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Choosing the Best Popcorn Kits

It's easy to pop fresh, buttery popcorn when you have an all-in-one popcorn kit! These kits take the mixing and measuring out of making popcorn, so you can quickly make batches of movie theater-quality popcorn. There are many benefits to using a popcorn kit in your popcorn machine. Unsure which size kit works best with your popcorn popper? This guide will help determine which popcorn kit is right for you!

There's no doubt that popcorn is a profitable concession food, and these popcorn kits make it easier than ever to increase sales and produce golden, flavorful popcorn for all of your patrons! Our featured brand, Carnival King, offers excellent all-in-one kits for popping delicious popcorn with quality kernels, oil, and salt seasoning in one convenient, ready-to-go pack.

Carnival King Popcorn Kits

Carnival King popcorn kits

Carnival King is the brand to trust for your supply of carnival foods. Why? Carnival King offers many benefits at an affordable price!

  • All-In-One - Carnival King popcorn kits include kernels, coconut oil, and salt seasoning in separate, organized sections. The kernels are non-GMO, and the popcorn has 0g trans fat per serving!
  • Control Inventory - Ingredients are pre-measured in a popcorn kit, meaning that you'll have less wasted ingredients, more popped popcorn, and better inventory control!
  • Person cutting open Carnival King popcorn kit in front of popcorn popper
  • Save Costs - With less wasted ingredients and better product portioning, you'll be able to save on popcorn costs.
  • Theater Quality - The coconut oil and seasoning salt bring theater-quality flavor to your small to medium volume business. Though high-volume operations will benefit from buying bulk ingredients, these handy individual popcorn kits are great for concession stands, school fundraiser events, church gatherings, or single-house theaters.
  • Made in America - Carnival King popcorn kits are made in America.

Popping Instructions

Person pouring Carnival King popcorn kit into popcorn popper

For best use, follow these instructions when using your Carnival King popcorn kits:

  1. Turn all popper switches to the "on" position.
  2. Preheat the kettle 3-4 minutes (first batch only).
  3. Add oil, kernels, and seasoning salt to the kettle; then close the lid.
  4. Dump the popped corn from the kettle when popping stops.
  5. For additional batches, repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. After the last batch, turn both the kettle switch and the stirrer motor switch to the "off" position.

Carnival King Royalty popcorn popper popping popcorn

Expert Tip:
Make cleaning your popcorn kettle as easy as making popcorn with our Carnival King 31 oz. Kettle Kleen popcorn kettle cleaner! This product removes tough grease and oil build up, softens hard carbon deposits, and is safe for use with all metals.

Other Popcorn Products

Person scooping popcorn from a popcorn machine into a paper popcorn bag

For more information on the variety of bulk popcorn ingredients and seasonings that we carry, check out our popcorn guide!

We also carry ergonomic popcorn scoops and disposable bags to make serving popcorn effortless.

The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. Please refer to our Content Policy for more details.

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