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Choosing the Best French Fry Cutter

Fresh cut fries are a big moneymaker for anyone in the foodservice industry. From concessions, to bars, to casual restaurants, customers are always looking for good fries to complement their meals or munch on as a midnight snack. A french fry cutter is the perfect way to reduce prep time, ensure uniformity in your fries, and provide the freshest tasting product! This guide will teach you how to cut french fries while determining the best french fry cutter for your application.

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Different French Fry Types

Choosing a signature type of french fry can be a great source of income for any foodservice business. While different types of potatoes can be used for french fries and it ultimately comes down to your personal preference, many believe the best potatoes for french fries are classic russet potatoes. Whether you decide to serve crispy 1/4" straight fries with your burgers or savory wedge fries with your perfectly grilled steaks, great fries are the perfect addition to meals at any casual restaurant. Choose from a variety of cut types including curly, ribbon, straight, wedge, and more to create your own trademark recipe!

Standard Duty vs. Heavy-Duty

Standard duty potato cutters offer simple, easy-to-use mechanisms that allow you to produce a large amount of fresh cut fries in a relatively short amount of time. These manual fry cutters are made with heavy frames that are designed to be mounted to sturdy walls or countertops for stability. They can also be mounted to heavy wooden cutting boards if you need portability in your french fry cutter. Most cut types are available in both standard duty and heavy-duty models.

1/2 Straight
Heavy-duty commercial and automatic potato cutters have more rugged frames and cutting mechanisms for high-volume use. Designed with ergonomics in mind to make extended use more comfortable, these units are ideal for applications like cafeterias that need to cut hundreds of potatoes every day. Choose from manual options for a more economical heavy-duty product, or go big with an air-powered or electric model that can cut dozens of potatoes per hour with limited strain on the operator.

Manual vs. Automatic

Manual french fry cutters let you cut potatoes into straight fries, wedge fries, and specialty cut fries with the use of a manual lever or handle. Ideal for concession stands, restaurants, and cafes, manual fry cutters are less expensive so they're a great choice for small businesses or startups.

1/4 Airmatic

Automatic electric or air powered fry cutters are perfect for businesses that do lots of french fries every day. High volume restaurants, central kitchens for healthcare campuses, colleges, and schools can benefit from these time-saving units. They use electrical power or air cylinders to force potatoes through the cutting blades, reducing strain on the operator.

Restaurant Equipment

Sweet Potato Fry Cutters

Sweet potatoes are more difficult to process than regular potatoes and many units are not rated to handle them. Forcing sweet potatoes through a unit that isn't intended to cut them could ultimately break or bend the blades and reduce the lifespan of your fry cutter. Check out our selection of sweet potato fry cutters that make quick work of cutting sweet potatoes.

Note for Edlund Titan Series Max-Cut: sweet potatoes must be par-baked to soften prior to cutting in the unit.

Note for Nemco Monster Airmatic FryKutter: sweet potatoes must be pre-cut in half, lengthwise, prior to cutting in the unit.

Changing Cut Types

So you want to change the style or size of your fries without buying a whole new unit? You can! By pairing the correct blade set and push block from your fry cutter's manufacturer you can change a 1/4" straight cutter to a 6 wedge cutter or just about any other available cut type. Some blade sets and push blocks are already packaged together as sets to ensure that you receive the correct parts!

Wedger Kit

Just remember, blades and push blocks from one manufacturer will not work on another company's french fry cutter. For example, if you wish to change the cut type on a Vollrath fry cutter, you will need to purchase a Vollrath blade set and push block. The push blocks and blades you will need for each conversion are also listed on each fry cutter's page on our website for easy reference.

Parts & Accessories

Suction Cup Feet: Most fry cutters need to be mounted to a countertop, wall, or heavy cutting board before they can be used, but some kitchens don't have the available counter space to do this. If you will be using your fry cutter infrequently, suction cup feet provide an alternative! They secure to the base of the unit and allow it to be temporarily mounted to a smooth countertop or work table surface, then removed and stored elsewhere when it is no longer needed.

Wall Mounting Brackets: Mounting a manual fry cutter to the wall is a great way to keep it off the counter and make it easier to use. Manual units rely on leverage and force behind the handle to cut potatoes, so pulling the handle down rather than from side to side allows gravity to work with you for easier cutting. Just make sure that, when choosing a site for installation on the wall, there is enough structure to stand up to the rigorous use a fry cutter receives. Mounting fry cutters to a strong wall or installing them on the studs is recommended as light paneling and sheet rock aren't strong enough to hold them.

Replacement Parts: Whether you are looking for replacement wing nuts, guide rods, bushings, or handle components, our comprehensive selection of commercial french fry cutter parts will enable you to keep your unit up and running longer and reduce downtime.

How to Use a French Fry Cutter

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