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  • Features a single piston pump
  • 12" sealing bar
  • Transparent, press-lid engages automatic cycle
  • Extended seal time feature seals thick, heavy-duty bags
  • Locking lid ensures sealing process remains uninterrupted
  • Built-in digital control panel
  • Wide, easy-to-clean spill trough
  • Includes accessory hose and 20 assorted bags

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Increase food's shelf life with this ARY VacMaster PRO 110 external vacuum packaging machine.

Vacuum seal meat, blocks of cheese, nuts, and more with this vacuum packaging machine to increase shelf life, cut down on the undesirable smells that come with certain foods, and even prepare food for sous vide. Made for packaging solid foods, this unit delivers unbeatable value to any kitchen.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Powerful Pump

This unit features a powerful single piston pump to remove air from the vacuum packaging bags.

12" Seal Bar

The 12" seal bar seals the ends of bags, locking in the freshness and flavor of your food.

Simple Digital Controls

Easy-to-use digital controls allow you to choose your settings for a faster, smoother operation. It has "Seal" and "Vacuum & Seal" options for versatility and the extended seal time feature makes it ideal for providing a firm, air-tight seal on thick, heavy-duty bags.

Cord Storage Compartment

An integrated cord storage compartment allows your electrical hookup to stay safe when not in use. Plus, it makes storage easier since there is no need to struggle with an unwieldy power cord!

Accessory Port

This vacuum packaging machine comes equipped with a special accessory port that allows you to use any of VacMaster's vacuum packaging machine accessories. Plus, this unit includes an accessory hose to help you get started.

Includes 20 Bags

This unit comes with 20 assorted bags right out of the box. This means there is no need to order bags before you can start sealing - you can begin packaging foods as soon as your sealer arrives.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

How do high altitudes affect the vacuum sealing process?
A vacuum sealer’s performance varies with respect to location. At higher altitudes, where air pressure is less dense, vacuum sealers are unable to remove as much air from the sealing process. High-pressure conditions are an important factor in the proper functioning of the sealer’s compressor, and without enough pressure, you may notice a weaker vacuum.
Can this machine be used for retort or mylar packaging?
These vacuum packaging machines are not recommended for use with retort or mylar packaging; instead, we suggest choosing from our wide selection of vacuum packaging bags for best results! Retort and mylar packaging requires special plastic and foil laminated pouches to seal food safely.
How do I determine if a vacuum machine bag will work on my machine?

If you have a chamber-type machine: Buy a chamber-type bag (mesh-less design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine, and the bag must also fit inside your machine’s chamber.

If you have an external-type machine: You must buy an external-type, or "out of chamber" bag (mesh design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine.

All of our vacuum machine bags list how large the open end is, and whether you can use them with external or chamber machines, in the content.

Can I put mason jars in my vacuum packaging machine?
Yes, if the mason jar fits, you can put it in your machine. However, it is not a substitute for canning.

VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines

VacMaster vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged food while staying fresh! Watch this video for an illustration on how these useful machines are operated.

VacMaster is the professional way to prep, cook, and package! Vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods. Not only does this reduce food waste and spoilage, but foods will taste fresher, too! There are two main types of vacuum packaging machines- chamber vacuum packaging machines and external strip vacuum packaging machines. Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for businesses and establishments that are likely to use the machine several times a day. Chamber vacuum sealers have two different types of bags that can be used – standard chamber bags and chamber bags with zippers. The first is a bag that is pre-sealed on 3 sides, while the former comes with a zipper on one end, with the opposite end open for sealing. To use the vacuum sealer, open the chamber and ensure the seal bar is in place. Chose the type of bag you would like to use and add your food, along with any spices or seasonings, to the bag. Place the bag in the vacuum sealer with the open end resting on the sealing bar and close the lid. Push start and wait while the bag is being sealed. When the process is complete, open the chamber and remove your now perfectly vacuum sealed item. Place it in the freezer for long-time storage, and when you are ready to use it, simply cut the bag open and prepare the item as you normally would. External strip vacuum packaging machines are best used in residential or light commercial settings that more likely to use the machine no more than once a day. External strip machines have 3 different types of bags that can be used – all-purpose VacStrip storage bags, full mesh storage bags, which hold the seal a little better than the standard bags, and bag rolls, which allow you to eliminate waste by cutting the bag to the exact size you need. To use the external strip vacuum packaging machine, place your food and any additional spices or seasonings in a vacuum sealing bag of your choice and place the open end of the bag on the seal bar, with the majority of the bag resting on the counter in front of the machine. Press the start button and watch as the air is drawn out of the bag and the bag is sealed shut. The bag can now be frozen or used to cook the item sous vide.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 15 3/4 Inches
  • Depth: 6 1/2 Inches
  • Height: 4 1/2 Inches
  • Seal Bar Length: 12 Inches

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VacMaster PRO110 (876110)

120VMA110 Manual copy of Vacmaster's Warranty information Warranty Comparison Comparison

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Warranty Info

ARY VacMaster machines are backed by a 1-year limited repair warranty. Within this period, we will pay freight costs to ship defective units to the manufacturer for repair, and the manufacturer will pay freight costs to return the repaired unit to the customer. Replacement units will only be shipped if the manufacturer cannot repair the defective unit. Note: Return shipping costs for warranty work will not be covered for international addresses.

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: ARY VacMaster PRO 110 External Vacuum Packaging Machine with 12" Seal Bar

    4.4 stars from 38 reviews


    People Talk About:

    vacuum sealer seal machine works great bags seals price 110
  • Arrange by 
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Arrived Friday and as far as sealing bags, as others have said, lid only opens at most one out of every three tries. I bought this to replace a worn name brand sealer and tonight had to pull the old sealer out to finish the simple 5 bag project. Even being old tired and worn, my old name brand sealer worked better. I did use the accessory port for sucking down a vacuum in some jars and for that it really had a lot of power. If that's all you need one for, this would work fine.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry this products lid is not working for you. A Customer Solutions Representative has contacted you about this issue, if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us again!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    This vacuum packaging machine is of poor quality. It doesn't work properly. After it seals the bag, the machine doesn't open so I have to pres "Vac and Seal" over and over just to get it to open. What should take seconds takes me several minutes and it's very frustrating. Bottom line--DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!
    We appreciate your review, Kelley! We are sorry this vacuum packaging machine is not working properly for you. A Customer Solutions Representative is currently assisting you with providing the vendor warranty and contact information.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    This was a tough review. The first time we bought this the seal didn't work. We sent it in to be repaired and they said it was fine. Then we tried it again and it didn't seal still. They finally sent us another one and thankfully is works great.
    The vacuum sealer works very well. The instructions are simple to follow and the process with the machine is very easy. I lost the instructions and was still able to easily figure it out.
    This has a seal bar length of 12 inches, which I have found to fit mostly all of the pre-sized bags that you can order. It costs far less than the brands in the department stores, but the quality is just as good and this one has more features. I haven’t tried all of the accessory components yet, but so far, it works great as is.
    I prefer this Vacuum Sealer over the other brand way more. It seals much better and the suction is a lot stronger. Love that it has a built in bag storage compartment. The Ary VacMaster customer service is top notch, had a little problem with the latch not releasing after the cycle finishes, they fixed it immediately and sent a whole box of extra bags.
    This was the first vacuum packaging machine that I’ve ever used so I can’t compare it to others. I’ve used it for smoothies prep and so far it has worked well for me.
    Item is small and works great for the very fast for just about anything that you want to seal before and after you cook
    This machine is a real work of art. It seals beautifully, making sure that all sorts of items are able to be preserved without freezer burn.
    It is a nice little vacuum sealer. While it lacks a cutter and the sealing bar is not as powerful as more expensive Vacmaster units, it is compact, light weight, and inexpensive. if you want a vacuum sealer for light home use, it is a good fit, one that even includes some bags to get you started.
    We have one and we got another for a friend. Even if you don’t work in a commercial kitchen, vacuum sealers are great for buying in bulk to save money. You use what you need and freeze the rest. This makes a great Christmas gift for families. It already comes with bags to get you started.
    This vacuum sealer is fantastic. It is powerful and so easy to operate. I love it and highly recommend it! It is also very economical.
    While yes it is very cheap, I do not think it is worth the money. It cannot seal ANY amount of liquid for its life, and makes it almost useless for sous vide. I tried to add a bit of EVOO to a seal bag, and it couldnt make a seal properly and the bag ended up opening mid cooking process and ruined the contents completely. I spoke to their service, and they said dont use any oil... It is also a bit of a pain because you have to click the top in place instead of it air tight sealing on its own. I will not be using this in the future.
    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you are having trouble with this machine. If you have questions, please contact our Customer Solutions team!
    Great product. Make sure you use a high quality bag for it. Can be a little tricky to learn to use it, but is totally worth it.
    I think this is a pretty good beginner machine. Build quality is decent but could be a bit better. Its quite easy to use and does a good job at sealing.
    Functions as intended but is clearly consumer level quality. Obviously not intended for heavy use but that is reflected in its price. Good choice for moderate use even if you have to replace every year or two.
    Chip, but works. Really good for household applications, or as a backup for a better/bigger model. It is how I use it, and it's good so far. Nice thing about it that it is small.
    I use this just about every time I sous vide. It locks in flavor and freshness and odor. I have never had anything freezer burn using this tool.
    This ARRY vac master pro 110 vacuum packaging machine is amaze balls it works great I sealed all my nerds and my nuts it came with a couple of vacuum seal bags so that was convenient to and what a great price
    Great products easy to use i rely like it and i will recommend that to all my friends and everybody i know. Thank you for selling it.
    I am so happy with my new Vacuum sealer machine. It literally look me 10 seconds to seal a package. Yes there is some learning you have to do but regardless it works perfectly.
    This handy little machine is going to be a life saver! All the fresh cuts of meat and fish filets will be sealed up tight to protect against freezer burn and stinking up my fridge with weird smells. Also perfect for use with a sous vide cooker!
    Truly the best piece of equipment that I've gotten from Webstaurant. I use it to vaccum pack all my steaks so that I can have them all nice and cut and seasoned and grill ready
    Sir Clean Miami recommended this product ARY VacMaster PRO 110 External Vacuum Packaging Machine with 12" Seal Bar, the qual;ity and price are excellent, the result are`really good.
    We love this little thing. Bought in May 2015 and have been using the heck out of it. I always does what its suppose to, and its quick, easy to use and the price is great. Now its been a year and a half since we bought it, and the little foam seals are starting to wear out so it vacuums slower. I came here to price the seals, and found the unit dropped in price. I think i'm just gonna buy another one for the price. We used the heck out of it and it has survived longer than any other one we have bought, so 5 stars.
    This is a competent little vacuum sealer. It is not super fast. And it does make some noise. But it works. We only use it for dry product, not with liquids.
    ARY VacMaster PRO 110 External Vacuum Packaging Machine with 12" Seal Bar I have one like this and i broke the poor thing so I still had bags but let me tell you this one works better than that famous one everyone knows
    This vacuum packaging machine takes up a tiny foot print compared to the other options which is why I chose it for home use. It works easily and seals tightly. Perfect for what I needed.
    This machine provides a great vacuum and seal for the price. Allows me to either seal or vacuum and seal. It also comes with a variety of bags so you can see what style of bag may work best for you.
    Great inexpensive vac sealer. Our only issue is if the product is very wet or contains a lot of liquid. We cant't get it to seal up completely. But on dry goods, drained scallops, filet, asparagus, etc it works great. Really helping on waste
    So glad I made this purchase. I don't know why I waited so long to buy it. Works great! Now I can buy cheaper meat in bulk and freeze it to smaller portions.
    Guys, this PRO 110 is no different than household machine, only its brand is for commercial use. I bought this and decided to get a chamber one for our restaurant. Its worth it way more. This one feels cheap, but works great for any dry items.
    this vacuum sealer is awesome. its not ridiculously bulky and does the job as well as those big bulky machines! I've been using it like crazy since i got and i couldnt be happier. I use this with a lot of meal plans to keep greens fresher for longer. definitely hope this thing lasts a lifetime!
    this is a strong item I have been using it for a few years now ,.I am using it professionally and at home .it will do the job of most bigger vacuum pack sealer but will fit on the shelve alongside the other small equipment .
    This vacuum sealer is fantastic. It is powerful and so easy to operate. I love it and highly recommend it! It is also very economical.
    I am an avid fishermen and wanted to get a vacuum sealer small enough to pack in carry-on luggage. I did a lot of looking at various products for size and feel, finally deciding on the PRO 110, as it is a basic and simple unit. I used the machine to help pack for a trip; sealing oatmeal, coffee, raingear and other items into small dense packages. I took a trip from Tacoma to Santa Barbara with carry-on luggage only, including fishing gear and the PRO 110 - no problems. I fished two days and was able to vacuum pack and freeze my catch in the house we rented for the week. I have a small soft-side cold pack that I brought - also vacuum sealed - which kept my fish frozen solid all the way home. The PRO 110 works as advertised and will see other similar trips. While not a fancy unit, it is up to the job.
    By far the best vacuum sealer I've ever used... this thing is so reliable, seals every time and makes a breeze of my packaging duties.. So much so that I bought two of them.
    Works faster than our other branded machine and makes a good, strong heat seal every time. Can't believe how inexpensive these things are. Even if I have to buy a new one every year, it's still so worth it!!

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