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Top Food Trends of 2021

The foodservice trends of 2021 will inevitably be shaped by the coronavirus pandemic. Menus in the coming year will reflect the shifting taste bud preferences of people who have spent most of the previous year in lockdown, relying on what they can make themselves or can order for delivery. You can recover some of the losses of 2020 by taking advantage of these food trends to shape your 2021 menu.

The top food trends of 2021 can be split into two main categories: quarantine cooking trends that shaped the way foodies eat at home, and menu food trends, which dictate what consumers are looking for on a menu when they dine out.

What Can We Take Away from This Year's Food Trends?

In all of these emerging food trends, there are a few general takeaways that you should keep in mind when updating your restaurant's menu.

Customers Want Easy-to-Make Meals That Are Full of Flavor

With people going out less due to mitigation efforts, they are seeking simple and comforting meals with tons of flavor. To make the most of this trend, put together a meal kit for dishes customers can make at home or recipe cards with delivered meals so your customers can replicate the meal. To pack a punch with your flavors, provide patrons with specialty sauces that they can purchase in bottles to use in their own cooking. Lean into the idea of comfort foods to open 2021, with a menu featuring breakfast foods and artisan breads.

Customers Want Healthy Menu Items with Exotic Flavors

Not only are customers looking for more natural and mental-health-supporting meals, but they are also interested in international dishes and exotic flavors. Internationally inspired and fusion dishes are capturing consumers' attention, along with international fruits in food and beverage recipes. The rise in flexitarian diets means that you can add more variety to your menu to please your customers' curious taste buds.

Food trends are in constant fluctuation as quarantined foodies discover new flavors via the internet and social media. Craft your menu in the coming year to peak your customers' interests and keep up with the developing food trends of 2021!

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