Paper Hot Cups

Wholesale paper hot cups preserve peak temperatures in takeaway coffees and teas.

Paper Hot Cup Lids

Hold heat, prevent spills, and meet food safety standards with paper hot cups and lids.

Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups

Create a sustainable coffee bar service with eco-friendly disposable cups.

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee cup sleeves protect your customers’ hands and provide branding opportunities.

Disposable Hottle Lids

Trap heat while tea steeps in teacups, carafes, and small hottles with disposable hottle lids.

Paper Cold Cups

Stock your concession stand, soda fountain, or lemonade stand with durable paper cold cups.

Paper Cold Cup Lids

Our paper cold cup lids are tight sealing, easy to apply, and accommodate standard drink sizes.

Paper Cone Cups and Pleated Paper Drinking Cups

Serve snow cones and stock your water cooler with paper cone cups and pleated paper drinking cups.


Our selection of paper cups includes durable hot and cold cups as well as eco-friendly, recycled options in many sizes. Choose from different shapes of cups to suit the types of drinks you're serving, and include corresponding lids for to-go orders. These lids will prevent spills as customers walk around your business or take their beverages home. In addition to paper cups, be sure to check out our translucent plastic cups, hard plastic cups, and foam cups.

Paper Cups and Lids are a Practical Serving Solution

Paper cups are great for serving coffee, soft drinks, or simply water to thirsty patrons at your snack stand or casual restaurant. Paper cups with lids are especially useful for to-go orders because you can cover drinks to prevent spills. We offer cups made for hot beverages or ice cold drinks, and they come in many different capacities to suit your serving needs.

Our lids are designed for hot or cold use, too. Use paper cups with lids that have a straw hole in the top for chilled drinks, and try hot cup lids made of stronger plastic to prevent burns. You can also keep cone-shaped paper cups near your water cooler at work and store them in a cup dispenser for sanitation. If you own a green business, check out our recycled, eco-friendly cups!