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  • Features a 1/4 hp oil pump
  • 10 1/4" sealing bar
  • Cycle time is a rapid 20-40 seconds
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Smoky-clear lid makes it easy to see and monitor the vacuum process
  • User-friendly control panel; filler plates included
  • Perfect for packaging liquids and liquid rich foods
  • 462W of power that can apply up to 29 3/4’’ Hg of suction

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Increase food's shelf life with this ARY VacMaster VP215 chamber vacuum packaging machine.

Perfect for vacuum sealing soups, stews, marinades, and other foods for sous vide cooking applications, the VacMaster VP215 vacuum packaging machine seals by taking all the air out of the chamber at once, without drawing liquid into the seal area, and makes a stronger seal than external vacuum packaging machines. This means that you can use this machine to seal liquids in bags for more efficient storage.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Simple Digital Controls

When it comes to ease of operation, this unit's simple, intuitive control panel can't be beat - simply adjust the seal or vacuum time as needed, close the lid, and you're all set. Additionally, the stop button lets you halt the vacuum cycle and seal the bag immediately.

Powerful Pump

This unit has a 1/4 hp pump to remove air from the chamber. The oil-style pump comes with an additional 3 oz. bottle of oil.

See-Through Lid

The see-through lid lets you keep an eye on the products you are sealing to avoid crushing.

Stainless Steel Exterior

With its durable stainless steel construction, this vacuum sealer is made for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.

10" Seal Bar

A 10" wide seal bar with a double seal wire provides optimum results and ensures that the unit will last through long-term use.

Rapid Cycle Time

The quick cycle time of this machine, 20-40 seconds, allows you to quickly seal portions of food for freezing or sous vide cooking.

Bags Included

The (25) 6" x 10" bags, (25) 8" x 12" bags, and (25) 10" x 13" bags are microwave safe, boil safe, freezer safe, and perfect for sous vide cooking!

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

How do high altitudes affect the vacuum sealing process?
A vacuum sealer’s performance varies with respect to location. At higher altitudes, where air pressure is less dense, vacuum sealers are unable to remove as much air from the sealing process. High-pressure conditions are an important factor in the proper functioning of the sealer’s compressor, and without enough pressure, you may notice a weaker vacuum.
Can this machine be used for retort or mylar packaging?
These vacuum packaging machines are not recommended for use with retort or mylar packaging; instead, we suggest choosing from our wide selection of vacuum packaging bags for best results! Retort and mylar packaging requires special plastic and foil laminated pouches to seal food safely.
How do I determine if a vacuum machine bag will work on my machine?

If you have a chamber-type machine: Buy a chamber-type bag (mesh-less design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine, and the bag must also fit inside your machine’s chamber.

If you have an external-type machine: You must buy an external-type, or "out of chamber" bag (mesh design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine.

All of our vacuum machine bags list how large the open end is, and whether you can use them with external or chamber machines, in the content.

Can I put mason jars in my vacuum packaging machine?
Yes, if the mason jar fits, you can put it in your machine. However, it is not a substitute for canning.

VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines

VacMaster vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged food while staying fresh! Watch this video for an illustration on how these useful machines are operated.

VacMaster is the professional way to prep, cook, and package! Vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods. Not only does this reduce food waste and spoilage, but foods will taste fresher, too! There are two main types of vacuum packaging machines- chamber vacuum packaging machines and external strip vacuum packaging machines. Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for businesses and establishments that are likely to use the machine several times a day. Chamber vacuum sealers have two different types of bags that can be used – standard chamber bags and chamber bags with zippers. The first is a bag that is pre-sealed on 3 sides, while the former comes with a zipper on one end, with the opposite end open for sealing. To use the vacuum sealer, open the chamber and ensure the seal bar is in place. Chose the type of bag you would like to use and add your food, along with any spices or seasonings, to the bag. Place the bag in the vacuum sealer with the open end resting on the sealing bar and close the lid. Push start and wait while the bag is being sealed. When the process is complete, open the chamber and remove your now perfectly vacuum sealed item. Place it in the freezer for long-time storage, and when you are ready to use it, simply cut the bag open and prepare the item as you normally would. External strip vacuum packaging machines are best used in residential or light commercial settings that more likely to use the machine no more than once a day. External strip machines have 3 different types of bags that can be used – all-purpose VacStrip storage bags, full mesh storage bags, which hold the seal a little better than the standard bags, and bag rolls, which allow you to eliminate waste by cutting the bag to the exact size you need. To use the external strip vacuum packaging machine, place your food and any additional spices or seasonings in a vacuum sealing bag of your choice and place the open end of the bag on the seal bar, with the majority of the bag resting on the counter in front of the machine. Press the start button and watch as the air is drawn out of the bag and the bag is sealed shut. The bag can now be frozen or used to cook the item sous vide.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 14 Inches
  • Depth: 20 Inches
  • Height: 15 Inches
  • Seal Bar Length: 10 1/4 Inches
Chamber Dimensions:
  • Width: 11 1/4 Inches
  • Depth: 15 1/4 Inches
  • Height: 5 Inches
120VMASVP215 Specs Specsheet Manual Manual Warranty Information Warranty Comparison Comparison

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Warranty Info

ARY VacMaster machines are backed by a 1-year limited repair warranty. Within this period, we will pay freight costs to ship defective units to the manufacturer for repair, and the manufacturer will pay freight costs to return the repaired unit to the customer. Replacement units will only be shipped if the manufacturer cannot repair the defective unit. Note: Return shipping costs for warranty work will not be covered for international addresses.

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: ARY VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine with 10 1/4" Seal Bar

    4.8 stars from 53 reviews


    People Talk About:

    vacuum machine sealer oil unit seal Great pump bags bag
    4 out of 6 found this review helpful

    Item purchased new but it defective from the start. After several concerned calls to the manufacturer (Ary) about the condition of the oil in the pump, all within the first 30 days of use, the motor finally seized. Ary will only fix and not replace with new. So I am stuck with a factory defect after paying for a new unit.

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Barbara! A service technician has been sent out to your business to get this machine fixed up for you. If you have any other questions, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful

    Bought this unit in November 2014. We use it 100 cycles/month on average. I had to replace the key that connects the motor to the pump in the summer of 2015. Since then we've changed the oil religiously on the first of the month using ARY oil. That same key just broke today. I"m so mad. We barely use this thing any more. The oil is clean. And it will still break. The filters can be clean and it will still break. It's worse because ARY doesn't care. Obviously webstaurant isn't at fault here, but ARY's service sucks. Their tech is grumpy and assumes that you are an idiot, even after you've shown him that you can take the whole machine apart and put it back together again. They just wanted to charge me for another vacuum pump today. But they won't have pumps in stock for another 3 weeks at least. No thank you! I'm gonna buy a different brand! Anyhow, I"m disappointed. It worked for a bit. Then it didn't. Didn't work for long enough IMO for the price. I don't have time to fix it. I"m gonna sent it to the scrap yard unless one of y'all wants it!

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review, John! If there is anything we can to do assist you on our end, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful

    We have had our VacMaster now for about 3 years and have used 6 cases (6000) bags and sealed several hundred jars. It has NEVER failed to perform flawlessly. We have suck all sorts of stuff; soup, meats, veggies, grains, clothing, money, and other stuff. The only thing you have to be careful of is that whatever you are sucking does not puncture the bags and you MUST be careful and take your time to place the bags properly to get a good seal. The machine is fairly quiet and VERY easy to use. Changing bag thickness is as easy as adjusting the sealing time, which takes less than 5 seconds. We typically run the unit on a 35 second vacuum cycle, 2.3 second seal time, and a 3 second cool off time. The cool off time gives the bag a chance to "re-solidify" before the vacuum is released in the chamber. If the cool off time is not long enough it will tear the seal some. The unit came with a new sealing heater strip and cover and in the three years we have used it, we have not needed it! Bottom line: If you are going to use a vacuum sealer more than just a few times a year, this is the unit you want. Thousands and thousands of bags sealed flawlessly. What more could you ask for?

    Posted on

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    We use the heck out of ours. It has literally changed how we do everything at the restaurant. We bought it initially to be a part of our sous vide program but are also using it to help keep and store perishable products as well as accelerate infusions and marinating. Very simple maintenance and has, thus far, been entirely reliable. If you're going to go down this path, don't skimp and buy a cheaper unit. Just get something pro like this. Research it, the ones that just suck air out of the bags are not as versatile as these chamber units.

    from Juju Restaurant Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    First, Webrestaurantstore had the vp215 on my doorstep within 3 days of ordering. The unit arrived in great shape. Great service. Second, the machine is easy to use and I love it. But to be honest it may not be right for everyone. It is heavy and it takes up a fair amount of counter space. Not everyone will want to do the maintenance (oil changes) on the vacuum pump. The pump is is easy to get at and and oil changes will probably take less than 10 minutes when needed. If you can live with these factors you will definitely like this machine. For sous vide cooking the pump only needs to run for 18 seconds for me to get to the proper vacuum level. You will find lots of other things to use this for. For instance a half onion comes out of a vacuum bag after four days looking like you just cut it. No more worrying about liquid that may be in the pouch!

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Having used chamber vacuum sealers in many restaurants, I decided to get one for myself for home (and work-from-home) use. I was already familiar with this model/unit/brand, and Webstaurantstore has by far the best price I've found, so I decided to buy myself one for my birthday. Although shipping was a little bit of a pain (it got shipped over a holiday weekend, so tracking got a little confusing), it came in decent time. Everything was good out of the box and I did a bunch of random experiments to test it (compressing peaches, vacuum packaging cheese, infusing watermelon, etc.) and every time things worked out perfectly. This is a seriously solid machine thus far.

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    BE ADVISED: Heads up if theres a problem its YOUR problem. Webstaurant will not help you, they pass the puck on to the manufacturer. We've had this product for 1 day it was received as damaged/defective 1DAY and webstaurant tells you to deal with the manufacturer retreating to the "manufacturers warranty." Called manufacturer, to trouble shoot over phone. Now have to ship to manufacturer (3days lead time) they'll look at and repair (no idea how long that will take they don't work weekends) then 3days of shipping lead time for them to ship back to us. So bought a product I needed for my business and I will have to wait weeks to be able to use it. As for shipping back to webstaurant to return the item, they told me I'd have to pay the shipping and a 30% restocking fee.

    from 1kept Posted on

    Thank you for the review. We're sorry you're frustrated with this. The restocking fee is for standard returns. If this unit is deemed defective, you may not be subject to the restocking fee.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Awesome tool and super functional cooking aid (rapid infusions, sous vide, etc.) and toy. We love this thing and it has been flawless after 16 months with use several times a week, up to an hour at a time. In retrospect, we should have purchased 4 mil bags instead of 3 because we pack some poky things sometimes and the 3 mil bags don't hold up to much abuse.

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    An excellent chamber vacuum packer for home use, although it's way too heavy to move around constantly, or even infrequently. You'll want to have a space set aside where it will be accessible. Functionally it's been perfect for the year or so I've been using it. No issues at all.

    Posted on

    I just got this baby delivered today and tried to vacuum a few items! I love it love it love it! I vacuumed cooked chicken and veggie dish with moisture in it and it came out great! I tried to vacuum some cherries the vacuum is so strong I felt like it was gonna burst the cherries inside! But the cherries were fine! For my application, using an 8x12 bag, it took about 30 seconds to reach full vacuum with the filler plates in! Loving this product so far and I just keep looking for items to vacuum seal around the house now!

    Posted on

    Top view with filler plates

    I've been using good old food saver to vacuum seal all my food. This machine works great if you want to vacuum seal product with liquids. This is very very heavy, requires two people to lift and move it, but I don't have any problem since I don't intent to move it around. One star off because this machine is not ETL certified. Your local health department may require the machine with ETL certification if you want to get HACCP certified.


    I love this machine. We use it every day for almost everything (chicken, NY Strips, Tenderloins, fresh salmon, fresh vegetables and more). We vacuum seal everything and then cook them in the same bags in the steamers or Sous Vide. This is a great addition to any kitchen. Highly recommended.

    from Pirates Town Posted on

    I love this machine. We use it every day for almost everything (chicken, NY Strips, Tenderloins, fresh salmon, fresh vegetables and more). We vacuum seal everything and then cook them in the same bags in the steamers or Sous Vide. This is a great addition to any kitchen. Highly recommended.

    My interest in getting a vacuum sealer began with getting into sous vide cooking. Initially I planned to get an external vacuum sealer, quickly migrating from a FoodSaver product to either a Weston or VacMaster Pro 350. I read the reviews and watched the videos on both the external and chamber vacuum sealers. It was hard to justify spending 3 times the price for a chamber sealer, but in the end it came down to the following: • Absolutely no problem with vacuum sealing products with liquids present • An oil lubricated vacuum pump over a dry one • Much less costly chamber vacuum sealer bags • It is very quiet • It is very durable; it is definitely commercial quality I also considered the less costly VP 113s; however, it looks rather flimsy, has a dry vacuum pump, and is something I thought I would regret saving money on. I was somewhat deterred by the reviews that state unless you are going to use it a great deal, get an external sealer. I doubt I will fall into the category of meeting the standard of using it a great deal, as I have only sealed 25 to 30 bags so far, but having bought it, I am glad I did and didn’t settle for an external sealer. I am very impressed with it and can see we will use it much more than I had envisioned; however, that means it must be readily accessible in your kitchen, rather than out in the garage as some have it. You need to have a dedicated space in your kitchen, just like your microwave. As others note, it isn’t easily portable at 84 lbs. Fortunately we have plenty of counter space, hence having it readily available was easy, though we set it on a lower height counter to accommodate the lid. There are plenty of videos adequately showing how the unit works, so no need to add one. Probably the biggest thing to remember is that if you want to leave the sealer with the lid down you need to turn it off since it automatically begins the sealing process when the lid goes down. One use I hadn’t expected was resealing jars like Cheez Whiz. Simply lay the jar in the sealer with the lid on a bit loose, set the sealing time to zero, and the jar is sealed as good as from the processing plant. The same is true of products like sour cream or whipping cream whose shelf life can be extended by putting them in ½ height mason jars and vacuum sealing. The only problem I experienced, which I gather is not that unusual, is that the oil/gas separator was broken off in shipment. It results from tipping the vacuum sealer on its side, perhaps accompanied by a jar. When the spring mounted vacuum pump tips, the oil/gas separator, which is mounted on top of the pump, hits the very sturdy hinge casting on the sealer and the connection to the vacuum pump breaks. When I contacted VacMaster about the damage, the technical rep said it regularly happens and while they were initially going to forward me a replacement, since I bought the sealer from WebstaurantStore, they forwarded the claim to them. WebstaurantStore contacted me immediately and shipped me a replacement oil/gas separator without any hassle and in record time. I had no difficulty dealing with them. The damage; however, is totally preventable if VacMaster made an extremely simple change in preparing the sealer for shipment. The vacuum sealer itself is packed very well, as shown in various videos, with double boxes and the sealer unit set in foam supports. However, if VacMaster was to simply insert a block of solid foam between the vacuum pump and the side of the vacuum sealer case so that the vacuum pump could not tip during shipment, the problem would be entirely eliminated. Alternatively, the vacuum pump could be secured for shipment with removable cable ties. The cost for either option would be minimal and easily covered by eliminating the cost of replacing oil/gas separators. VacMaster warns against tipping the unit on its side, but the fact is, it is pretty much impossible, once these units are individually shipped, to control that from happening. The incremental cost to ship the sealer secured to a pallet so it can’t be tipped adds much more to the expense of shipping than the minimal cost of inserting a foam block or using cable ties. It would require some planning since it would be easiest to do this at the factory, something done with a multitude of appliances and equipment. The foam block or cable ties would be easily removed by the purchaser when they take the back cover off to fill the pump with oil. If VacMaster doesn’t do this at the factory, it would still be possible for firms like WebstaurantStore to do so. I had some reservations about buying the sealer from WebstaurantStore after reading some negative reviews regarding potential shipping damage and some purchaser’s difficulty in resolving damage issues. In the end, because WebstaurantStore had the best price, and they had the sealer in stock, I purchased it from them. They shipped it immediately and I had no difficulties in dealing with them about the damage. They treated me extremely well and without any hesitation or push-back. They promptly forwarded a replacement oil/gas separator without charge, which also meant sending it to Canada. I would not hesitate in dealing with WebstaurantStore in the future and highly recommend them and commend them for their service.

    Posted on

    I'm writing this review after 9 month of use. It still works, though there are some noises, while pumping air out. I can say that it is small beast. Sometimes, I use it continuously for 2 hours (closing 140 bags in a row) and it makes it. It works great for me. Never had an issue with it.

    from Cured and Cultivated Posted on

    While this item costs quite a bit, I have used to vacuum package over 1000 items. We use it when splitting up large packages of meat. We also use it to portion out large make-ahead dishes. It works so well during hunting season to preserve the meat. We also use it for sous vide cooking.

    Posted on

    We have recently ventured into Sous Vide at my restaurant and this has been a tremendously great investment. We are a high volume operation and this absolutely has no issue keeping up. The main reason I purchased this unit was the oil pump, it gives us the opportunity to pack continuously unlike the cheaper units. Extremely happy!

    from Shasta View Lodge Posted on

    I ordered the vp215 after looking for best value being offered by several different manufacturers. After trying to order the same unit from grain store in Nebraska (bad customer service) I found webstaurantstore and in a few minutes the unit was ordered w/bags and shipped the next day. Started using day I received it and wonder why I waited so long to order. This unit is perfect for home or work. I process several deer and game thought the year and lots of fish. And buy bulk at grocery stores ect. I have boasted about it to several friends (who now want to use it) that the price and machine are fantastic and recommend they buy one. Or they can pay a 1.00 a bag for me to shrink there stuff lol Bottom line, great unit, very good price and good customer service

    Posted on

    This machine is incredible. Well built and is light years better then normal vac machines. I owned the pro 350 and stepped up to VP215 chamber sealing . Worth the extra $$ bags cheaper and seal is better. Un pack it follow simple instructions and your sealing 15 minutes later

    from AC Plus Posted on

    I received the vacmaster vp 215 about a week ago , I have found something to vacuum pack almost everyday, re packing freezer meats , making salads in advance, etc ... this machine is amazing , I also use it for sous vide cooking as well ... LOVE IT

    from N/a Posted on

    This is an amazing vacuum machine! We love it. No more freezer burning and unsealed packages. Fast, simple and fun to use. Well worth the money.

    Posted on

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