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WebstaurantPlus Frequently Asked Questions

WebstaurantPlus Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 1/03/2019

Here at WebstaurantStore, we understand that shipping costs can cut into your establishment's bottom line. We created the WebstaurantPlus subscription program to thank our loyal patrons and help them save on order processing time and shipping fees. If you are interested in enrolling for WebstaurantPlus, keep reading to learn more about the program's benefits, eligibility requirements, and subscription terms. Learn how you can save on a WebstaurantPlus membership by signing up for a Webstaurant Rewards® Visa Business Card.

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  • What is WebstaurantPlus?
  • Am I eligible for WebstaurantPlus?
  • What is the WebstaurantPlus monthly membership fee?
  • Can I purchase multiple subscriptions on one account?
  • Are all WebstaurantStore items eligible for WebstaurantPlus?
  • How do I enroll in WebstaurantPlus?
  • How does my WebstaurantPlus subscription renew?
  • How do I cancel my WebstaurantPlus subscription?
  • WebstaurantPlus Customer Testimonials
  • What is WebstaurantPlus?

    WebstaurantPlus is a subscription program that gives subscribers priority order processing and free standard ground and common carrier shipping on over 180,000 items on our site for a monthly membership fee (eligibility requirements apply). WebstaurantPlus customers also receive easy access to apply for Net 30 payment terms.

    WebstaurantPlus members receive discounted pricing on many of our everyday essentials. For a complete list of eligible items, visit our Plus Member Discounts page. As a WebstaurantPlus subscriber, you’ll also be given access to Plus Exclusive items that are only available to our members.

    Am I eligible for WebstaurantPlus?

    Any WebstaurantStore customer, commercial or residential, is eligible to enroll in the WebstaurantPlus program if their shipping address is within the 48 contiguous states. Customers with shipping addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations are ineligible for WebstaurantPlus.

    What is the WebstaurantPlus monthly membership fee?

    Subscribers pay a monthly fee of $99. Tax is charged on this membership fee in any state where we collect tax on shipping.

    Your subscription month is based on the date of your enrollment, so it is not possible to enroll for a partial month. 

    Can I purchase multiple subscriptions on one account?

    Yes, you are permitted to purchase more than one subscription if you have multiple shipping addresses associated with your account.

    To do so, you must first enroll with one of your shipping addresses on the enrollment page. You can then enroll in additional subscriptions via the WebstaurantPlus Manage Subscription page in My Account.


    Are all WebstaurantStore items eligible for WebstaurantPlus?

    Over 180,000 of the items we sell are eligible for WebstaurantPlus. Any items ineligible for the program will incur their normal shipping charge.

    If your purchase includes both eligible and ineligible items, your shipping cost will factor in the free shipping for eligible items and paid shipping for ineligible items.

    Ineligible items in your cart will be marked as Ineligible for WebstaurantPlus.

    How do I know if an item is eligible for WebstaurantPlus?

    To find items that are eligible for WebstaurantPlus, look for the Plus logo near the price of the item or below the item number in the Shopping Cart. You can filter product categories by WebstaurantPlus eligible items to easily narrow down your selections.

    Is there a minimum order size required to receive the WebstaurantPlus free shipping?

    Yes, the minimum order size to receive free shipping on WebstaurantPlus eligible items is $29.

    How do I enroll in WebstaurantPlus?

    If you are eligible for WebstaurantPlus program, you can click the blue Plus icon anywhere on our site and you will be prompted to provide the Shipping Address you would like to enroll in the program. Once your first order has been shipped to the enrolled address, we are unable to alter the address on your subscription during the remained of that month. If you need to change the address on your subscription, please contact Customer Solutions.

    Additionally, you must provide a credit card number to which your monthly subscription fee will be charged. You can choose from one of the saved cards on your WebstaurantStore account, or you can choose to enter a new card. You will be able to change which card is associated with your subscription in My Account after enrolling.

    Once enrolled, you will receive a welcome email and your WebstaurantPlus benefits will immediately take effect. Click the button below to begin the enrollment process.

    Enroll in WebstaurantPlus


    How does my WebstaurantPlus subscription renew?

    WebstaurantPlus subscription renewals will automatically process on the date listed in the Manage Subscription tab.

    When your subscription renews, you will see the renewal as an order on the View Orders page in My Account.

    What happens if there is a problem with my payment before renewal?

    If the credit card associated with your WebstaurantPlus account will expire before your next scheduled renewal, you will be notified by email 7 days prior to this date. In this email, you will be prompted to sign in and enter new credit card information before your renewal date.

    If your payment fails to process, you will receive an email prompting you to provide different credit card information in order to renew your subscription. Your account will become Inactive, and you will have 14 days to provide new credit card information before your subscription is cancelled.

    What does it mean that my WebstaurantPlus account is LOCKED?

    Your account is placed in the LOCKED state if your payment fails to process before renewal. This does not mean that your account is cancelled. In order to continue receiving WebstaurantPlus benefits and take your account out of the LOCKED state, you must provide different credit card information within 14 days of your payment processing failure notification. Contact Customer Solutions for assistance.

    How do I cancel my WebstaurantPlus subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription through the Manage Subscription tab on the WebstaurantPlus page in My Account. Under Current Subscription Details, you can find a link that reads Cancel Subscription.

    After cancellation, your subscription and benefits will remain active until your next scheduled renewal date, at which point it will terminate.

    We do not pro-rate or refund subscription fees if the benefits have been used in a given month.


    WebstaurantPlus Customer Testimonials

    We asked five WebstaurantPlus subscribers what their experience has been like using the service and how it's helped their businesses. You can view their responses in the video below:

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