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First impressions are key, so you want to make sure your business looks and smells clean when customers walk in the door. Our cleaning equipment will help you mop floors, wash windows, do laundry, and keep a constant supply of sanitized dinnerware and glasses. Hygienic surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, hotel rooms, and locker rooms are crucial for customer satisfaction, but they’re also very important for the safety and health of all your guests and staff. We carry wholesale cleaning supplies, sanitizers, and disinfectants for use on all types of surfaces.

Clean hands prevent the spread of germs, and we have the supplies you need to set up soap dispensers and hand sanitizer stations in your kitchen and bathrooms. Janitorial supplies like trash cans , recycling bins, and can liners help you to create a waste removal plan that works for your business. For large operations that employ a cleaning staff, we carry housekeeping carts , cleaning caddies, and floor care equipment.

Use our wholesale cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment to promote a clean and healthy environment no matter what type of business you own. Hotels and restaurants rely on a steady customer base, and cleanliness plays a major role in whether guests will return for a second visit. Maintaining a sanitary environment in commercial kitchens, hospitals, and schools is also an important safety issue .