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Utilize VacPak-It Ultima Food Packaging to Reduce Your Restaurant’s Food Waste

Food waste is a major problem in the restaurant industry, as thousands of dollars worth of products and ingredients are thrown away every year. VacPak-It Ultima prides itself on offering effective food storage solutions, allowing your restaurant to keep food products from spoiling. Vacuum sealing your food items with VacPak-It Ultima takes no time at all and isn’t a difficult process to grasp, meaning you can integrate vacuum sealing into your restaurant’s food storage process seamlessly. Read more

VacPak-It Ultima’s food packaging machines vacuum seal your food products, giving them a longer shelf-life and keeping their fresh taste. When running any business in the foodservice industry, cutting down on food waste is a great way to cut losses and maximize profit margins. Vacuum sealing also opens up new opportunities for your restaurant, allowing you to create a variety of classic sous vide dishes.