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Ways to Improve Your Restaurant's Coffee Service

It’s no secret that coffee is an integral part of daily routines everywhere, but for some, a plain cup of joe simply won’t cut it. Specialty coffee drinks and brewing methods are more popular than ever, so if your establishment serves coffee, you might want to consider offering something more than just decaf and regular. We’ve put together a list of tips that can help you to step up your coffee service, so you can keep your customers caffeinated and happy.

Consider Your Capabilities

6 Ways To Improve Your Coffee Service

Before you make major changes to your coffee service, it is important to consider your establishment’s capabilities, as well as your customers’ needs. If you run a convenience store that only sells a few cups of coffee per day, you probably don’t need to install an espresso machine and offer options that rival the coffee shop down the block. However, if you run a sit-down restaurant with a breakfast service, you could benefit from offering a range of options - such as Fair Trade Coffee. If you’re thinking about making a change, but you’re not sure what your customers would like to see, try giving them a short survey to find out firsthand.

Keep Your Coffee Equipment Clean

A simple way to make sure that your coffee tastes better is to keep your commercial coffee maker extra clean. When coffee is brewed, it leaves oil and residue on the inside of the machine, which can give future brews a bitter taste. Try using Klearly Koffee to keep your airpots and decanters free of foul-tasting buildup, and check out our article for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to clean a coffee maker.

Bring the Coffee Maker to the Table

Improving Your Coffee Service

A French press provides a very inexpensive method for brewing coffee. They make a delicious, gritty cup because the grounds steep directly in the water before they are filtered out. These serve 2-3 people at a time, and they allow you to bring delicious fresh coffee to your customers’ tables. Similarly, a Chemex coffee maker allows coffee to brew directly at the table, but it won’t have as strong a flavor due to the use of a paper filter. Both are easy to use, and are sure to be appreciated by coffee connoisseurs.

Invest in Espresso

Purchasing an espresso machine is a big investment, but adding one to your coffee service increases the amount of drinks you can offer significantly. If breakfast service is a big part of your business, you should consider adding espresso to your offerings. If dinner is your busiest meal, you probably don’t need to offer more than just regular drip coffee.

Learn the Art of Specialty Drinks

If you’ve made an investment in an espresso machine, it’s important that you or your employees know how to use it properly. This way, you can pull perfect espresso shots that can be served alone or in specialty drinks.

Use the Proper Coffee Grounds

Tips To A Smooth Restaurant Coffee Service

Different coffee makers all require different sized grounds, so be sure to get the best tasting cup of coffee from your specific machine by using the correct size. French presses require coarse grounds, Chemex brewers use medium-coarse, standard drip pots need a medium grind, and espresso machines use a very fine grind.

Whether you're looking to add new drinks to your menu, or you simply want to spice up your coffee service with a few inexpensive presses, these tips are sure to help you appeal to coffee snobs and casual drinkers alike.

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