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Excel Dryer Offers Fast, Efficient Hand Drying Options for Any Business

Excel Dryer takes pride in offering some of the fastest, most efficient hand dryers on the market. For over 43 years, Excel Dryer has manufactured a full line of environmentally-friendly, hygienic, and cost-effective hand dryers for restrooms and wash areas in schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, and more. Excel hand dryers are built to the highest quality standards, making them dependable, easy to install, and satisfying to use. Read more

Excel Dryer has a hand dryer to fit every need. Their featured dryer is the patented Xlerator, which sets the industry standard for speed and efficiency by drying hands in 10-15 seconds, while still using 80% less energy than conventional dryers and offering a 95% cost savings over paper towels. When searching for a fast, environmentally friendly, and economical hand drying solution, look no further than Excel Dryer.