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Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

Whether your most popular dishes are served on foam, paper, or plastic, choosing the right type of disposable dinnerware is a big decision for your business! Using disposable dinnerware eliminates the fear of breakage that comes with glass, china, or porcelain dinnerware, and it also drastically cuts down on cleanup time. This guide was created to help simplify the disposable dinnerware selection process. By providing additional information on our disposable dinnerware options, including benefits and limitations of each material, we'll help you choose the best fit for your business!

Pros and Cons to Disposable Dinnerware

  • Leak-proof design
  • Cut-resistant and non-absorbent
  • Many color options available
  • Not as eco-friendly as other products
  • More expensive option
  • Use less energy to create than paper alternatives
  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Strong insulating abilities
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Non-microwaveable
  • Take up less storage place than other options
  • Many microwave-safe options available
  • Multiple green and environmentally-friendly options available
  • Uncoated products may absorb grease and other food remnants
  • May bend or fold when used with heavy food

Plastic Dinnerware

Looking to supply a more upscale event or searching for a disposable material with a lot of options for decorating purposes? Then plastic dinnerware is the choice for you! We offer all grades of disposable plastic dinnerware to satisfy your durability requirements. Leak-proof, cut-resistant, and non-absorbent, these colorful and stylish plates and bowls will exceed your service needs!

Creative Converting 28103911 7 inch Bermuda Blue Plastic Plate   - 240/Case

Plates -- Our plates combine the disposable convenience of plastic with the elegant look of china. We offer many options of vibrant colors in a variety of trendy shapes, including scalloped or wavy edges. Also check out our plastic plates with bands for disposable plates that are designed to resemble high-end china as a practical alternative for large-scale events like weddings or banquets. You'll love everything from Fineline, a favorite in the industry for providing upscale dining without the risk of breakage!

Creative Converting 28103151 12 oz. Classic Red Plastic Bowl - 20/Pack

Bowls -- Choose from our wide selection of disposable bowls from trusted brands like Dart Solo and WNA Comet. Perfect for soups, salads, and even desserts, these bowls are durable, yet lightweight. Use them on their own, or pair them with any complementary plastic plate of your choice for a complete meal setting. Or check out some of our ice cream bowls and banana split bowls to present patrons with the perfect treat at your ice cream shop or concession stand!

Fineline Silver Splendor 512-BKG Black 12 oz. Plastic Soup Bowl with Gold Bands - 150/Case

Serving Bowls -- Ideal for catering applications, we carry larger capacity bowls, as well, that can be used for serving and display. Place these at your buffet table for guests to self-serve! From dips and salsas to large salads, these plastic serving bowls allow for sharing, dipping, and scooping, perfect for your next party or gathering! Choose from solid colors to bowls with gold bands or silver bands for a more upscale setting. Plus the cleanup is quick and easy, since these bowls are disposable!

Foam Dinnerware

If you're supplying dinnerware for a more casual setting or event, then foam dinnerware is a very economical route for you! Ideal for barbeques or picnics, our foam plates, bowls, and platters provide excellent insulation and temperature retention and are lightweight yet strong enough to serve full meals and entrées. Foam dinnerware comes in the basic neutral colors of black, white, and beige, as to not overpower any setting, while giving you the power to add other decorations and color with your favorite party accessories!

Genpak LAM13-3L Elite 10 1/4 inch Black 3 Compartment Laminated Foam Plate - 500/Case Plates -- Dart Solo and Genpak are two reputable vendors that bring you various foam plate options. Choose from standard plates with no compartments or plates with 3 compartments to keep guests' food separated on their plate. And our different sized foam plates allow you to use them for anything from desserts to sides to full meals! Whether you need a basic and simple non-laminated plate or a higher-quality laminated plate for superior non-absorbency, cut-resistance, and insulation, we have something for you!

Genpak HX019-3L Smart-Set 9 inch Black Hexagonal Deep Foam Serving Tray - 200/Case Bowls -- These disposable foam food bowls also have the trusted names Dart Solo and Genpak! Various capacities are available to you for serving virtually any menu item. Due to its insulation property, use a foam food bowl for ice cream, soup, sides, sauces, and other foods that are required to keep a specific temperature for serving. Choose from traditional round bowls or switch it up and add a modern and contemporary flare with an oval bowl. Stack these up at your buffet line for guests to grab and fill, or set them at your table!

Dart 11PRBQR 11 inch Quiet Classic Black Laminated Foam Platter - 500/Case Platters -- And for your catering or service needs, our foam platters and premium foam dinnerware make transporting food to your event and serving at your buffet virtually effortless. Display your hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, desserts, cheeses, fruits and more. We offer traditional round, and square platters, as well as a more modern style in a hexagon shape. And for those of you looking to safely and efficiently transport food items, be sure to consider compatible lids to protect your culinary creations!

Paper Dinnerware

Are space-efficiency and versatility high priorities for your business? Maybe your classroom needs dinnerware on hand for snacks or class parties, or maybe you're a small concession stand or kiosk serving funnel cakes and pizzas! If so, then paper dinnerware is a great choice for you! Featuring a thinner, more flexible construction than other disposable dinnerware options, paper dinnerware stacks extremely well and can fit in cabinets, on shelves, and in other tight areas. And since many are microwave safe, it's easy to re-heat contents and serve, all on the same dish. Plus, they're economical for any business or event and can be used for virtually all menu items. And another great feature of our paper selection, is that many items are biodegradable and compostable!

Creative Converting 453548 7 inch Classic Red Square Paper Plate   - 180/Case

Plates -- Our paper plates are available to you in sizes ideal for side salads, appetizers, entrée-sized portions, and more! Commonly used in sport stadium concession stands and kiosks, these paper plates are extremely lightweight and easy for customers or guests to carry around with them. Color options range from basic shades to bright and vibrant. Choose your sport team's colors or a shade that matches the theme of your event. These also are available with compartments. But paper plates aren't just for casual events!

Solut 20020 10 1/4 inch Coated Kraft Paper Plate - 400/Case

Coated corrugated paper plates -- These are the perfect option for fancier events with a budget! These plates feature a PET laminate coating to create a cut- and leak-resistant surface. Made of recycled 3-ply corrugated paperboard, each plate consists of three layers of paper: an inside liner, an outside liner, and a fluting that runs in between these two layers in order to fortify the plate's structure and durability. Coated corrugated paper plates offer you the sturdiest disposable paper plate option!

Green Dinnerware

Maybe you're looking for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly dinnerware choice to create or uphold a "green" image at your event. If that's the case, then our vast selection of biodegradable plates and compostable plates, platters, bowls, and trays is sure to capture your attention!

It's important to understand the characteristics and importance of these Eco-friendly products. Green options are great for the environmentally-conscious consumers looking to ensure that convenience doesn’t mean adding to their carbon footprint. So how do we define green disposable dinnerware? Biodegradable products can be naturally broken down by microorganisms over time, thus reducing their carbon footprint. Compostable products are also biodegradable, but have have an added positive impact on the environment. These products release valuable nutrients into the soil when they break down, which can aid in plant growth and better the environment.

Eco-gecko 5 inch Square Sustainable Palm Leaf Bowl - 100/Case

Plates, Platters, Bowls, and Trays -- Made from high quality, renewable materials, our selection of biodegradable and compostable dinnerware helps cut down on landfill buildup. In addition to all these "green" qualities, these products are still manufactured with the customers' needs in mind, meaning they don't sacrifice all the great benefits of the other disposable dinnerware we've already talked about! From plates, platters, and trays that offer cut, oil, and water resistance to microwave safe bowls, the quality of these biodegradable and compostable products remains exemplary!

Eco-gecko 6 1/2 inch Heart Sustainable Palm Leaf Plate - 100/Case

We also have a selection of green, biodegradable dinnerware and renewable wood flatware products for a more decorative appeal! With materials such as bamboo, palm leaves, sugar cane / bagasse, and wood, these pieces give your setting a rustic, natural charm! Available in various classic and unique shapes, you have the power to take your catered event to the next level while keeping our treasured Earth in mind. Be sure to check out biodegradable and compostable dinnerware for your next wedding, fundraiser, or buffet!

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