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Types of Aprons

Protect clothing from spills and stains and keep your employees looking crisp and uniform with our restaurant aprons. We have a variety of lengths and apron styles to suit your needs. You can even use them to color-coordinate staff and differentiate bussers, chefs, and servers. With the help of this guide, you're sure to find the best aprons for your operation!

Apron Types

How an apron is best worn also depends on the apron's type and length. The table below describes the most common apron types.

Apron Style Apron Image Apron Length Apron Description
Server Apron
Choice 12 inch x 26 inch Black Front of the House Waist Apron
  • Ties around the waist
  • Protects skirts and the tops of pants
Bib Apron
Choice Black Full Length Bib Apron with Pockets - 34 inch x 32 inchW
  • Covers the front chest area and top of the legs
  • More complete coverage
Bistro Apron
Choice Black Bistro Apron with Pocket - 34 inchL x 30 inchW
  • Ties around the waist
  • Provides greater coverage for pants
Cobbler Apron
29 inch x 17 1/2 inch Black Poly-Cotton Cobbler Apron with Two Pockets
  • Covers the front and back of the body
  • Adjustable side ties
Tuxedo Apron
Choice Black Tuxedo Apron with Pockets 32 inchL x 29 inchW
  • Similar length as the bib apron
  • Has a more upscale appearance
Dishwasher Apron
Choice 40 inch x 25 inch Brown Vinyl Dishwashing Apron- 38 Mil
  • Coverage from the upper body to below the knees
  • Water resistant

Apron Definition and Benefits

Derived from the French word "naperon," meaning "napkin," an apron functions to protect clothes from becoming dirty. Although they can be found in many different types of occupations, aprons serve the following purposes within the food service industry:

  • Look Sharp: Our restaurant aprons will help maintain a professional dress code in both the front and back of the house. Select one color for a uniform appearance, or use more than one color to easily identify different teams in your kitchen. For example, one color can be designated for use in the dish washing area only, whereas another color can be designated for prepping ingredients.
  • Stay Sanitary: In addition to their professional look, aprons improve sanitation and cleanliness. With aprons, chefs and servers will be able to keep their clothes free from spills, stains, and messes.
  • One Size Fits Most: These versatile aprons are designed so that they should fit most people. They include long, adjustable drawstrings to help ensure a proper fit and accommodate people of different sizes.

How to Tie an Apron


How should aprons be worn in the food service industry to make sure they stay tied correctly? The basic steps below illustrate how to put on an apron.

  1. Put on apron so that the front surface is covering the front of the body. Some styles feature a neck strap that loops around the head.
  2. Make a simple overhand knot around the waist.
  3. You can also tie the drawstring around twice to form a double overhand knot. This extra twist provides more grip and won't come undone.
  4. Make a loop by holding the drawstring with your left hand thumb and pointer finger.
  5. Overlap the loops and add a twist to tie the knot.
  6. Pull snug to ensure the apron stays in place.

Bib Aprons


This traditional-style full apron ties around the back of the waist and has a loose loop that fits over the head. Bib aprons are available in a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blends. Cotton offers comfort whereas poly-cotton blends offer durability. Polyester is wrinkle-resistant and helps maintain a professional appearance.

  • Who Should Buy Bib Aprons: A bib apron, also called a chef apron, provides space for chefs and servers to wipe their hands. This apron features full body coverage that also protects cooks from spills and backsplash.
  • How to Clean Bib Aprons: This apron is machine washable. Before the first use, it is recommended to wash the apron in cold water to reduce the chance of fading or bleeding. If the color does bleed, we recommend running through the wash a few more times and washing with items of like coloring to reduce any color transfer.
Choice Black Tuxedo Apron with Pockets 32 inchL x 29 inchW

Tuxedo Aprons

Your staff is sure to look their best in a tuxedo apron. It's perfect for pairing with a white button down shirt and bow tie for a crisp, clean look. This distinctive apron style is a more upscale version of the standard bib apron. Although it features the same length as a bib apron and also ties at the waist, the distinguishing v-neck cut of the tuxedo apron has a more stylish look. It is ideal for front-of-the-house restaurant waiters and waitresses since it helps enhance the image of your elegant dining area. They're also great for banquets and catered events.
Choice Khaki / Beige Full Length Bib Apron with Pockets - 34 inch x 32 inchW

Bib Aprons with Pockets

Pockets let staff carry order pads, guest checks, or handy kitchen utensils with them as they're working. When used in the back of the house, they can hold handy thermometers for checking food temperatures. In the front of the house, pockets may even save servers an extra trip back to the kitchen if guests need an extra straw or pen. Not only do they provide easy access to everyday necessities, but the pockets leave your staff's hands free to carry trays or wipe down tables. This way, you'll be able to ensure fast and efficient service for your patrons.

Cobbler Aprons

Choice 29 inch x 20 inch Navy Poly-Cotton Cobbler Apron with Two Pockets
Choice 29 inch x 20 inch Navy Poly-Cotton Cobbler Apron with Two Pockets

Also known as smock aprons, cobbler aprons are similar to bib aprons, but they offer both front and back coverage. The side ties are adjustable so you can make the apron more snug or loose. They're great for keeping employees shirts clean underneath, but they end around the waist or mid-thigh.

  • Who Should Buy Cobbler Aprons: Due to this apron's versatility and comfortable fit, it can be used in bakeries, schools, hospitals, or nursing homes.
  • How to Clean Cobbler Aprons: We offer poly-cotton cobbler aprons that can be washed with like colors in cold water in your commercial washing machine. It is recommended to dry the aprons on a low-heat setting.

Dishwasher Aprons

Choice 40 inch x 25 inch Brown Vinyl Dishwashing Apron- 38 Mil

These waterproof aprons come in full-length designs that extend past the knees. This is particularly helpful for the dishroom, as your staff is more prone to encounter large splashes. They are made of water-resistant materials and some are heat-resistant, fire retardant, and cut-resistant. These aprons will help protect clothing and skin when exposed to build-up on pots, equipment dirt and debris, grease, and chemicals.

  • Who Should Buy Dishwasher Aprons: As the name suggests, dishwasher aprons are specially-designed to help your dish washers stay dry as they clean high volumes of dishes in your restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, or assisted living community.
  • How to Clean Dishwasher Aprons: Made of neoprene or vinyl materials, these aprons can easily be cleaned and maintained by simply wiping them off with a rag. The table below shows more advantages of each type of material.

Disposable Aprons

Choice 42 inch x 24 inch .50 Mil Disposable Poly Apron - 100/Box
Choice 42 inch x 24 inch .50 Mil Disposable Poly Apron - 100/Box

We offer disposable aprons with a full length design that ties around the back of the waist. The one piece-design easily fits around the neck.

  • Who Should Buy Disposable Aprons: There is certainly a time and a place for disposable aprons. Some of these instances include; working with raw meat and fish, slicing deli products, and cleaning with harsh chemicals. Dishwashers and bussers cleaning tables can also benefit from these non-porous, waterproof aprons.
  • How to Clean Disposable Aprons: Made of water-resistant polyethylene, these plastic aprons can simply be thrown away when you're done using them. This also reduces the chances of cross-contamination when reusing aprons for different tasks.

Waterproof Apron Comparison

Polyethylene Vinyl Neoprene
Cost: $ $$ $$$
Designed for one-time use; disposable
Stronger than polyethylene, but not quite as durable as neoprene
Heavy-duty neoprene is thick enough to withstand tough jobs
Added Benefits:
Reduces the amount of linens you need to wash
Resistant to chemicals, oils, and greases
Offers excellent chemical resistance and protect against snags and punctures

Server Aprons and Waist Aprons

Choice 12 inch x 26 inch Red Front of the House Waist Apron
Choice 12 inch x 26 inch Red Front of the House Waist Apron

Unlike the other apron types presented so far, these half aprons do not provide upper body coverage. Their shorter length, however, does provide the most comfort as servers are walking throughout your facility. Most include pockets so your waitstaff is able to have pens, guest checks, and beverage straws close at hand.

  • Who Should Buy Server Aprons: Front-of-the-house servers, bussers, and head waitresses or waiters are best suited for these styles.
  • How to Clean Server Aprons: Like bib aprons, most server aprons and waist aprons are made of a poly-cotton blend. It is recommended to wash them with like colors in cold water, and then dry on a low-heat setting. Before the first use, it is suggested to wash this apron in cold water to reduce fading and bleeding. If the color does bleed, we recommend running through the wash a few more times and washing with items of like coloring to reduce any color transfer.
19 inch x 34 inch Sea Green Poly-Cotton Four Way Waist Apron

4-Way Aprons

4-way waist aprons are the perfect choice if your staff will need to use their apron multiple times before they're able to wash it. They have 4 layers, so if the topmost layer becomes soiled, the wearer can simply switch it around to the next clean surface. Easy to use, these aprons will also save laundering costs since your staff won't need to change aprons quite as often. Generally worn by chefs, these aprons can be easily tied around the waist. The chef can wipe his or her hands, and reverse the aprons to the other 3 sides as it gets dirty.
Choice White Bistro Apron with Pocket - 34 inchL x 30 inchW

Bistro Aprons

Just like waist aprons and 4-way aprons, bistro aprons do not provide upper body coverage. One major difference, however, is that they are knee-length so they provide more coverage for pants. Generally worn by servers, bistro aprons often contain pockets in the front so servers can easily access pens and notepads when they take down orders. Since they're longer and protect pants from stains, they're also great for completing messy jobs like wiping down tables.

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