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Keep Dishes Clean by Using an Industrial Dishwasher in Your Business

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Keep Dishes Clean by Using an Industrial Dishwasher in Your Business

Commercial dishwashers are essential pieces of equipment in any type of foodservice establishment because they save time and ensure your dishes all come out clean and sanitized. You can find commercial dishwashers for restaurants in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your business's unique needs. For example, high temp dishwashers use heated water to sanitize dishes, but they require a condensate hood. Low temp models, on the other hand, use chemical sanitizing agents to clean dishes, so they are easier to install, but the chemicals must be replaced routinely.

You can also find dishwashers in conveyor styles or rack styles to accommodate high-volume needs. We also carry under counter dishwashers, which are perfect for smaller establishments because they fit neatly in tight spaces. Our selection of manual and electric glass washers are perfect for bars and nightclubs because they have varying styles of brushes that can clean your glasses thoroughly. Glass washers are especially useful for removing lipstick stains and stuck-on citrus pulp, which can be difficult to remove from your cocktail or wine glasses when washing by hand.

A commercial dishwasher is an integral part of any foodservice establishment, so it’s important to choose the unit that best suits your needs. From compact under counter units to high-volume conveyor dishwasher models, you can find the perfect warewashing equipment for your business. We even carry glass washer machines that are specially designed to clean and sanitize specialty glasses. To find related products, check out our glass washing chemicals, machine dish washing and sanitizing chemicals, and chemical pumps.

How to Clean a Commercial Dishwasher

  1. Wash The Unit's Interior Use either detergent and a cleaning cloth or the spray nozzle and rinse with warm water.
  2. Drain and Empty The Unit: Your dishwasher must be drained and its tank emptied after you clean the inside. Let the dishwasher cool for 10-15 minutes by leaving it open.
  3. Targeted Spray Nozzle Cleaning: To prevent hard water from building up inside your unit’s nozzles, use white vinegar when cleaning them.
  4. Clean The Filter: First, remove refuse from the filter. Second, scrub it with a brush and the appropriate detergent.
  5. Clean Your Unit’s Wash/Rinse Arms and Jets: Your unit's water holes may become backed up with food debris. Use warm water to clear wash/rinse arms and jets.
  6. Rinse Aid Compartments and Feeder Tubes: Prepare your dishwasher for use by refilling the detergent, rinsing aid compartments, and making sure feeding tubes are clear.
  7. Air Dry: Leave your dishwasher unit open while it dries to prevent bacteria from growing.

How to Load a Commercial Dishwasher

Pre-rinse your dishes before loading your commercial dishwater. Once rinsed, these are the best practices for loading your commercial dishwasher.

  • Plates: Place your largest plates at the back and your smallest plates at the front of your rack.
  • Glasses & Cups: Most commercial dishwashers have a special loading section for glasses and cups.
  • Stainless Steel Flatware: Pre-soak stainless steel flatware with a pre-soaked detergent and water. Flatware only needs to presoak for a few minutes before you place them on a flat rack for rinsing. Once rinsed, insert your flatware into the special baskets with their handles facing down. Insert the flat rack into your dishwashing machine. Flatware should be washed twice and left to air dry.

What Are the Commercial Dishwasher Temperature Requirements?

The FDA Food Code states that “Hot Water and Chemical-Methods Sanitizing Food-Contact Surfaces…[must achieve] a utensil surface temperature of 71°C (160°F) as measured by an irreversible registering temperature indicator.”

Ensure that your commercial dishwasher is reaching FDA approved temperatures with a dishwasher thermometer.

How to Delime a Commercial Dishwasher

  1. Check your owner’s manual to see which chemicals you should use to delime your dishwashing unit.
  2. Regardless of whether your machine has an automatic deliming cycling, drain and refill your tank with fresh water before beginning the deliming process.
  3. Add the appropriate deliming agent.
  4. Run your dishwashing machine.
  5. Check your machine. If it’s not completely demlimed add more cleaning agent and run again.
  6. Once your dishwashing machine is delimed, you want to make sure you eliminate all residual cleaning agent residue. Drain and refill your machine, then run it for approximately ten minutes.
  7. When all residual cleaning solution has been removed, drain and refill your machine.