Laundry Detergent and Supplies

Keep a constant supply of fresh, clean linens for your guests with our commercial laundry detergent and supplies.

Restroom Cleaning Chemicals

Impress your guests with the cleanliness of your restrooms by using commercial restroom cleaning supplies.

Surface Sanitizing and Disinfecting Chemicals

Disinfectants are essential for removing germs or pathogens from surfaces in your office or hotel.

Disinfectant Wipes

Our pre-moistened disinfectant wipes make it easy to give a quick clean to frequently touched surfaces.

All Purpose Chemicals

Find the right product for just about any cleaning job in our selection of all-purpose cleaning chemicals.

Glass Cleaning Chemicals

Remove streaks and grime from windows and mirrors with our commercial glass cleaning chemicals.

Laundry Soap Vending Machines

Provide guests with the cleaning supplies they need with our laundry soaping vending machines and products.

Air Fresheners / Deodorizers

Deodorizers and air fresheners keep your business smelling fresh and clean, an important part of guest satisfaction.

Metal Polishes

Metal polishes help maintain shine and prevent rust on surfaces like stainless steel, chrome, and brass.

Dust Spray & Furniture Polish

Use dust spray and furniture polish to keep your wood furniture and fixtures shiny and dust-free.

Plastic Polish

The plastic surfaces of items in your break room or breakfast bar get the love they need with plastic polish and kits.

Spill / Vomit Absorbents

When accidents happen, you can be ready for a quick, discreet cleanup with our spill and vomit absorbents.

Adhesive Removers

Adhesive removers provide extra cleaning power when you need to remove sticky substances.

Mechanical Lubricants

Keep your maintenance equipment and hardware in good working order with mechanical lubricants.

Our housekeeping chemicals include a wide range of cleanser, polishes, and lubricants that will help you clean and maintain many areas of your business. Use all purpose cleaning chemicals for everyday cleaning jobs, laundry soaps for washing linens, and deodorizers for freshening up rooms. Our spill and vomit absorbents will also help you clean up spills of any type at your bar or restaurant. For other cleaning essentials, see our disposable gloves, restroom cleaning brushes, and pre-moistened disinfectant wipes.

Ensure a Sanitary Environment in Your Food Service or Hospitality Business with Housekeeping Chemicals

Customers at your restaurant or hotel want to dine and sleep in a clean, comfortable setting. Our housekeeping chemicals provide your staff with tools to dust, polish, sanitize, and deodorize your rooms and dining areas. Furniture, metal, and plastic polishes will give your furniture a lustrous appearance and protect its finish!

To keep your glass surfaces shining bright, use glass cleaning chemicals in spray and concentrated forms. Use our housekeeping chemicals to keep your bathrooms crisp, clean, and smelling fresh, too! Our restroom cleaners will work well on nearly any bathroom surface including sinks, stalls, tile floors, toilets, and more. Choose from housekeeping chemicals designed for dispenser or manually fed machines, and use our vending machine products to keep your laundry room well-equipped.

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