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  • Features a maintenance-free dry pump
  • 12" sealing bar
  • Cycle time is a rapid 30-60 seconds
  • Electronic control panel can adjust vacuum power and seal time
  • Marinating cycle for infusing meats with deep flavor
  • Includes 40 assorted bags
  • 110V, 660W

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Increase food's shelf life with this ARY VacMaster VP112S chamber vacuum packaging machine.

Perfect for vacuum sealing soups, stews, marinades, and other foods for sous vide cooking applications, the VacMaster VP112S vacuum packaging machine seals by taking all the air out of the chamber at once and makes a stronger seal than external vacuum packaging machines. This means that you can use this machine to seal liquids in bags for more efficient storage.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Simple Digital Controls

The vacuum power and the seal time on this VacMaster vacuum sealer can be adjusted by the electronic control panel located above the motor. For preparing meats and sous vide food, the marinating cycle is ideal for for infusing deep flavor.

See-Through Lid

The see-through lid lets you keep an eye on the products you are sealing to avoid crushing.

Powerful Pump

This unit has a powerful pump to remove air from the chamber - plus, the dry pump style is designed to be maintenance free.

Small Footprint

The perfect size for use on a countertop, this unit measures only 16" wide by 24" deep and 9" high. Plus, it weighs only about 50 lb. so that it can be moved more easily than larger units for cleaning or when you need to reorganize your kitchen.

Rapid Cycle Time

The quick cycle time of this machine, 30-60 seconds, allows you to quickly seal portions of food for freezing or sous vide cooking.

Bag Clamp

A clamp holds the pouch in place during the vacuum cycle, resulting in less product movement for a more consistent seal.

Bags Included

This unit comes with (10) 6" x 12" bags, (10) 8" x 10" bags, (10) 10" x 13" bags, and (10) 12" x 14" bags.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

How do high altitudes affect the vacuum sealing process?
A vacuum sealer’s performance varies with respect to location. At higher altitudes, where air pressure is less dense, vacuum sealers are unable to remove as much air from the sealing process. High-pressure conditions are an important factor in the proper functioning of the sealer’s compressor, and without enough pressure, you may notice a weaker vacuum.
Can this machine be used for retort or mylar packaging?
These vacuum packaging machines are not recommended for use with retort or mylar packaging; instead, we suggest choosing from our wide selection of vacuum packaging bags for best results! Retort and mylar packaging requires special plastic and foil laminated pouches to seal food safely.
How do I determine if a vacuum machine bag will work on my machine?

If you have a chamber-type machine: Buy a chamber-type bag (mesh-less design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine, and the bag must also fit inside your machine’s chamber.

If you have an external-type machine: You must buy an external-type, or "out of chamber" bag (mesh design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine.

All of our vacuum machine bags list how large the open end is, and whether you can use them with external or chamber machines, in the content.

Can I put mason jars in my vacuum packaging machine?
Yes, if the mason jar fits, you can put it in your machine. However, it is not a substitute for canning.

VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines

VacMaster vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged food while staying fresh! Watch this video for an illustration on how these useful machines are operated.

VacMaster is the professional way to prep, cook, and package! Vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods. Not only does this reduce food waste and spoilage, but foods will taste fresher, too! There are two main types of vacuum packaging machines- chamber vacuum packaging machines and external strip vacuum packaging machines. Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for businesses and establishments that are likely to use the machine several times a day. Chamber vacuum sealers have two different types of bags that can be used – standard chamber bags and chamber bags with zippers. The first is a bag that is pre-sealed on 3 sides, while the former comes with a zipper on one end, with the opposite end open for sealing. To use the vacuum sealer, open the chamber and ensure the seal bar is in place. Chose the type of bag you would like to use and add your food, along with any spices or seasonings, to the bag. Place the bag in the vacuum sealer with the open end resting on the sealing bar and close the lid. Push start and wait while the bag is being sealed. When the process is complete, open the chamber and remove your now perfectly vacuum sealed item. Place it in the freezer for long-time storage, and when you are ready to use it, simply cut the bag open and prepare the item as you normally would. External strip vacuum packaging machines are best used in residential or light commercial settings that more likely to use the machine no more than once a day. External strip machines have 3 different types of bags that can be used – all-purpose VacStrip storage bags, full mesh storage bags, which hold the seal a little better than the standard bags, and bag rolls, which allow you to eliminate waste by cutting the bag to the exact size you need. To use the external strip vacuum packaging machine, place your food and any additional spices or seasonings in a vacuum sealing bag of your choice and place the open end of the bag on the seal bar, with the majority of the bag resting on the counter in front of the machine. Press the start button and watch as the air is drawn out of the bag and the bag is sealed shut. The bag can now be frozen or used to cook the item sous vide.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 16 Inches
  • Depth: 24 Inches
  • Height: 9 Inches
  • Seal Bar Length: 12 Inches
Chamber Dimensions:
  • Width: 11 Inches
  • Depth: 12 Inches
  • Height: 5 Inches
Manual Manual Warranty Information Warranty Comparison Comparison

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Warranty Info

ARY VacMaster machines are backed by a 1-year limited repair warranty. Within this period, we will pay freight costs to ship defective units to the manufacturer for repair, and the manufacturer will pay freight costs to return the repaired unit to the customer. Replacement units will only be shipped if the manufacturer cannot repair the defective unit.

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: ARY VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    4.7 stars from 73 reviews


    People Talk About:

    vacuum Machine bags unit sealer seal great VacMaster more chamber

    I waited until I’ve used the unit for around a month before I did the review. This way, I get to know it’s strengths and weaknesses. First of all, I am very satisfied with the unit. However, I can not give top marks to THE SPECIFIC UNIT I GOT due to the following: 1. The gasket around the unit is somewhat loose (see pics and video) and this sometimes results in failed operations, likely because a vacuum is not being created. I want to glue the gasket to keep it in place, but I’m a little concerned that I might not be able to take it out when it needs to be replaced. I also don’t know if gluing the gasket will void the warranty.?? I did not notice this right away, and the repeated failures almost made me return the unit.?? This loose gasket is my biggest disappointment with the unit. Every other point I mention below are minor compared to this.? 2. VacMaster could improve the documentation. Page 5, item #4 of the VP112S user manual - http://bit.ly/VP112S_user_manual - refers to a unit of measure called hg. A quick google search suggests that this refers to “units of mercury”. The manual then gives maximum and minimum settings in hg and says “minimum setting of 23.5hg to a maximum of 29.3hg”. This is quite straight-forward. HOWEVER, the unit itself does NOT show hg. ?? The unit displays a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 70. It does not indicate what this is, but it seems to be seconds.?? Another documentation failure is the mention of an included filler plate in one of the videos. This video from VacMaster - http://bit.ly/VP112S_filler_plate - says at around the 38 second mark that “it comes with a filler plate” but no filler plate was included. I would have bought it without a filler plate anyway, but it would be nice to have some consistency among all of VacMaster’s documentation (user manual, spec sheet, videos, etc).? 3. Regarding the vacuum failure mentioned in (1), page 7 item #10 of the manual says "Press and hold down the lid until the vacuum engages". It would be nice if a sticker is placed in the lid to serve as a visual reminder, similar to the sticker that says “lift by the side handles”.?? Also, detecting when “the vacuum engages” just BY SOUND is kind of lame. It may work for some people, especially when they are already used to it… but what if the user is hearing impaired? It would be much better to put in a vacuum gauge - that way, there is definite confirmation that the vacuum has engaged. These (and more) are all discussed in the video review.

    Posted on

    This machine works great for dry vacuum sealing. Rarely a leaker. Used vigorously and had a seal issue after a month or so. Sent back and was repaired. Works great now for over a year. Great customer service by MFR.

    from Dancing Pigs Deli Posted on

    This works great I've never had a chamber back in sealer is the first one I'm very happy with it very easy and simple to use I've done everything from grains to honeys to marinating meat it's awesome

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    In anticipation of receiving the VacMaster VP112S I decided to make a some Baltimore style lump crab cakes and a batch of Coney Island hot dog sauce. I was eager to try out the new vacuum and see how it would work on the many foods that my "old external sealer" worked great with dry foods, but I would always have to go through the extra step of pre-freezing the food before I could vac pack any "wet foods". Well this chamber vac did everything they said it would. The control panel is so intuitive that I had perfectly vacuumed and sealed packages the 1st time I tried. I look forward to many years of good use with my new "toy". Websturant sent it out so quickly that I received it in just 2 days. I will definitely be using them for my future supplies.

    Posted on

    I followed the instructions and the unit worked flawlessly right out of the box. The only issue I had was the rubber seal that belong on the lid over the sealing bar was laying loose in the machine when I unpacked it and it took a bit of head scratching for me to figure out where it belonged. The documentation that was included could be more detailed, specifically to include an exploded view of consumable parts and their placement. After muddling through vacuum sealing tasks with my old food saver, I decided to upgrade to the vacmaster vp112s. I make my own sausage and and freeze 30 to 50 pound batches in one pound vacuum packs, Using the 8" x 10" 3 mil vacmaster bags and filler plate set it takes about 90 seconds to seal each pack which is much quicker than the food saver. I recommend purchasing the filler plates as they seem to significantly shorten the cycle time on small volume packages. The sausage, either loose or stuffed, is very soft and bloody and proved to be very problematic for the food saver system. I no longer need to par-freeze the meat prior to packing with the vacmaster .The seals are perfect every time and no more finding freezer burned product after the seals have failed. The vacmaster is pricey but the bags are reasonably priced compared with the foodsaver bags and are available in a wide variety of sizes. The downside is that they are sold in quantities of 1000 which are cheap enough but way more than needed for the home user. I would like to see webresturant break down the large quantities of the most popular sized bags and offer a variety pack with say 100 or so of each size bag.The other issue is that unless you have acres of counter space you will need to find a storage area for the unit that is handy to where you will be doing the packing. The vacmaster is fairly large and heavy but then again it is not a kitchen gadget but more of a commercial machine which you hope will be heavily built rather than small and light. I haven't used it a ton but so far it has earned the 5 stars in my books.

    from mike colella Posted on

    Finally got tired of fighting with a FoodSaver that I'd used for years. I'd been eyeing a chamber vac for years, so that I could seal meats with marinades, stocks, etc. This one is great for my home use. The marinade function is a nice bonus, that I've used several times as well.

    Posted on

    The vp112s is definitely commercial quality. It is very solid and well put together machine. With that said , it is somewhat heavy(50#) . It's not only the weight of the machine but the size of the machine that makes it slightly cumbersome. I am 52 yrs old and of average height and weight ( 165 # ) . I carry it through my house from my storage area to my kitchen with very little difficulty. if this is a concern for you then you will need an area where it is convenient to set up and use and not have to move it around.It is also somewhat large. It is like 2 feet long. So take that into consideration when buying. Other than that the only other thing that would take away from this machine is that you are limited in the size of the item that you can vacuum seal. Now for the best part. This is by far ( excluding the large cabinet style , with oil filled motor, i seen used at an Alaskan fishing outfitter) the nicest vacuum sealer i have owned or that any of my friends own. It is , i would guess, 30-40% quieter than any of the external vacs i have used. You can also vacuum liquids in this machine and do not have to worry about blood or other liquids contaminating the seal. Like the little kid that i am, the first thing i did with this machine is seal up a bag of water just to see it work. It also has a nice wide seal. The bags are , by far , cheaper than the bags that you need with an external sealer. The controls are easy to use and figure out. As far as buying this from webstaurant , I could not find it any cheaper. I ordered the machine and 1000 8x10 bags cheaper than i could buy the machine only from other places. The machine showed up in a timely fashion and was in perfect condition due to the fact that vacmaster packages these things very nicely. In conclusion, if you are contemplating buying a household size chamber vacuum sealer , then i would not hesitate to buy this item. They are a little pricier , but i guarantee that you won;t be disappointed . I gave it four stars only because i haven't used it long enough to see it's durability. But as of right now, I am extremely happy with this purchase .If it proves to be durable i would not hesitate to give this machine a rating of 5 stars.

    Posted on

    The VP112S is a real workhorse in my kitchen. I bought the machine for both long term food storage and sous vide cooking. I am able to save a lot of money buying food in bulk and vacuum sealing for long-term freezer storage. The primary savings are on meat where I buy a whole or half animal at once (pork or beef). I have also found another great item for the freezer are avocados. I peel the avocado and add the pulp and some lime to juice to a bag before vacuum sealing. The avocado will keep in the freezer for a while, 6 months is the longest I've stored it and it comes out like fresh with no browning. I stock up when avocados are on sale and make 7-8 batches for guacamole at a time. The savings really add up. The machine also works perfectly for packaging anything I have wanted to cook sous vide.

    Posted on

    I waited 9 months after purchasing this vacuum sealer for our restaurant because Webstaurant Store does not allow any updates to your reviews so if you leave a review and the product has problems later, you can't inform anybody with a new review. Having said that, we use sous vide cooking every day in our restaurant and this sealer gets quite the workout. The only problem we have had with it is the rubber gasket ripped when somebody spilled something greasy on it and then rubbed the gasket trying to clean it. Fortunately, ARY has a website with replacement parts and a new gasket was only about $25. The foot print of the machine is RELATIVELY small (these things are just large...there is no such thing as a compact one) which we needed because we have a tiny kitchen. It was a reasonable price and so far works just fine. The bags come in a billion different sizes and are also reasonably priced. I would buy it again.

    Posted on

    We appreciate your feedback! If you ever want to make changes to your review or have any questions at all about the review process please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    First, I give webstaurantstore an A+ for their excellent customer service. My new VP112s arrived quickly, and I absolutely love my new chamber vacuum. I want to also thank Gary at VacMaster for his help. I highly recommend purchasing this wonderful machine, and highly recommend webstaurantstore.

    Posted on

    The Ary VacMaster VP112S Chamber vacuum sealer is an amazing product! I highly recommend this product to all my family and friends. I use it for everything! Worth every penny

    Posted on

    ARY VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer these work with most bags and deals very well be mindful it creates great pressure so get good mil plastic 3-4mil or batter

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    I've had the VP112 sealer for two years now and works wonderful. It gets used consistently 2-3 times a week to seal meats, veggies and for my Sous Vide.

    Posted on

    Well Folks, After 4 years and 5 sealers from another brand later, I finally tossed the last one into recycle and jumped in with both feet for a ARY Vac Master VP112S from WebstaurantStore. First off, they have the best price point on planet Earth!! #2. Shipping was fast and FREE. 3. GREAT Customer Service, "Bar-None!" 4. The product lines they carry are the best quality ever and I will be doing more business from them in the near future. Now, having this "REAL Vacuum Sealer machine and packaging just about everything I could get my hands on from food, liquids to old books and important family papers and pictures etc , I could not be more pleased. This machine is a True 5 Star Winner. For those of you that have been in my boat, using those junk sealers and are on the fence, throwing good $$'s after bad on junk, no-go, snorting and growling but no suction, juice spitting sealer machines. I can highly recommend this for sure, so stop looking and get one here! You Will Not Regret It, that is with one exception and that would be, "Why Did It Take You So Long To Get This Unit From This Great WebstaurantStore, LOL!!" V/R Kent M. Whitney Master Chief US Navy EOD/CB SCW, Retired


    I had been researching this sealer for a while and reading all the great reviews, before finally purchasing in July. As much as I'd like to be singing its praises, I received a DOA unit and two weeks later I'm STILL waiting on an ETA. As soon as I received the dead unit I called webstaurantstore and was told to contact the manufacturer ARY. I called ARY and was transferred to there Tech support dept, which I think consists of a single person(Gary), which was a very pleasant individual who apologized for the failed unit and promptly setup an RMA to return for repairs. The unit was received a week ago by ARY and I still don't know the status. While everyone I spoke with up to this point has been pleasant I can't help but feel that my NEW vacuum sealer, whenever I actually do receive it back, is now a REFURBISHED unit. I'm hopeful that I will receive ANY working unit soon so that I can use it and write a review on actually using the device and then giving it a true rating.

    from Mike Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Domingo. We truly apologize that this vacuum sealer did not work when it arrived. We are happy to say that your sealer has been repaired now and ARY will be resending the unit promptly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I just recieved this and tried it out on Flounder Fillets. No more having to pre-freeze before vac sealing! Fast, easy and worked great every time with no more issues of vacuuming wet meat! It also works with the other style vacuum bags and roll material but the cost of pouches here at Webstaurantsore is a LOT less! If you have other stuff, laying around, you can use of or in a pinch you can use the bags or roll material from other brands. (it will just cost you more money.) Very nice Professional grade machine, this works WAY better than any of the 3 FS brand machines I've had. This is PERFECT for the person who hunts or fishes and puts up a lot of meat!

    from Gregg Corporation, Inc. Posted on

    After going thru 2 other sealers & hundreds of dollars of bags, I decided it was time to upgrade to a chamber vacuum sealer. After doing my research, reading all the good reviews of this machine, and reviews of webresturant website, I placed my order late on a Monday afternoon. I figured that it would be a few days before it arrived, so I started planning what I would do when it was delivered. It actually shipped on Monday & I received it on Wednesday. Very quick shipping. As my previous experience with shipping, it was delivered within the delivery window, and left on my door step… I was concerned when I saw the package, as it was quite beat up, dents & actual puncture’s in the box. Took several pictures of the box before opening, just in case… Much to my relief contents were undamaged, and took just a few minutes to unpack and set it up ready to use. I also ordered 1cs of the 12x14 3 mil bags, with plans to order more when I figured out which size I use the most. First thing Thursday morning was to marinate some pork chops for dinner. Worked flawlessly, was able to vacuum seal with the marinade in bag, unlike with the previous ones I had. After cooking these for dinner, my family agreed turned out great. Next up since my garden is in full swing, made up 4 quarts of pesto, and 4 quarts of my roasted garlic sauce and bagged for freezing. Was able to pack some fresh blueberries at lowest setting without crushing for freezing. Moved on to making some compressed watermelon & some that I compressed and infused with lemon & mint, and another that I compressed using cucumber & basil. Both were fantastic, ate some that evening, the rest the following day. It was even better the next day. Next was pickles, made dill, sweet, and butter pickles, after refrigerating for only 2 hours they were perfect. Great texture and flavor. Lastly was to bag some pears for poaching in a wine reduction sauce in my immersion circulator for sous vide cooking. Bags held up fine for the 45 minute cook time at 183 degrees. These turned out even better than I expected. I went thru all 40 bags in sample pack, and a few from the box I bought all in the first day… all in all, very impressed with the quality, and ease of use built into this machine. Only think it seams to be lacking I can tell at this point it would be nice if it had a seal only feature. I managed to accomplish this by starting the vacuum pack process and then hitting the seal button. It does take a few seconds for the machine to allow this, so you can’t’ do it right away. I might just have to hang on to one of my old sealers just to seal bags that I cut down to size. Also with out a option to seal with out vacuum, its not able to repackage things like powdered sugar, other dry powdered ingredients easily.. After only having for 1 day, I realize I should have made this purchase along time ago. Bags are much cheaper, this alone will pay for the machine in my first year of ownership. It is going to step up my sous vide cooking, being able to leave liquids in the package with item being cooked. Machine also is great for being able to prepare food using modernist cuisine cooking techniques. If your considering one of these machines, and sitting on the fence, just commit to it, you will not regret it. Just know that you will want to order lots of bags, the ones in the sample pack will go fast.

    Posted on

    I was thinking to buy this baby for long time, thinking and kept thinking...why ? Because my business still small and this is the cheapest still expensive for me. After debating and lots of calculation, I bought this Vacmaster VP 112S, I'm glad I did, it really useful and now, I can add more items to sell, and thinking more again. Very sturdy, easy to use and clean, the pouch is much cheaper than other brand...like very inexpensive. Thank you Vacmaster and Webstaurant, because the price in here is the best so far. Either you just use for home or business, this unit really recommended. You won't regret

    Posted on

    Sealing those tempeh and send to 50 states in summer, my customer still receive good tempeh. It sealed really nice. Tempeh is perishable fermented food.

    I've been waiting to get this Chamber Sealer for quite some time. So finally deciding to pull the trigger I looked back on Webstaurantstore.com and saw that the model had changed a bit and the outer port for canisters had been removed. However, I read various places that it was in pursuit of a more stable product that would not have the prior issues of breaking down. Undeterred, I purchased the VacMaster VP112s and haven't been happier. I find myself trying the basics so far, but even better, I find myself cooking more. The VacMaster just makes me want to get in the kitchen and work and the best part is I can make large batches of food and pack what I need for the week and freeze the rest. I highly recommend it if you are looking for chamber sealer. Has plenty of capacity for larger items and even comes with sample bags to try and figure out what sizes you use most. Worth the money.

    Posted on

    You can easily vacuum seal items of various shapes and sizes. The chamber has a good capacity size.

    This vacuum sealer is worth every single penny! It was packaged very well and in perfect condition and we had it within 2 days of ordering it on a holiday! It works perfectly. We have gone through 2 Food Saver brand machines and were sick and tired of them overheating after sealing 5-6 packages. The VacMaster is by far a superior product. We were nervous about the cost but are so glad now that we jumped in and made the purchase. We also highly recommend Webstaurantstore.com. This was not our first purchase from them and we continue to be very happy with the products that they offer and the speed in which they are delivered.

    from Happy buyer in Georgia Posted on

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