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Linen-Feel Napkins Buying Guide

As a restauranteur, you know that traditional cloth napkins have a time and a place in the restaurant and catering industry; however, did you know that innovations in disposable napkin materials are making them a serious contender in applications once dominated by their cloth counterparts? Gone are the days where commodity paper napkins were the only other alternatives to traditional cloth napkins. Today, linen-feel napkins offer a step up from 2- or 3-ply paper napkins, while ensuring a thick, soft, and highly-absorbent option that matches the look and feel of actual linen. Linen-feel napkins are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match any place setting, and they are guaranteed to add an upscale look to your establishment.

Commodity Paper vs. Linen-Feel

On average, each customer uses 3-5 commodity paper napkins per sitting. If you use tabletop dispensers or leave stacks of napkins on each table, this number can double or even triple. The majority of these napkins are unused and simply thrown away when bussing tables.

The easiest way to control waste is to control usage. One linen-feel dinner napkin is absorbent enough to last an entire meal. Imagine how much money and storage space you can save by reducing each customer's napkin usage down to 1 per meal. And with the convenience of a disposable napkin, your staff won't have to worry about washing, drying, and ironing your napkins at the end of each night, saving you valuable time and labor.

Plus, patrons will notice the difference as they enjoy the look and feel of linen with the convenience of a disposable napkin. By switching from traditional paper napkins to linen-feel you'll add an upscale feel to your establishment or event!

Linen vs. Linen-Feel Annual Cost Calculator

Apart from the initial investment, reusable cloth napkins also involve additional costs. Whether you're interested in purchasing your own set of linen napkins or renting linens for an event, there are many hidden charges associated with reusable cloth napkins. For restaurant owners or full time caterers, purchasing linens might seem like a good idea, but there will be upkeep costs to keep in mind like utilities and detergents. Plus, you'll have to dedicate time and energy to washing, drying, and ironing your linens to keep them looking their best.

And if you decide to rent reusable cloth napkins for a wedding, large corporate party, or other one-time event, be prepared to see a long list of service fees added on to your total expense. While renting linens may save you some time and labor, the extra costs are certainly something to keep in mind when considering your budget.

Below is a simple calculator you can use to compare the cost of renting cloth linens for one year's worth of events compared to a linen-feel alternative. Whether you use 1000 napkins every week or you only need 100 for a few events throughout the year, simply plug-in your numbers to see the estimated savings you can expect from linen-feel napkins!

Cloth / LinenRental Linen-Feel Touchstone by Choice 16" x 15" White
Unit Cost
Estimated Number of Napkins
Estimated Cost
Ancillary Charges    
Laundry Bags NONE
Bag Racks NONE
Abused Linen NONE
Environmental Service Charge NONE
Delivery Charge NONE
Replacement Charges NONE
State & Local Sales Tax (%) NONE
Estimated Total Cost
Deliveries Per Year
Estimated Annual Cost
Estimated Annual Savings $

Linen-Feel Disposable Napkin Folds

Linen-feel napkins are available in a variety of folds, perfect for fitting your unique needs. From pocket fold to flat pack, we have it all.

Pocket Fold (1/2 Fold)

Pocket Fold (1/2 Fold): Pocket fold disposable napkins come pre-folded with a pocket for keeping cutlery sanitary until ready to use. The "pocket" is made by folding the napkin halfway up during the folding process.

1/4 Fold
1/4 Fold: These napkins start as flat sheets that are then folded in half vertically and horizontally. The final folded size is equal to 1/4 the original size.
1/8 Fold
1/8 Fold: Much like 1/4 fold napkins, 1/8 fold napkins start as flat sheets that are folded in half vertically and horizontally. However, the napkin is then folded in half and then in half again so that it is 1/8 the original size when folded.
Flat Pack
Flat Pack: Flat pack napkins are just as they sound – flat packed (not pre-folded). They offer many of the same benefits of their cloth counterparts, including a smooth, wrinkle-free surface for a perfect presentation. Flat pack napkins are great for increasing efficiency when rolling flatware or creating intricate napkin folds. They can also be used for display purposes or for lining baskets thanks to their crease-free design.

Linen-Feel Disposable Napkin Materials

Linen-feel napkins are commonly made of nonwoven fabrics for a soft, cloth texture with a textile-like drape. They can be made of air-laid or DRC paper, and are non-linting with no dust and no static. Both air-laid and DRC paper are cellulose-based products with a binder infused in them for stability and softness.

Air-laid Paper

Air-laid Paper

Air-laid paper offers an environmentally-friendly product, great for eco-conscious operators. It's made by converting soft, random-laid fibers made from wood pulp or synthetic fibers into a sturdy and absorbent web, using air instead of water to transfer the fibers. Synthetic resin bonding agents are then applied to the pulp web with a spray process. The air space created in manufacturing the web accounts for its light weight in comparison to its bulk.

Compared with normal wet-laid paper, air-laid paper is much softer, fluffier, and more porous. It can be dyed, printed, embossed, coated, and made solvent resistant, and it is very absorbent.

DRC Paper

DRC Paper

DRC (double re-crepe) paper is made with a minimum of 45% recycled fiber, and also offers a non-abrasive, cloth-like feel with consistent quality and performance. It's made from wood fibers combined with a binder and then "double creped" to give the fabric unique stretch, softness, and wipe-dry properties.

DRC paper is thick yet cost-effective, and features a three-layer design. The outer layer is smooth and soft enough to be used on the hands and face, whereas the inner layer is highly absorbent of solvents, oils, and lubricants. DRC paper is very durable in comparison to air-laid paper, and it is designed to stand up to tough work environments.

Linen-Feel Disposable Napkins We Carry

It's clear that linen-feel napkins are the way to go if the occasion allows, but do you know what sizes and types of linen-feel napkins are available?

Napkin Straps

Napkin Strap

When using flat packed linen-feel napkins, secure your wrapped flatware with one of our self-adhering paper napkin bands for a safe, sanitary solution to keeping flatware wrapped until service. Available in a variety of colors, these bands are just what you need to accent your decor while ensuring efficiency during wrapping and storage. They tightly wrap around rolled flatware without peeling or unraveling.

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