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Types of Table Tops and Bases

Types of Table Tops and Bases

Set the stage for each and every dining experience by selecting the perfect table tops and bases for your establishment. From upscale eateries and bars to fast casual restaurants and cafeteria service, the tables you use not only provide a place for dining, but also contribute to your establishment's overall atmosphere.

Table Top Materials

Table tops are available in a variety of materials and finishes. From upscale granite to everyday laminate, there are numerous indoor and outdoor solutions to complete the dining experience. Wood and wood-look tabletops offer a very traditional look in any dining establishment. Conversely, stone tabletops bring a modern edge to the table. Powder coated steel table tops are great for outdoor areas and other ultra-casual establishment with a no-frills look and durable design.

Dark brown wood table top

Wood Table Tops

  • Durable and easy to repair
  • Can be used indoors and sometimes outdoors
  • Requires regular maintenance

Light brown veneer wood table top

Wood Veneer Table Tops

  • Made from a thin layer of hardwood that is bonded to particleboard or kraft paper
  • Can be used indoors and sometimes outdoors
  • Not as durable as solid wood

Light brown synthetic teak table top

Synthetic Teak Table Tops

  • Made from a non-porous composite material that replicates natural teak
  • Splinter- and crack-free, as well as weather-, water-, and UV-resistant
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use

Brown resin table top

Resin Table Tops

  • Crafted by mixing resin with a hardener
  • Durable and resistant to impact, staining, UV rays, scratches, and heat
  • Can be used indoors and sometimes outdoors

Brown laminate table top

Laminate Table Tops

  • Made from layers of plastic that are bonded to particleboard or kraft paper
  • Can be used indoors and sometimes outdoors
  • Can scratch easily and become damaged when exposed to high heat

Brown melamine table top with wood appearance

Melamine Table Tops

  • Features a melamine top and a manufactured-wood substrate core
  • Scratch-, shatter-, stain-, burn-, and fade-resistant
  • Use indoors or outdoors

Gray spotted granite table top

Granite Table Tops

  • Extremely hard and durable and heat-, scratch, and chip-resistant
  • Superior to marble, synthetic, and laminate table tops
  • Use indoors or outdoors

Gray spotted quartz table top

Quartz Table Tops

  • Made from natural quartz
  • Very similar to granite in durability; slightly less heat-resistant
  • Use indoors or outdoors

Black mesh wire powder coated steel table top

Steel Table Tops

  • Sturdy, long-lasting steel construction
  • Features extreme durability and corrosion resistance
  • Use indoors or outdoors

Table Top Shapes

Most restaurants stick to the basics when it comes to table top shapes - round, square, and rectangular. Each shape has its own advantages as well as space considerations.

Black outlined circle

Round Table Tops

  • Facilitate conversation
  • Not always the most space-efficient option

Black outlined square

Square Table Tops

  • Make it easy to butt tables up against each other for larger groups
  • Keep all patrons equally spaced and closer together than rectangular table tops

Black outlined rectangle

Rectangular Table Tops

  • Seat more people when hosting larger groups
  • Make it easy to expand seating capacity

Black outlined curved shape

Irregular Table Tops

  • Great for creating a unique, modern space
  • Not always the most space-efficient option

Black outlined half circle

Half Round Table Tops

  • Allow for efficient use of space
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of a dining space

Black outlined pentagon

Corner Table Tops

  • Allow customers to slide into and out of restaurant booths more easily
  • Ideal for casual eateries and family restaurants

Seating Capacity Recommendations

Knowing how many people can comfortably fit at various-sized tables can be difficult guesswork. Use the guide below to calculate seating capacity and help determine which sizes and types of table tops will work best for you.

Table seating diagram

Table Base Heights

Each style of table base is available in several height options. Standard, counter, and bar height table bases work with chairs of a similar height for optimal enjoyment and guest satisfaction.

Graphic with outline of round table with bracket showing height of 29

Standard Height Table Bases

Designed for use with chairs with an 18-20" seat height

Graphic with outline of round table with bracket showing height of 36

Counter Height Table Bases

Designed for use with chairs with a 24-28" seat height

Graphic with outline of round table with arrow showing height of 41 - 42

Bar Height Table Bases

Designed for use with chairs with a 28-30" seat height

Table Base Components

Table bases form the foundation of your dining experience. These pivotal pieces come in a variety of sizes and styles. Most are composed of three main components - the spider, the column, and the base plate. When you are ready to assemble your table base, being familiar with these base components will make your job much easier.

Black steel spider on top of column


Attaches the base to the table top

Black steel column on top of round base plate


The body of the table base

Black steel cross table base

Base Plate

Offers stability to the table base

Table Base Types

From a stable round base to a versatile cross base, a contemporary square base to a sturdy end base, table base options are endless. Most table bases feature a 3" column. For larger, heavier table tops, a base with a 4" column is recommended to hold the additional weight.

Black steel table base with round base on wood floor

Round Table Bases

Often chosen to match round table tops

Black steel cross table base on wood floor

Cross Table Bases

Best for rectangular or square table tops

Black steel round bolt down table base with wood table top and two stools

Bolt Down Table Bases

Secure the column to the floor for stability

T-shaped black steel table base with spider and black chair on wood floor

End (T-Shaped) Table Bases

Support long, rectangular table tops

Walnut wooden dining height trestle table base

Trestle (I-Beam) Table Bases

Ensures stability and prevents wobbling

Black square table base with wood table top and two black chairs

Square Table Bases

Wide base minimizes wobbling

Black steel cantilever table bracket on white wall with wood tabletop attached

Cantilever Brackets

Mounted to a wall to hold rectangular table tops

Wood table with four menus on top and four black chairs in restaurant

Table Base Space Considerations

  • Round, square, and bolt down table bases are easier to vacuum and sweep around.
    • However, they do not allow chairs to be pushed in fully, so if aisle or floor space is at a premium, a round table base may not be the best choice.
  • Cross bases are more difficult to clean around, but allow chairs to be pushed in further than with round table bases.
  • Trestle and T-shaped bases are easy to clean around and don't inhibit chairs being pushed in.
  • Cantilever brackets are great for eliminating bases that take up floor space, allowing for more foot room and making it easier to clean under the table top.

Special Features for Table Bases

Table bases are available with several features to increase the convenience of the table itself, and the enjoyment of your guests.

Silver flip top cross table base

Flip Top Table Bases

  • Allow for easier, more space-efficient table storage
  • Can adjust the top to a vertical position when it's not in use

Silver foot ring around black steel cross table base

Foot Rings

  • Let your customers rest their feet, as opposed to dangling them
  • Provides a more comfortable dining experience

Black steel square table base with pre-drilled umbrella hole

Umbrella Holes

  • Allow you to keep guests cool and shaded on hot, sunny days
  • Eliminates the need for an additional umbrella base

Black steel cross base table base with self-leveling feet

Self-Leveling Table Bases

  • Self-leveling feet keep tables secure and balanced on uneven floors
  • Eliminate customer complaints and accidental spills caused by a wobbly table

Four black round table leveler feet

Table Leveler Feet

  • Turn any table into a self-leveling table
  • Easy to attach

Table Tops and Bases Compatibility

When determining the correct base for your table top, it is important to consider the size, weight, and shape of the table top.

Light tan table with black square bottom and two chairs in restaurant

How to Choose the Best Table Base for Your Table Top

Use our table tops and bases sizing chart for recommendations for Lancaster Table and Seating compatibility. For all table tops and bases, check out our "You May Also Need" section on each product page for compatible pieces!

Please Note: These are minimum recommendations for our table tops and our bases. If your table tops are unusually thick and/or heavy, we recommend choosing a base at least two sizes larger than the minimum, along with a 4" column. We do not recommend attaching any table top larger than 30" round or square to a bar height table base. 

Light brown table with black square bottom and four chairs in restaurant

Table and Dining Sets

Take the guesswork out of compatibility by selecting a complete table and dining set. Available as a standalone item or with matching chairs, these sets make it easy to offer adequate seating.

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