place. Once the process has started, ensure the room remains empty for up to four hours for maximum safety. Once complete, the fogger should eliminate the infestation.

  • Application - Placed in an empty room with the sprayer locked into place
  • Target Pests - Ants, cockroaches, spiders, and beetles
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Glue Boards

Glue boards are a simple form of pest control designed to capture and eliminate crawling pests like spiders, cockroaches, and crickets. These boards attract crawling arachnids and insects before entrapping them with a sticky adhesive, allowing for quick and easy extermination. These traps are small and discrete, allowing you to eliminate crawling pests without drawing too much attention. 

  • Application - Placed along pathways near signs of insect activity
  • Target Pests - Spiders, cockroaches, and crickets
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Pest Control Powder

Pest control powder can be spread along the outside of your establishment, killing crawling insects like ants and cockroaches. The powder is designed to bait and attract crawling insects, enticing them to eat it. The powder is then brought back and shared with the rest of the colony, effectively ending the infestation.

  • Application - Spread on the ground near building entrances
  • Target Pests - Ants and cockroaches
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Crawling Insect Aerosols

Crawling insect aerosols are designed to instantly eliminate crawling bugs and prevent new ones from appearing. Aerosols can be sprayed in cracks and crevices, removing crawling insects in hard-to-reach areas. After use, aerosols leave behind a long-lasting residual agent keeping your business safe from new pests appearing for several weeks.

  • Application - Sprayed in cracks and crevices
  • Target Pests - Ants, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish

Personal Insect Repellent

Personal insect repellent products are designed for keeping bugs like flies and mosquitos away from individuals. These products involve applying some type of repellent, which will then deter pests from coming near. Since they're applied directly to the body, this type of pest control is often used to keep guests and staff safe, rather than shielding entire areas from infestation.

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Insect Repellent Spray

Insect repellent spray is one of the most common and effective forms of personal pest control. To use, simply spray on your body and enjoy several hours of pest-free outdoor activity. These sprays are easy and convenient to use, making them great to provide to outdoor staff that may be exposed to flying pests during the day. 

  • Application - Sprayed on the body
  • Target Pests - Flies and mosquitos
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Insect Repellent Towelettes

Insect repellent towelettes are designed to repel flying pests like mosquitos and gnats. The towelettes are easily applied, as you can simply rub the towelette on your person, providing insect repellent for hours. Due to their ease of application, insect repellent towelettes are great when provided to hotel guests and staff. These products allow them to enjoy outdoor areas like pools pest-free. 

  • Application - Rubbed on the body
  • Target Pests - Gnats and mosquitos
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Insect Repellent Aerosols

Similar to insect repellent spray, personal repellent aerosols are an easy and convenient way of keeping bugs away during your time outdoors. To use, apply the aerosol to clothes and exposed skin, keeping insects away for up to eight hours. Insect-repellent aerosols deter pests like flies, mosquitos, and gnats, making them ideal for use during the summer months.

  • Application - Apply to clothes and exposed skins 
  • Target Pests - Flies, mosquitos, and gnats
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