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Types of Dispenser Napkins

From restaurants to rest stops, virtually all establishments require dispenser napkins for one purpose or another. Whether you've opened up a new business and just started shopping for supplies, or if you're in need of more paper napkins for refilling purposes, this guide will help you decode the meaning behind each fold's name!
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Disposable Napkin Functions and Applications

When you keep dispenser napkins available at your foodservice establishment, customers can easily help themselves to the items that they require in order to enjoy their meals without the mess. Restaurant dispenser napkins will absorb liquids and grease, allowing your guests to stay comfortable and clean while they eat.

They also come in 1 and 2-ply varieties for handling little messes or big spills, and they offer 7 different folded styles, making them compatible with a variety of napkin dispensers. You can even opt for bright white or natural brown napkins in order to best match the color of your dispenser. 

Types of Paper Napkin Folds

Featuring seven different fold styles to choose from, disposable napkins were designed to meet the versatile needs of any dining venue or foodservice establishment. While some fold styles offer higher absorbency for handling larger messes like liquid spills and greasy transfers, other styles will help free up countertop space or cut down on replacement costs.

Dispenser napkin folds and sizes chart
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Full-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Features a wide surface area
  • Offers high-quality absorbency
  • Great for use near your self-serve condiment station
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Side-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Features a wide surface area
  • Commonly used at lunchroom tables or restaurant booths
  • Classic style is suited for any application
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  • Low-hanging portion is easy to grab
  • Ideal for cautious customers
  • Perfect for use on tables in diners and restaurants
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Mini-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Offers a more compact size
  • Great for on-the-go treats at coffee shops
  • Allows patrons to hold a pastry and then clean up afterwards
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  • Folded to maximize countertop space
  • Commonly found in pizza shops
  • Great for venues that require fast access to highly-absorbent napkins
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  • Folded like an accordion
  • Designed for one-at-a-time dispensing
  • Cuts down on waste and helps save on restocking costs
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Roll Dispenser Napkin

  • Come in a single grouping
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas like amusement parks or convention centers
  • Allows your customers to quickly tear and go while preventing costly waste

Restaurant Dispenser Napkin Plies

A napkin's ply is its thickness, which affects absorbency and durability. Messes come in many shapes and sizes, so it's only fitting that the paper napkins used to tidy up should, too! Consider the application for which your napkin will be used to determine which ply is best for your business. For a higher-end alternative to dispenser napkins, consider linen-feel napkins.

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  • Economical choice
  • Lightweight for grab-and-go applications
  • Ideal for proactive use and sanitation

Rather than wasting plates in your gourmet cupcake shop or bakery, allow guests to grab a 1-ply napkin on which they can rest your sweet treats. When dining in at your fast-food joint, your guests might use one of these 1-ply napkins for sanitation and to prevent food from having direct contact with your trays or tabletop.

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  • More durable than 1-ply napkins
  • Extra absorbent
  • Ideal for larger spills and tough messes

When your customers' hands are a mess after eating your prize-winning ribs, they'll want to reach for a napkin that won't tear, and a 2-ply option will do the trick! Also, your patrons will likely spill a drink at some point, and you can prevent their embarrassment and save the day by offering a reliable napkin for when accidents happen.

Dispenser Napkin Colors

Disposable napkins are available for purchase in bright white or natural kraft brown. By choosing a color that complements the style of your napkin dispensers, you can add aesthetic appeal to the interior of your establishment.

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  • Traditional color
  • Bleached for a crisp, clean look

Offering a crisp, sanitary look, white paper napkins are perfect for traditional diners, amusement parks, and fast-food restaurants. The clean color will also help you identify smudged napkins in a tabletop dispenser, ensuring that each new guest has an optimal dining experience.

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  • Natural color
  • Bleach and chemical free
  • Made of recycled materials

Bleach-free and made from recycled material, kraft brown napkins are a great option for venues that specialize in farm-to-table fare. They also pair perfectly with any rustic or casual decor. Plus, your eco-conscious patrons will love the earthy look that results from chemical-free processing. Learn more about going green with our green disposable dinnerware guide!

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