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Foodservice establishments operate with razor-thin margins, and shipping costs can quickly start cutting into profits. Fortunately, we created the WebstaurantPlus program, which is a subscription service that offers free shipping on hundreds of products. Keep reading to learn how a WebstaurantPlus subscription can benefit your business, what types of products are eligible with the Plus program, and what real WebstaurantPlus members have to say about the service.

What Is WebstaurantPlus?

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WebstaurantPlus is a subscription service that gives subscribers access to priority order processing and free standard ground and common carrier shipping on over 180,000 products. We offer this service for a fee of $99 a month. Additionally, for an order to qualify for free shipping, the subtotal must include over $29 worth of eligible products.

Who Is Eligible for a WebstaurantPlus Subscription?

Any WebstaurantStore customer located in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) is eligible to sign up for the service.

WebstaurantPlus Refund Program

Starting on August 31, 2022, WebstaurantPlus customers whose total account subscription costs exceeded their total account subscription savings in the preceding 12-month period will be eligible for a refund of the difference. Subscription savings refer to shipping costs, subscription savings on select items, and other associated subscription savings. A store credit will be issued to eligible customers for the difference, and it can be used on merchandise or services offered online at www.webstauranstore.com. For more information, please visit our policies page.

To learn more about the benefits of WebstaurantPlus and to answer any questions you may have, be sure to check out our WebstaurantPlus FAQ by using the button below.

WebstaurantPlus FAQ

Popular Products Eligible for WebstaurantPlus

There are over 180,000 products that are eligible for the Plus program. This selection encompasses many different types of products, ranging from large equipment to smallwares and disposables, so you can be sure to find the items you need. Any product that has the blue Plus box next to the item price is eligible for priority order processing and free shipping!

Most Popular Items on WebstaurantPlus

Here are some of the great products that are popular with our WebstaurantPlus customers:

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Paper Cups
  • Paper Napkins
  • Glassware
  • Receipt Paper
  • Take-Out Containers

Who Would Benefit from a WebstaurantPlus Subscription?

A WebstaurantPlus subscription is beneficial for most foodservice establishments, especially restaurants that order their equipment and disposables online. This service is also ideal for the following types of establishments:

  • Businesses that use the auto reorder tool. If you're ordering regularly from WebstaurantStore, a Plus membership is essential, so you can maximize your savings. Use the WebstaurantStore app to make reordering your favorite Plus-eligible items even quicker.
  • Restaurants that are constantly running out of disposables. Rather than sending one of your employees off to the grocery store to pick up more napkins, straws, or paper plates and paying a premium, you can order wholesale options on WebstaurantStore with Plus. Then you can sit back and relax knowing that your order will get priority processing and free shipping.
  • New restaurants that have to order lots of equipment and supplies to stock their kitchen. Purchasing lots of equipment for your new business can lead to a lot of upfront costs, but a WebstaurantPlus membership can help cut costs.
  • Establishments that need their order to arrive quickly. If one of your appliances breaks during the week and you need a replacement, a WebstaurantPlus subscription ensures priority processing so your business can continue flourishing as quickly as possible.

Praise for WebstaurantPlus from Customers

But, don't just take our word for it! Read what several WebstaurantPlus members have to say about the service.

MJ Stone is the co-owner of Agora Downtown Coffee Shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and has benefitted from her WebstaurantPlus subscription. She said, "In addition to not being able to find another place that beats the prices that Webstaurant has, it's wonderful not having to worry about shipping on top of that."

John Serock, the owner of John Serock Catering expressed a similar statement: "So many of the items that we purchase are part of the Plus program that we've moved over products from other suppliers because of the savings in the shipping." He also added that, "At $99 a month, it paid for itself literally in the first week that we had it."

In addition to the cost savings, WebstaurantPlus members benefit from our expedited shipping, so you get your orders faster. The Director of Kitchen Operations for Barley Creek Brewing Company, Bobby Fluegel, said, "Favorite thing from WebstaurantStore is probably the fact that once I purchase something, I know it's going to be here in a few days."

Check out the video below to see what else our customers have to say about WebstaurantPlus!

Subscribe to WebstaurantPlus for Free Shipping

A WebstaurantPlus subscription can help your business save on shipping costs and get your shipments faster, so you have to spend less time waiting and can spend more time serving your customers. If your restaurant is ready to sign up and start saving money on shipping, you can use the button below:

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