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If you want your menus to look professional, but don't want to pay professional design prices, our free menu maker is perfect for your needs. When you finish with the menu creator, you can print your menus at home or send them to a printing service. You can even publish your menu on your website and social media pages!

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The left sidebar allows you to see a summary of all the components of your menu, including the pages, text on the pages and images on the pages.

By selecting a specific element within a section, such as a text box, you can edit it or delete it easily.

You can rearrange the elements on a page by clicking and dragging them on the sidebar.

You can also rearrange elements on the menu itself by clicking on the element, and dragging it where you'd like it to appear.

Hovering over each of the tools in the editor will show you a brief description of what the tool does.

Here are some additional details about each tool.

This will take you back to the wizard interface to help you create your menu.

Selecting this option brings up a dialog box where you can enter the text (your menu's items, prices, or any text you want in your menu) Within the dialog box that appears, you can change the font, font size, color, and other formatting options such as bolding, underlining, and italicizing.

If you'd like to add an image, such as your restaurant's logo, pictures of your menu item, or other icons or graphics that you have created, you can do this by selecting the add image tool. Once you have added the image, you can change its placement right on the menu page by clicking and dragging it. You can resize it by clicking on the bottom right hand corner and dragging your mouse in or out.

This option shows you a dotted line around each element on your menu. This is helpful when you're repositioning and aligning the different elements.

Selecting this tool will overlay a grid on your menu page that you can use to align the different elements of your menu properly. It will not print out on your actual menu.

By selecting this option, you can see a ruler on the top and sides of your menu, which is helpful when you're arranging and aligning different elements on the menu page. The centers are shown with a red hash mark.

When you are logged in and creating your menu, your work will automatically be saved and you can continue working on it at any time. You can even log in to your account from a different computer and continue working where you left off.

Publishing your menu will make it available on our website, for all of your customers to see. You can also come back to any menu you've created and edit it at any time you would like, and view a gallery of other WebstaurantStore customers' menus for ideas!

This lets you save the menu you designed for printing. If you are editing a menu you already created, selecting this option will save the most recent version. You will also want to publish your changes by selecting the Publish option. By purchasing the menu paper you've created your design on, you'll receive perfect results on every menu you print.

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Upload images to use on menu pages. Once uploaded, select it and click "Insert" to insert it onto the current menu page.

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The PDF version of your menu is being generated now. The process may take a few moments so please be patient.

This PDF is designed for printing, so it will not have the menu paper backgrounds you selected for each page.

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  Example: "Lunch Menu", "Soup List", "Beers on Tap".

A name helps to keep multiple menus organized and will be shown to customers if you publish multiple menus on our site.

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Categories keep menu items grouped together under headings such as "Beverages", "Appetizers" or "Entrees".

Add some style to your menu items and categories. Use one of our suggestions or modify one to fit your needs.

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