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How Many People Can Comfortably Sit at a Banquet Table?

Are you worried that your guests might feel like sardines at your banquet hall, buffet, or catered event? Wondering how many people each size table can comfortably seat? To create a comfortable and welcoming environment, check out our banquet table seating guide that matches banquet table sizes with how many people they can seat below.

Dimensions Seats
30" Round Banquet Table 2-3 people
24" x 24" Square Banquet Table 2-3 people
36" Round Banquet Table 4 people
30" x 30" Quarter Round Wedge Banquet Table 4 people
42" Round Banquet Table 5 people
48" Round Banquet Table 5 people (comfortably)
54" Round Banquet Table 6 people
30" x 72" Rectangular Banquet Table 6 people
60" Round Banquet Table 8 people
30" x 96" Rectangular Banquet Table 8 people
72" Round Banquet Table 10 people

These suggested sizes are accepted industry-wide, but your specific needs may differ. For example, if you are serving a complex, multi-course meal, you may want to choose the next largest size table. We also offer these other banquet-related products to satisfy all of your catering or event hall needs:

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