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Types of Floor Squeegees and Floor Scrapers

Types of Floor Squeegees and Floor Scrapers

When it comes to caring for your floors, floor squeegees and floor scrapers are an essential tool to have in your janitorial arsenal. Designed to remove buildup and residue from floors, floor squeegees and floor scrapers are imperative for healthcare facilities, cafeterias, offices, warehouses, and any other establishment where frequent and thorough cleaning of large surface areas is a necessity.

What Is a Squeegee?

Squeegee Definition:

A squeegee is a tool with a blade that removes or controls liquids across surfaces. Commercial squeegees can be used on floors to absorb liquids and direct mop water towards a drain, or to remove residual water or cleaning solvents from windows and mirrors.

Squeegees consist of two main parts: the frame, which is sometimes called a channel, and the blade.

Steel squeegee frame holding a rubber blade

The frame, or channel, holds the blade as well as features a socket to install the handle.

Rubber squeegee blade

The blade extends from the channel and is used to clean the surface.

Types of Floor Squeegee Blade Materials

Commercial floor squeegee blades are made from rubber, foam, or neoprene. Which blade is right for you will depend on the squeegee's intended application.

Green single blade rubber squeegee with plastic frame

Single Blade Rubber Squeegee

  • Great for daily cleanup of water, waste, mud, and debris off smooth, even surfaces like tile, concrete, and linoleum
  • The single blade design eliminates bacteria growth and is easy to sanitize after use
  • One of the most popular choices for commercial floor squeegees for its affordability and durability

Red gum rubber floor squeegee pushing water to a drain

Single Blade Red Gum Rubber Squeegee

  • Ideal for cleaning strong chemicals and solvents off smooth, even surfaces
  • The single blade design eliminates bacteria growth and is easy to sanitize after use
  • Non-marking to protect your floors from scuffs and scratches

Double foam rubber floor squeegee cleaning up water

Double Foam Rubber Squeegee

  • Made with a synthetic rubber material for versatility in application
  • Ideal for removing water and moderate amounts of dirt from uneven surfaces, like grouted tile or non-slip flooring
  • Provides more absorbency of liquids than a single rubber blade

Red double neoprene foam floor squeegee cleaning up water

Double Neoprene Foam Squeegee

  • Designed for heavy-duty removal of water, dirt, and debris on uneven, grouted, and smooth surface floors
  • Neoprene construction resists fats and oils, making it ideal for cleaning kitchen floors to prevent grease accumulation and reduce the risk of potentially costly accidents
  • Also commonly referred to as "red double foam" or "moss foam"

Squeegee Blade Length and Uses

Having the correct blade length for the job is absolutely necessary to ensure your areas are cleaned efficiently in a timely fashion.

  • 13" to 18" long floor squeegee blades are perfect for cleaning in small or tight floor areas such as between toilets or in tight corners.
  • 22" to 24" long floor squeegee blades are an all-around size for directing liquids toward drains.
  • 30" to 36" long floor squeegee blades are for large, flat floor areas. This size range can be used in commercial food facilities to clean up water or to remove snow, sludge, and ice from smooth asphalt or concrete surfaces.
Expert Tip

Straight squeegee blades are ideal for moving large volumes of water across a surface, while curved squeegee blades are ideal for controlling and directing water towards floor drains.

Types of Floor Squeegee Frame Materials

Commercial floor squeegee frames come in either plastic or metal materials to accommodate a wide range of application and budget needs.

Plastic squeegee frame holding a single blade rubber blade

Plastic Squeegee Frames

  • Will not rust, corrode, or bend
  • Provides more flexibility than metal frames
  • Non-sparking construction is great for cleaning flammable chemicals spills

Metal squeegee frame holding a double foam rubber floor squeegee

Metal Squeegee Frames

  • Steel and powder-coated steel options for standard- and heavy-duty applications
  • Less likely to warp or bend than aluminum frames
  • Powder coating resists corrosion for long-lasting use

Aluminum squeegee frame holding a rubber blade

Aluminum Squeegee Frames

  • Light-duty option with easy maneuverability
  • Budget-friendly
  • Naturally corrosion- and rust-resistant

Expert Tip

It is important when choosing a compatible handle for your squeegee head to know if the frame's handle socket is tapered or threaded. There are handles that are designed to be compatible with either tapered or threaded sockets, or there are handles that can be used with both tapered and threaded sockets.

Types of Floor Scrapers

Unger MDSC0 6 inch Medium Duty Floor Scraper with 60 inch Ergonomic Handle

A floor scraper is an excellent tool for easily removing items, buildup, and residue from your floors without damaging them. Floor scrapers are typically classified as either light-, medium-, or heavy-duty to make it easy to identify their intended application, from removing stuck-on food to stripping your floors.

  • Light-duty floor scrapers are great for removing gum, stickers, wax, tough dirt, and set foods like chocolate, syrup, and icings.
  • Medium-duty floor scrapers are great for industrial scraping, tape, and heavy dirt.
  • Heavy-duty floor scrapers are great for stripping floor tiles, removing carpet, and removing adhesives.

Which Side of the Floor Scraper Blade Should I Use?

Typically, floor scrapers include an angled head for increased strength and control, as well as a reversible blade that features a sharp and blunt side to clean a variety of surfaces.

Sharp side of a floor scraper blade

Sharp Side

Works best on smooth, flat, hard surfaces like vinyl and tile

Blunt side of a floor scraper blade

Blunt Side

Works best on delicate or uneven floors like stucco and cement

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