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A Guide to Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Creating a lively patio area for your guests to eat or socialize in can be a profitable addition to your establishment. This is especially true for those featuring outdoor kitchens and other unique dining experiences. Whether you run a niche restaurant or a large hotel chain, customers love being able to enjoy the outdoors during their visit. Learn more about the types of outdoor restaurant furniture to use in your patio areas as well as the various accessories you can add to restaurant settings, pool settings, or simple social settings.

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  2. Commercial Pool Furniture
  3. Outdoor Picnic Tables and Park Furniture
  4. Outdoor Dining Accessories
  5. How To Make Outdoor Furniture Last

Commercial Patio Furniture

If this is the first time you are expanding your dining area to the outdoors, or if you want to try out the idea to see how customers will respond, you will at least need tables, seating, and umbrellas. It is imperative that you do not simply use your indoor furniture on your outdoor patio. But for extra versatility, any of your commercial outdoor furniture can be used indoors!

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Outdoor Restaurant Tables

  • What it is: Outdoor tabletops and outdoor table bases are typically sold separately to allow for greater flexibility. This way, you can choose just the right tabletop to suit the atmosphere of your patio and the base that best suits your setup. Check out vendor-specific guides to help you match up tables with their bases, like this guide for Lancaster Table & Seating.
  • Material: Like indoor tables, there are a variety of materials to choose from for tabletops.  Laminate tops have a smooth surface for easy clean up and care. You also have quartz / granite tabletops that tend to have a more upscale look. Melamine, on the other hand, offers a variety of colors and styles, though they can be heavier and more difficult to set up. Finally, we have wood tabletops that have an eco-friendly construction.
  • Options: If you want to have umbrellas set up at every individual table, make sure that both your tabletops and your bases have an umbrella hole. You can also choose outdoor folding tables for establishments that host and cater events or parties as the tables can easily be moved, torn down, or put up depending on daily needs.
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Outdoor Restaurant Seating

  • What it is: Since a restaurant's outdoor seating needs to withstand more abuse than their indoor counterparts, these chairs and bar stools typically do not include a cushion or padding. Instead, pay attention to the contours of the seat, back, and arms to gauge the comfort level that the chair can provide.
  • Material: Outdoor chairs and barstools can be made of metal, which is durable and the most economical option. There are also plastic chairs, which are lightweight with a variety of color options. Or, you can choose wood chairs that provide exceptional comfort for your guests.  
  • Options: It is much more common to have chairs with arms in outdoor dining areas than for indoor. However, if you want to retain the armless chair look, those options exist as well! There are also folding chairs available for your outdoor area, though these are best used for parties and events rather than for permanent outdoor seating.
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Besides what is listed above, aluminum outdoor furniture is a popular economical option for tables and chairs alike! The powder-coated colors on these items make it easy to match up your dining set and create a personalized seating area.
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Commercial Outdoor Umbrella

  • What it is: Use commercial patio umbrellas to provide shade for customers during their visit. You can opt to use umbrellas that fit into the center of your tables to simplify your setup process or choose cantilever umbrellas that have their own base and can often be moved for extra versatility.
  • Material: The most common frame material is aluminum as it provides strong support in all weather conditions while featuring a modern, sleek look. You may also want to consider fiberglass frames that bend with the wind yet provide superior durability or wood frames that add a chic look to your patio. 
  • Options: Make sure your staff is able to open and close your umbrellas with ease by choosing either a crank lift or pulley lift system to open and close them. Both options are easy to use, but you have to make sure your staff is well versed in their operation.

Commercial Pool Furniture

Find just the right seating or complementary pieces to suit your pool area! The pieces of furniture below are designed to withstand being outdoors in wet environments for extended periods of time.

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Chaise Lounge Chairs

Chaise lounge chairs are perfect for letting guests stretch out their legs and sunbathe by the pool.

  • Can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other elements
  • Ideal for maximizing seating capacity in outdoor areas with limited space
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Lounge Sets

Lounge sets include chairs, couches, ottomans, and coffee tables to create a complete, matching outdoor seating area.

  • Matching sets provide a cohesive outdoor restaurant design
  • Creates inviting and relaxing outdoor seating areas
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Cantilever Umbrellas

Featuring an overhanging design, cantilever umbrellas supply shade precisely where you need it most and without the bother of a center pole that can get in the way.

  • Provides flexible shade coverage that can be easily adjusted
  • Sports features such as crank systems or push-button mechanisms for effortless opening and closing
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Low Tables

Low tables provide an easy place to set down drinks or snacks without taking up much space!

  •  Space-efficient
  •  Creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for outdoor dining
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Outdoor Storage Boxes

Outdoor storage boxes make it easy to store bulky items like pool toys or equipment and offer pool towels to your guests.

  • Provides a convenient solution for organizing and storing various heavy items such as cushions and umbrellas
  • Adds a layer of security for valuable items stored within

Outdoor Picnic Tables and Park Furniture

Don't forget to get furniture for your other seating areas! Whether it be a casual seating area outside your establishment or a large park for families to enjoy, there are plenty of options to personalize your space.

working turning on portable heater
  • Adirondack Chairs - With deep seats, adirondack chairs are exactly what your guests want and have come to expect at hotels, parks, or boardwalks to settle in for a day of enjoyment.
  • Rocking Chairs - Add outdoor rocking chairs to any casual outdoor area to add a bit of fun while letting your guests relax and soothe themselves with a gentle rocking motion.
  • Benches - Benches are a great decorative addition to your rooftop bar, park, or waiting area while also providing a way for multiple guests to sit together and enjoy the weather.
  • Picnic Tables - Picnic Tables are a great addition to large outdoor areas that are family-friendly. Since the table and seats are all attached, they are easy to keep track of or move around.

Outdoor Dining Accessories

Liven up your patio area with much-needed accents that show off the style and atmosphere of your establishment! These items will also help provide comfort to guests while they enjoy the fresh air.

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Fire Pits

Fueled by propane, fire pits are perfect centerpieces for quaint seating areas. They provide warmth while also providing an inviting atmosphere that will draw in even more customers!

  • Creates a cozy and inviting ambiance
  • Practical heating solution for outdoor spaces
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Patio Heaters

Commercial patio heaters are meant to supply heat to a large outdoor area. Use patio heaters to increase the number of days your patio is open every year and attract more customers.

  • Cost-effective heating solution for outdoor areas
  • Perfect for heating larger outdoor seating areas
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Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, canopies ensure that you can still host dinners, parties, or events without worrying about guests getting too much sun or rain.

  • Shields customers and furniture from rain, wind, and harsh sunlight
  • Helps define different areas within your outdoor space, providing privacy and separation between seating areas
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Portable Bars

Give guests excellent, efficient service as they enjoy drinks on your patio by bringing the cocktails to them! Portable bars are easy to move around your facility so you can offer drinks after dinner or during special events.

  • Provides businesses with the flexibility to set up a bar area wherever needed
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
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Sidewalk Signs

Strategically place sidewalk signs near your restaurant's entrance to advertise your outdoor dining, or keep the sign in your patio area to showcase your specials. Guests will love the personal touch it brings to your space!

  • Cost-effective way to advertise your business and reach customers
  • Allows business to tailor messages to suit different promotions or events
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Commercial Planters

Dazzle your guests with lovely flowers, small trees, or other plants by presenting them in eye-catching planters. Made for long-term, heavy-duty use, commercial planters display your prized greenery to enhance your inviting atmosphere.

  • Adds a touch of greenery and visual interest to your outdoor area
  • Requires minimal upkeep and can withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions
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Patio Fencing

Use portable patio fencing to create sections in your patio or to clearly indicate the edges of your outdoor space. It can be used to protect gardens or restrict access, all the while adding a simple, attractive look to the edges of your patio.

  • Provides a sense of privacy and seclusion for your guests
  • Defines the boundaries of your outdoor space, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing security


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Decorative Trash Cans

Providing trash cans is a must to prevent guests from littering, and decorative trash cans are designed to provide a place for people to throw away their trash while also adding an attractive look.

  • Elevates the overall appearance while serving as a practical waste management tool
  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance
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Bug Zappers

Keep pesky insects away from your guests by making sure you have adequate bug control. Bug zappers come in unobtrusive designs so you can provide excellent protection that won't distract guests.

How To Make Outdoor Furniture Last

Below are some tips to keep in mind to help your commercial patio furniture look its best.

  • Maintain cleanliness on your patio by following manufacturers' guidelines to clean your furniture.
  • Create a "tear down" routine to tie up your umbrellas, store away small cushions or furniture items, and cover your furniture at the end of each day.
  • Make sure you have long-term storage set up for outdoor furniture during the off-season.
  • Change it up! Moving your patio furniture around helps relieve your patio flooring so divots and holes don't form.
  • Don't leave any cushions or cloth materials exposed during rain showers.
  • Power washing your furniture will do more harm than good - be gentle and wipe down furniture with approved cleaners!
  • Buying cheaper furniture that does not suit your space or climate can lead to more replacement costs down the road, so don't let your budget pull you down.
The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. Please refer to our Content Policy for more details.

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