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Successfully Branding Your Restaurant

Whether you operate a fast food joint, a family-style diner, a white tablecloth restaurant, or a take-out pizzeria, it's important to develop a brand for your business. Branding requires time, patience, and effort, but when done correctly, it will influence your target market's decision making when

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Starting a Loyalty Rewards Program For Your Restaurant

Creating a customer loyalty program is an excellent way for restaurants to keep their satisfied customers returning for future business. A customer rewards program is an asset for any restaurant, but how do you make the most of it? You need to determine how the program will best benefit the customer

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Mobile Marketing For Restaurants

Today's consumer is constantly on the go in search of local businesses and eateries to spend their hard earned money at. The difference in how they're doing that searching today, compared to 5 or 10 years ago, is that it's increasingly from their phones. In the modern foodservice industry, if you ar

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How to Increase Restaurant Sales

If you work in the foodservice industry, you know that the competition can be cutthroat. With lots of competition and rapidly changing trends, it can be tough to keep your business at the forefront of customers' minds. One major factor to consider is the balance between acquiring new customers vs. r

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Restaurant Website Cost: How to Establish a Web Presence

Websites have become increasingly important to the restaurant industry. While some local, small-town eateries might be able to turn profits without an online presence, domains have become integral to the success of restaurants, bakeries, and other business models in cities throughout the world, espe

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How to Advertise Your Restaurant For Free

Opening a restaurant is an expensive investment, and the last thing many restaurateurs think about are ways in which to advertise and market their new ventures. Many believe that, "if they build it, they will come," but that isn't necessarily true in the cut-throat foodservice industry. More times t

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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

If you own a restaurant, you know the importance of communicating with your customers and creating a relationship with them. We now live in an era when constant communication is made possible through digital channels like social media, websites , emails, and text messages. With these new technologie

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How to Capitalize on Sports Bar Marketing

There are a lot of tips out there that can help you run a successful bar, but sports bars are a different beast and present their own unique set of challenges and opportunities. How can you combat lulls between major sporting events and keep the interest and excitement piqued year-round? Can you app

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Instagram Marketing For Your Restaurant Business

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words. Here's How Instagram Will Get Your Customers Talking. In the world of Foursquare restaurant check-ins, self-proclaimed "Foodies", and endless #nom hashtags on Twitter, we can make a pretty obvious assertion about the link between dining and social media : people LOVE

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How to Get More Yelp Reviews

You already have great customers. Now get great reviews. It seems that today's customers start every search on the internet. Get your business noticed by these review-hungry customers with a better Yelp rating and more reviews. Consumers love Yelp because of its reputation as a site for accurate and

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Attract Diners with Your Outdoor Restaurant Sign

When it comes to attracting diners, you're given just a small window of time for patrons to pass, read your restaurant sign, and decide if they'll eat at your establishment. So how can you capture customers in those precious seconds? We've got the signage tips and tricks to attract - and win over -

Successfully advertising and marketing your business is essential to attracting new customers and keeping existing patrons coming back for more. Our articles on restaurant advertising cover topics like establishing an internet presence, using Instagram to post pictures of your food, and increasing the number of Yelp reviews your business has. Whether you own a cafe, bar, or catering company, our restaurant marketing ideas are sure to boost your profits.

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