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Cast Iron Skillets

Cast Iron Skillet Reviews

Lodge L6SK3 9" Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Item #: 530L6SK3

Cook and serve your delicious, signature appetizers and entrees with the Lodge L6SK3 9” pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. This skillet allows you to cook or bake various side dishes, like macaroni and cheese and cornbread, and then serve them to guests in the same pan. The cast iron skillet’s design evenly cooks your meals, while retaining heat. Thanks to the pre-seasoned surface, you won’t need to use as much oil when cooking, creating healthier dishes for your customers.

  • Perfect for oven-to-table service
  • Pre-seasoned surface creates easy-release finish
  • Can be used on any range top, grill, and in the oven

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 7 reviews)

From $13.51/Each

Reg. Lots of 6
$14.49 $13.51

Lodge L14SK3 15 1/4" Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Item #: 530L14SK3

Saute, fry, sear, or bake your delicious appetizers and entrees with a Lodge L14SK3 15 ¼” pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. This product can be used just about anywhere, from an oven or a grill to a gas or induction range. Since this cast iron skillet has a wide 15 ¼” size, it’s great for making large amounts of grilled veggies, chicken, and steak. Best of all, the pre-seasoned surface of these skillets allows your employees to use less oil while cooking, so you can serve your guests healthier meals.

  • Great for oven-to-table service
  • Superior heat retention
  • Pre-season design allow for an easy-release

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 7 reviews)

From $42.84/Each

Reg. Lots of 2
$44.99 $42.84

10" Cast Iron Branding Skillet

Item #: 407C12110

Create visually appealing seafood and meat dishes with this 10” cast iron branding skillet. With a ridged design, this skillet is perfect for creating sear marks on salmon, chicken, and fajita veggies that will leave your guests’ mouths watering. This cast iron skillet also consistently and evenly cooks your meals without any hot spots, so you don’t have to worry about scorching food. Crafted from incredibly durable materials, this product can be used straight from the oven or stove top and served at guests’ tables, creating less dirty dishes.

  • Great for prepping grilled chicken, burgers, and steaks
  • Made from strong, long-lasting materials
  • Creates unique presentation of your appetizers and entrees

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 6 reviews)

From $12.75/Each

1 - 2 3+
$13.99 $12.75

Lodge L8SQ3 10 1/2" Square Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Item #: 530L8SQ3

Perfectly sear meats and saute vegetables with the Lodge L8SQ3 10 ½” square pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. This product can be used to bake, cook, and fry your signature appetizers and entrees on the grill, in the oven, and on any range surface. This cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned which creates an easy release, so you can use less oils while cooking and create healthier dishes for your guests.

  • Superb heat retention and even heating capabilities
  • Perfect for casseroles, omelets, and dips
  • Natural, easy-release finish

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 5 reviews)


Lodge Pro-Logic P12SGR3 12" Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

Item #: 530P12SGR3

Create delicious grilled products indoors with the Lodge P12SGR3 12” pre-seasoned cast iron square grill pan. Thanks to this product’s flat design that provides an easy access to food, your cooks can easily turn veggies and meats with a spatula, similar to how they would on a grill. These Lodge pre-seasoned pans also have ridges that create tantalizing grill marks on chicken, salmon, and steak, while allowing grease to drain away from food. This item can be used on any range top, oven, or grill.

  • Excellent heat retention and even heating capabilities
  • Creates mouthwatering grill marks
  • Pre-season surface allows for less oils needed while cooking

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 6 reviews)

From $25.87/Each

Reg. Lots of 3
$26.99 $25.87

Use these cast iron skillet reviews to compare different skillet options for your restaurant, cafe, or bakery.

Using this cast iron skillet comparison makes it simple for you to find the skillet that will meet the demands of your kitchen. From range tops and ovens to grills and open fires, these products can be used anywhere, so you can easily cook, sear, and bake all of your tasty signature meals like juicy sirloin steaks and gooey pasta dishes. Since cast iron skillets can be brought straight from the oven to guests' tables, they’ll impress your guests with a sizzling presentation, while cutting down on the number of dirty dishes in your kitchen. Compare these cast iron skillet reviews to find out which skillet is right for you.

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