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Different Types of Flavoring Syrups

Add flavor to coffees and lattes, spice up scones and cookies, and mix fruit flavoring into cocktails with our wide selection of flavored syrups. This guide will explore the brands and coffee syrup flavors that we offer so you can begin stocking your restaurant, bar, or coffee shop!

Flavoring Syrup Brands

Upgrade your signature mochas and lattes with Ghirardelli's smooth and decadent coffee flavoring sauces. Ghirardelli began with a young Italian chocolatier in the early 1800s and is now a widely recognized name brand for rich, chocolate flavors. See all recipes from Ghirardelli.

Monin flavor syrups have premium quality to help you simplify the beverage-making process. As part of their large flavor selection, Monin offers all-natural and organic syrups made from top-quality ingredients and no artificial flavors. See all recipes from Monin.

Torani's sense of tradition and experimental ambition has expanded their product line to dozens of varied flavors from the Classic Caramel and the unique Chicken 'N Waffles, yielding a flavor for almost every palate and recipe. Discover how Torani syrups create endless recipe possibilities! See all recipes from Torani.

Sold in gourmet coffee shops, specialty food stores, food service outlets, and grocery stores, DaVinci syrups and DaVinci sugar free syrups have a long history of commitment to quality and superior taste. DaVinci Gourmet's all-natural syrups are naturally delicious, providing consistent quality flavor without the artificial flavors or preservatives! See all recipes from DaVinci Gourmet.

Inspired by the Italian phrase "la dolce vita," meaning "the sweet life," Dolce is committed to just that - embracing the simple, sweet moments in life. Dolce coffee syrup flavors make any drink, dessert, or dish a little bit sweeter and even more irresistible! Dolce offers classic coffee syrups that your customers will know and love.

Flavoring Syrup Applications

Coffee Flavoring Syrups: We offer many flavored syrups for coffee and espresso-based beverages. Whether you add a splash of syrup into your hot coffee cup for a pinch of extra flavor, or you craft a flavored latte, these syrups are up for the task. Since they're so versatile, you'll find plenty of ways to use them to spice up your coffee shop menu. You can even try adding them into cups of hot chocolate or tea for a new twist.

Cooking Syrups: Some of our versatile flavors of coffee syrups are most definitely not limited to coffee. Get creative and use these multi-purpose syrups in the kitchen to help sweeten house-made sauces and marinades. They'll make a great addition to your bakery too! Use these syrups to add flavor to cakes, cookies, brownies, scones, and other tempting treats. You might be surprised how well our cooking syrups can enhance your sweet treats and confections!

Mixed Drink Syrups: We also offer a selection of fruity and flavorful syrups that are perfect for concocting mixed drinks. Make the perfect martini, cosmo, or dessert shooter to wow guests at your hotel, restaurant, or bar. These syrups will help sweeten house-made sodas, lemonades, smoothies, and iced teas.

Great for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages alike, these mixed drink syrups can be used to add a consistent, quality flavor to your cocktail recipes. This video shows how to make a sangria using Monin's white sangria mix.

Dietary Considerations

Monin 750 mL Sugar Free Vanilla Flavoring Syrup

Sugar Free

Patrons with dietary restrictions? No fear. You'll be able to recreate all of your most popular drink recipes with our large selection of sugar free flavoring syrups. There are two easy ways to identify that a product is designated sugar free:
- Look for the printed words "Sugar Free" on the product label
- Look for a blue-colored section on the cap or label
Made with no-calorie Splenda sweetener, each pump of syrup equals one sweetener packet. These syrups provide an easy way to sweeten sugar free drinks for your health conscious patrons.

Monin 750 mL Organic Raspberry Flavoring / Fruit Syrup

Natural, Organic, and Gluten Free

Your health conscious patrons may also like our selection of all-natural syrups, organic syrups, and gluten free syrups. All-natural syrups from DaVinci Gourmet are naturally delicious, providing consistent quality flavor without the artificial flavors or preservatives. Monin's organic syrups are sweetened with organic cane sugar and does not include any unwanted additives. Most syrup flavors on our site are naturally gluten free, but it is still recommended to check for the gluten free certification symbol on each product page for verification.


Monin 1 Liter Premium Iced Coffee Concentrate

Significantly reduce prep time with these ready-to-use concentrates. These bottles have simple instructions and already contain caffeine. They provide fool-proof preparation for your busy restaurant, coffee shop, or cafe. Add an additional splash of flavoring syrup or your favorite milk substitute to create a custom taste.

How to make a Monin iced coffee:

Fill a 16 oz. glass with ice. Add 1 oz. Monin iced coffee concentrate and 7 oz. milk. Stir together and serve.

Dessert Sauces

Ghirardelli 17 oz. Caramel Flavoring Sauce

Dessert sauces are excellent, versatile additions for both drinks and desserts. Featuring a thicker consistency than liquid flavoring syrup, these flavoring sauces are great for swirling atop whipped cream or blending into sweet frappes. Mix them into milkshakes or smoothies, or use them to top ice cream sundaes, cheesecakes, or pastries. They make the perfect finishing touch or garnish to enhance the presentation of your tempting treats, and they can even be used to make plating designs for your decadent desserts. Choose between sugar free or regular dessert sauces, as well as convenient squeeze bottles or bulk plastic bottles.

Our bulk size bottles can be paired with a compatible sauce pump for fast and easy dispensing.

Sweetener Syrups

Finest Call 1 Liter Premium Sugar Free Bar / Simple Syrup Drink Mix

Slightly different from standard flavoring syrups, these products work as liquid sweeteners that easily dissolve into beverages. They're a quick and easy way to add sweetness to any drink or dessert!

- Simple Syrup - Great for iced coffees, cappuccinos, lemonades, and sweetened iced teas.
- Sugar Free Sweetener Syrup - The easiest way to sweeten recipes for patrons with dietary restrictions. Just one pump equals one sweetener packet.
- Honey Flavored Syrup - Made with pure cane sugar, water, and honey; features a golden color.
- Maple Flavored Syrup - Adds a rich, maple flavor and dark color to recipes.

Monin 750 mL Organic Agave Nectar Flavoring Syrup

Agave Syrup

What is agave syrup? Agave nectar is known for its delicate sweetness with a small hint of caramel flavor. It is sometimes called honey water and is often used as a honey or sugar substitute in many recipes. It is slightly sweeter than honey and cane sugar, but it has a mild, clean taste and quick-dissolving properties that mix well with coffees, teas, and lemonades. Though you're sure to make each drink a little bit sweeter, this flavoring syrup enhances rather than overpowers the original flavor of your favorite beverages, giving them just the right amount of sweetness! Tempt your customers with a cool and refreshing agave iced tea in the summertime, or use it in recipes.

Top Selling Flavors

Now that you're familiar with the types of syrups and sauces we offer, let's narrow down some of the different flavors. Caramel syrup, hazelnut syrup, and vanilla syrup are top selling flavors, and many brands put a spin on these classic recipes. So what's the difference between some of the flavors you will find on our site?

Torani 750 mL Caramel Flavoring Syrup


Caramel offers a smooth, buttery flavor with sweet notes. Use this flavor for lattes, frappes, and desserts like caramel bread pudding. It makes an excellent addition to autumn-themed menus and it can be used for caramel apple-flavored drinks or baked goods.

- Classic Caramel - darker flavor with hints of brown sugar
- Creme Caramel - softer and creamier flavor than regular caramel
- Salted Caramel - includes hints of salt

Monin 750 mL Premium Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup

The roasted flavor of hazelnut blends well with coffee and chocolate. It's another popular flavor for coffee and espresso-based drinks; or, you can get creative and use it in desserts like tiramisu! This flavor is perfect for blending into chocolate hazelnut spreads that your customers crave.

- Hazelnut - rich, nutty flavor and aroma; commonly used in lattes and mochas.
- Toasted Hazelnut - offers the taste of freshly roasted hazelnuts. This toasty, nutty flavor is great for a number of holiday recipes

Torani 750 mL Vanilla Flavoring Syrup

This fragrant flavor blends well with many other different flavors. Mix it with strawberry syrup for a strawberry and cream soda or make your own caramel cheesecake with caramel and vanilla flavoring. Vanilla syrups can also be used to make your own flavored whipped cream.

- Classic Vanilla - evokes the pure, sweet flavor from vanilla beans
- French Vanilla - richer and creamier than regular vanilla
- Vanilla Bean - stronger flavor with warm undertones

Other Essential Flavors

Torani 750 mL Coffee Liqueur Flavoring Syrup

  • Butterscotch Syrups - With some similarities to toffee, butterscotch is traditionally made from brown sugar and butter and it's boiled to a softer consistency than toffee. It adds a hint of creamy, buttery flavor to anything you make.
  • Chocolate Syrups- Concoct hot and cold drinks packed with rich chocolate flavor for all of your chocolate lovers to enjoy. We offer chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate varieties.
  • Confection / Dessert Flavored Syrups - Our selection includes gingerbread, pumpkin spice, s'mores, and many more popular dessert flavors. These syrups are great for making frozen and blended drinks and even seasonal specialties.
  • Drink Flavored Syrups - Enhance your signature drinks with our variety of flavors including eggnog, butter rum, and amaretto.
  • Fruit Syrups - These tart and tangy, colorful syrups include many flavors, from lime to peach chipotle. Browse our selection of: berries, citrus, classic fruits, and tropical fruits.
  • Ghirardelli 17 oz. Caramel Flavoring Sauce
  • Herb and Spice Flavored Syrups - Add some spice to your drinks and baked goods with cinnamon, habanero, chinese five spice, and other flavorful syrups.
  • Mint Syrups - These cool and refreshing flavors include peppermint, creme de menthe, and mojito mint.
  • Nut Flavored Syrups - Great for cooking and baking, these syrups allow you to easily incorporate the flavors of almond, butter pecan, and macadamia nut.
  • Toffee Syrups - Traditionally, toffee is made by caramelizing sugar and butter. These syrups evoke the buttery flavors of classic English toffee.

Usage Guide

There are so many ways to use our flavoring syrups, sweetener syrups, and flavoring sauces. Use this chart below as a quick reference to get started. While thicker flavoring sauces make better garnishes for sundaes and plating designs, and flavoring syrups dissolve more easily in mixed drinks, keep in mind that the possibilities are endless and you can get creative when using your coffee syrup flavors. You never know which recipe will be the next top-seller on your menu.

Coffee/Espresso Mixed Drinks Cooking/Sauces Baking Ingredient/Mix-In Beverage & Dessert Toppings/Garnishes Plating Decorations
Coffee Flavoring Syrups  
Cooking Flavoring Syrups      
Mixed Drink Flavoring Syrups  
Fruit-Flavored Syrups      
Sweetener Syrups        
Flavoring Sauces      

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