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Types of Disposable Flatware

Disposable flatware is essential to many establishments, especially those offering take out or casual catering services. It provides your customers with every convenience possible, while the style you choose acts as a direct reflection of your business. Give your guests a quality and sturdy feel with heavy weight plastic flatware, or make a difference in the environment with an eco-friendly option. Choose from a variety of different colors as well, from sleek black, to classic white, to versatile clear.


Biodegradable – A product is considered biodegradable if it can be naturally broken down by microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi, over a period of time. Products that are biodegradable are usually made from plant or animal resources.

Compostable – Items are considered compostable when they can decompose and decay into water, carbon dioxide, or nutrient-rich, reusable biomass, at the same rate as paper without releasing harmful toxins.

Degradable – Degradable products are oil-based and cannot break down naturally like biodegradable items can. Rather, degradable products are broken down through chemical reactions in anaerobic environments. Their decomposition results in water, carbon dioxide, biomass, or trace elements.

Recyclable – Recyclable simply means that a product can be reused and made into something else, something new.

Renewable – A product is renewable if it comes from a tree, plant, or other living organism that is capable of regenerating itself. The production of renewable materials will therefore not deplete the renewable resources they come from. Renewable resources are also biodegradable.

Heavy Weight vs. Medium Weight



While perusing our site, you may find yourself asking, "What's the difference between heavy weight plastic flatware and medium weight plastic flatware? How do I know which one I want to choose?" The difference is rather easy to explain. Heavy weight plastic utensils have a greater density. This makes them feel heavier, therefore giving your customers a greater sense of quality and value. Since heavy weight flatware is denser, it is also ideal for tougher and heavier foods, such as meats and pastas.

In contrast, medium weight flatware has a lighter density than its heavy weight counterpart. Since they don't have quite as weighty a feel, they won't necessarily convey that same sense of quality to your guests. However, since they have a lighter density, medium weight flatware is a more cost effective choice. Also, medium weight flatware is ideal for lighter fare, such as salads and desserts.

When trying to decide what flatware would be the best for your establishment, take into consideration what feeling and atmosphere you would like to convey to your customers, as well as the different kinds of food that your menu is comprised of.

Why Go Green?

We feature a variety of eco-friendly flatware options on our site. But why go green? Biodegradable and compostable flatware can be more expensive than regular plastic flatware. So what are the benefits for you and your establishment? What's in it for you?

The main benefit is that using biodegradable and compostable flatware is great for the environment. Since it easily breaks down and decomposes, eco-friendly flatware helps to reduce landfill waste. Minimizing waste build-up as much as possible helps sustain the environment for future generations.

What will helping sustain the environment give you other than a peaceful state of mind? It will help to build your reputation with your customers! When customers see that you are using eco-friendly products in your establishment, they'll appreciate the fact that you're doing your part for the environment. This will make them more likely to support and promote your restaurant, cafe, or other establishment. The additional sales and free advertising by word-of-mouth that you can get by using green products could outweigh their higher cost.

Bioplastic vs. Wood

Say that you decide to go with an eco-friendly flatware option for your establishment. We have bioplastic environmentally friendly items available, as well as wooden utensils for you to select from. Which one should you choose? It really all depends on your establishment and your individual preferences.

Biodegradable and compostable plastic flatware is made from bioplastics, which are sustainable plastics made from some form of biomass, such as vegetable fats, oils, cornstarch, etc. Flatware made from bioplastics offers your customers generally the same look and feel as regular plastic flatware. However, bioplastics cannot be used in high heat settings, and while they do decompose in waste landfills, the amount of time it will take for them to break down will vary from brand to brand.

In contrast, wooden utensils, such as bamboo, can be used in high heat environments. They are also burnable and can be broken down right away without any waste buildup. Wooden utensils do offer a different, more organic "look" to your customers which may or may not be congruent with your establishment's atmosphere. Not quite as sturdy as bioplastics, they are recommended for lighter fare and take out meals, and can even be used for tasting samples!

Individually Wrapped Flatware

Choice Individually Wrapped Medium Weight White Plastic Cutlery Set with Knife, Fork, and Spoon - 500/Case
For restaurants with a developed and popular take out business, individually wrapped flatware is by far the most popular option. Extremely convenient, it helps to keep all of the utensils that your guests need neatly wrapped in either a linen-like napkin or plastic packaging. Your customers won't have to frantically grapple around inside their take out bag looking for their separate knives, forks, and spoons. Everything is combined and easily accessible. Individually wrapped plastic flatware also promotes sanitation. While packing up your customer's to go order, you don't have to worry about grabbing the wrong end of the spoon, fork, or knife. Because everything is neatly contained in its packaging, it won't get contaminated and your customers will know that they're getting perfectly sanitary utensils.

Serving Utensils, Bread Knives, and Spreaders

Fineline Platter Pleasers 3303-BK Black Plastic Bread Knife - 48/Case
Disposable flatware doesn't just include disposable knives, forks and spoons. We also conveniently provide a variety of disposable serving utensils. From larger serving spoons and forks to tongs and ladles, there is something for every dish. Plastic bread knives and sandwich spreaders are likewise available.

Ideal for catering, buffets, and banquets, these serving utensils help to reduce stress and minimize clean-up. Since they're disposable, all you have to do is put the utensils out for your guests to use, and then throw them away once your customers are finished. Also, you won't have to worry about losing or leaving anything at catering events since these low-cost serving utensils are easily replaceable.

Petite Plastic Flatware

Fineline Tiny Temptations 6500-SV 3 7/8 inch Tiny Tines Silver Plastic Tasting Fork - 960/Case
"How cute!" That may be your guests' initial response to our selection of petite plastic flatware. However, this sentiment will quickly change to, "How convenient!" Our petite plastic flatware is ideal for allowing customers to taste samples of your signature dishes without having to lay out bulky, full-sized silverware. This petite flatware is also convenient if you're serving smaller portions at a catering event or banquet. Your guests can walk around and mingle with friends while enjoying your dishes without having to worry about dropping large, cumbersome utensils. Match your flatware to your portion sizes with the petite plastic flatware!

Plastic Flatware Comparison Chart

Image Highlights
Heavy Weight Plastic Flatware
WNA Comet 620155 Reflections 6 1/4 inch Stainless Steel Look Heavy Weight Plastic Spoon - 600/Case
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Won’t bend or break easily
  • Great for heavier foods
  • Offers a more quality feel
Medium Weight Plastic Flatware
Choice Medium Weight Black Plastic Fork - 1000/Case
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Not as expensive as heavy weight plastic
  • Great for everyday service rather than heavier foods
Green, Biodegradable Plastic Flatware
WNA Comet Classicware EcoSense 7 1/8 inch Biodegradable Heavyweight Black Plastic Knife - 1000/Case
  • Just as sturdy as standard plastic flatware
  • Great alternative for standard plastic flatware
  • Made from cornstarch or other eco-friendly materials that will biodegrade in a much shorter amount of time than regular plastic
Wooden Flatware
Eco-gecko Heavy Weight Disposable Wooden Taster Spoon   - 1000/Case
  • The most economical green option for flatware
  • Made from natural materials, these products are biodegradable and compostable, and therefore great for the environment
  • Won't break down in high heat areas like green, biodegradable plastic flatware
  • Burnable, reducing waste accumulation and making them great for lodges or summer camps
  • Ideal for take out and simpler meals

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