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Types of Soap Dispensers

With cleanliness being a top priority in any restaurant, hotel, school, or healthcare facility, it’s important to provide your staff and guests with a way to effectively wash and sanitize their hands. Soap dispensers help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, thus reducing illnesses and sick days. This guide will walk you through different types of soap dispensers and ultimately help you choose the right unit, soap, and accessories you need to maintain a hygienic environment.

Dispenser Snap Shot

Noble Chemical Novo 30.4 oz. (900 mL) Manual Foaming Soap / Sanitizer Dispenser - 5 inch x 4 inch x 8 1/2 inch
  • Universal operation
  • Push button to dispense
  • No batteries for less maintenance
  • Traditional look
  • Prone to cross-contamination
  • Can become messy over time
  • No control over user's portion size
Noble Chemical Novo Hybrid 30.4 oz. (900 mL) Touchless Foaming Soap / Sanitizer Dispenser - 5 1/2 inch x 4 inch x 12 inch
  • Touchless operation
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Modern look
  • Incorporates helpful indicator lights
  • Controlled portioning
  • Runs on batteries that contribute to extra expenses

Manual Dispensers

Since they don’t require battery changes, push button soap dispensers tend to require less maintenance than automatic dispensers. Not only do they have a more traditional look, they also allow each user to control how much soap is dispensed into their hands.

Available Refills
Kutol 9950ZPL Soft & Silky 800 mL Off White Bag-In-Box Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Great for high-traffic restrooms and kitchens
  • Simple, basic option
  • Designed for quick and convenient use
  • Effectively utilizes full inner-dispenser space
  • Collapsible bag ensures less wasted product
Kutol 9909ZPL DuraView Hand Soap Dispenser - Wall Mount
  • Ideal for the hospitality and healthcare industries
  • Different cartridges make it a multipurpose option
  • Can be used in restrooms, kitchens, or showers
  • Larger capacities for fewer refills
GOJO® 5155-06 FMX-12 1250 mL Black Manual Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Perfect for hotel and restaurant restrooms
  • High-end option
  • Luxurious, foam feel
  • Thin soap consistency won’t clog drains
  • Compact styles available for small spaces
San Jamar S30TBK 30 oz. Bulk Soap Dispenser - Black Pearl
  • Great for locker rooms, kitchens, and industrial work sites
  • Most economical option
  • Large refills ensure low maintenance
  • No inner refill casing
  • Can be prone to spills and messes
  • Available in both foaming and liquid soap versions
Kutol 9930BLK EZ Foam Black Counter Mount Soap Dispenser 1000 mL
  • Designed for kitchen or restroom countertops
  • Ensures easy user access to soap
  • Available in both foaming and liquid soap versions

Automatic Dispensers

Automatic dispensers help to maintain your clean facility by reducing cross-contamination between users. They are touchless to help stop the spread of bacteria, germs, and illnesses. With a more modern look, automatic soap dispensers are a sanitary addition to kitchens and restrooms.

Available Refills
Kutol EZ Foam 1000 mL Black Automatic Hands Free Soap Dispenser
  • Great for high-traffic restrooms and kitchens
  • High-end option
  • Motion activated
  • Perfect, controlled portions
  • Many have helpful indicator lights
  • Battery operated
GOJO® 8520-01 CXi Chrome / Black Counter Mount Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Designed for kitchen or restroom countertops
  • Ensures easy user access to soap
  • Motion activated
  • Perfect, controlled portions
  • Many have helpful indicator lights
  • Battery operated

Things to Consider


How often will your soap dispenser be used? If you have a few low-traffic areas, you may want to consider purchasing liquid and foaming hand soap or sanitizer bottles. With push pumps that ensure easy dispensing, the bottles can be placed on bathroom, kitchen, or work-station stainless steel sink for convenience. If you have limited counter or work-station space, you may want to purchase a wall bracket for your soap or sanitizer bottle. Once the bottles are empty, they can simply be thrown away!


When deciding to purchase a soap dispenser, consider where the dispenser will be located. Will it be placed in a tight-fitting area? If so, we have compact, space-saving units that are specifically designed for small restrooms and kitchens. Will you place your dispenser above a sink? Make sure to leave enough room between the sink and the dispenser so your guests can effectively retrieve soap. It is recommended to leave at least 6 inches of room from the bottom of the dispenser to the sink.


You may also want to think about the capacity of your soap dispenser. We offer refills and cartridges ranging from 700 mL (23.6 oz.) to 4500 mL (152.2 oz.) and bulk soap by the gallon. If you are planning on adding a dispenser to a low-traffic area, stick with a smaller dispenser to conserve wall space. For high-traffic areas, use a larger dispenser for less refills.


Paper Towels

Add paper towels to your kitchen or restrooms and provide your staff and guests with an easy way to dry their hands. Commercial paper towels are available in a range of sizes, folds, and colors. They are perfect for restaurants, schools, offices, and facilities in the healthcare industry.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Whether you are stocking traditional rolled towels or center pull towels, our commercial paper towel dispensers offer convenience and efficiency. Coming in a range of materials, styles, shapes, and colors, they are great additions to restroom and kitchen sink areas.

Dispenser and Trash Can Combinations

Keep your restrooms orderly with one of our dispenser and trash can combinations. Integrating two valuable actions in one, these units dispense paper towels and collect waste, saving you both money and space. Pair it with compatible folded towels for easy dispensing.

Guest Towels and Dispensers

We offer a variety of paper guest towels for luxurious hotels and upscale restaurants. Place them in a simple or decorative guest towel holder so your guests can easily grab one once they have finished washing their hands.

Electric Hand Dryers

Don’t want to clutter your stock room with paper towels? Electric hand dryers offer a convenient way to cut out paper towel costs and still allow customers to dry their hands. Not only are they more sanitary than traditional push button towel dispensers, electric hand dryers are small and don’t take up as much wall space. We offer both heated and unheated dryers to fit specific facility needs. While heated dryers provide warmth and power, unheated dryers reduce heat consumption to limit energy costs.

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