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Maintain a Tidy Facility with Our Cleaning Tools and Supplies

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Maintain a Tidy Facility with Our Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Provide your staff with the proper cleaning tools they need to keep your business as clean and sanitary as it can be. We carry dusters, microfiber cloths, and janitorial brushes to make dusting and sweeping faster than ever. For window cleaning, supply your staff with washers, squeegees, and glass cleaners. Our scrubbers and sponges make manual dishwashing a breeze, and our hose reels help you rinse pots or fill buckets more efficiently.

Use these cleaning tools in your restaurant, school building, grocery store, department store, or any place where messes are a possibility. Daycares and schools can also benefit from the convenience of disinfectant wipes and cloths, especially in cold and flu season. Commercial cleaning carts will help your staff carry their cleaning items quickly from room to room in your restaurant or office building. Many of them feature bags for garbage and bottle holders so spray bottles stay in place. Our housekeeping carts also make it easy for staff to transport supplies, towels, and linens wherever they need to go!

Our cleaning tools are designed to simplify cleaning tasks for your staff, so they can become more effective and efficient. Use our dusters and microfiber cloths to pick up dust, and equip your cleaning room with scrubbers, sprayers, and buckets for more hands-on washing tasks. Our commercial cleaning carts are great for transporting linens to and from the laundry room or for holding housekeeping cleansers. To improve on your janitorial supply, add mops and mopping accessories, cleaning chemicals, and pest control products to your stock!