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Commercial French Fry Cutter

Commercial French Fry Cutter Reviews

Garde FC38WM 3/8" Heavy-Duty French Fry Cutter with Wall Mount Bracket


This Garde FC38WM 3/8" fry cutter makes it easy to cut french fries in no time! It can also be used to cut onions, peppers, celery, and a variety of other vegetables. It can accommodate potatoes up to 6" in length, and features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish. The unit comes with a wall bracket to hang the cutter, saving counter space and offering high-volume use. This cutter features a short throw handle for smooth cutting, and the razor sharp blades ensure any employee can operate the unit with ease. When it’s time to clean the unit, the blade assembly and push block come apart quickly.

  • Accommodates a variety of vegetables, and potatoes up to 6" long
  • Includes wall bracket for convenient mounting
  • Razor-sharp blades provide ease of use

Overall User Rating:

(4.8 stars from 6 reviews)

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Choice 1/4" French Fry Cutter


If you’re looking for the best commercial fry cutter for low volume output, then this Choice 1/4" French fry cutter, is the perfect unit for you. This cutter slices whole potatoes into thin, 1/4" strips. Using a manual cutter is much faster than cutting fries by hand with a knife, and it’ll produce more consistently sized and shaped fries. This unit portions potatoes in one swift motion, while its ergonomically shaped handle allows the user to easily apply as much downward force as needed. This cutter also features incredibly stable legs and a sturdy base for even more support!

  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Mountable to counters, cutting boards, and walls
  • V-shaped trough ensures potato remains in the cutter

Overall User Rating:

(4.5 stars from 48 reviews)

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Choice Potato Wedge Cutter - 6 Wedge French Fry Cutter


This Choice 6 wedge French fry cutter is one of our best reviewed commercial cutters, and it will allow you to quickly and effortlessly produce wedge fries for your restaurant or bar. Wedge potatoes are popular side orders and provide more potato in each bite than straight or curly fries. You can also bread them and make steak fries if you want to add more diversity to your menu. This unit comes complete with a push block, so you can manually cut a single potato into 6 equal wedges. Its push block and blade assembly are also removable for quick and easy cleaning after each use!

  • Rust-resistant cast iron construction
  • Reduces prep time and labor
  • Includes screw holes for mounting

Overall User Rating:

(4.1 stars from 10 reviews)

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Garde FC38 3/8" Heavy-Duty French Fry Cutter


Fries are a popular side dish and the Garde FC38 3/8” heavy duty french fry cutter allows you to create fresh and perfectly cut sides at your restaurant, bistro, or fast food joint. The short throw handle on this fry cutter moves easily, cutting through potatoes with one stroke. With a cast aluminum construction, this product is built out of durable materials, so you can get long-lasting use out of it. Additionally, the stainless steel blades are resistant to corrosion and rusting.

  • Perfect for heavy-duty food prep
  • NSF Listed
  • Can be mounted on a countertop or wall

Overall User Rating:

(4.9 stars from 16 reviews)

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Nemco N55050AN-R Ribbon Fry Cutter


Serve up crispy orders of fries by outfitting your commercial kitchen with this Nemco N55050AN-R spiral and ribbon fry cutter! This cutter can produce both curly and ribbon fries, making it a versatile addition to your commercial kitchen. Not only are curly and ribbon fries fun alternatives to straight fries, they have a higher profit per serving since they pile up higher on the serving plate, making smaller orders look fuller. This easy-to-use manual model also ensures that the entire potato is used to eliminate product waste. It’s even constructed with a preset drive depth, so you don’t have to worry about blades grinding against other metal parts during operation.

  • Easily releases and retracts for faster reloading
  • Great for high volume prep
  • NSF Listed

Overall User Rating:

(4.9 stars from 14 reviews)

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120 Volts
Nemco 55150C-R PowerKut Table Mount Ribbon Fry Cutter 120V


Prep mass amounts of ribbon fries within minutes with this Nemco 55150B-R PowerKut table mount ribbon fry cutter! This powerful electric model can process a large 60 count potato in just five seconds without any product waste. Ideal for use in concession stands, fast casual establishments, bars, and other high volume restaurants, this Nemco fry cutter easily mounts to any tabletop surface so you can start filling appetizer, side, and pub fare orders for your hungry guests.

  • Ideal for heavy duty use
  • Works with interchangeable blades for various cuts
  • UL and NSF Listed

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 4 reviews)

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Vollrath 15018 Redco InstaCut 3.5 1/2" French Fry Cutter / Dicer - Wall Mount


This Vollrath Redco 15018 InstaCut 3.5 allows you to turn potatoes into 1/2" french fries with ease! It creates clean cuts with minimal brusing, and features durable thermoset blade frames that are corrosion-resistant and never need to be adjusted. The aluminum body and stainless steel rods provide a lightweight, strong construction. For added versatility, the wall-mounted design features a pop-in, pop-out blade assembly design to allow you to core and wedge vegetables with additional blade sets (sold separately).

  • Can be converted to a corer or wedger with additional blade sets (sold separately)
  • Corrosion-resistant thermoset blades
  • Aluminum body and stainless steel rods provide lightweight, strong construction

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 1 reviews)

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Find the perfect product to help you serve up freshly-cut fries with our commercial French fry cutter comparison!

Providing freshly-cut French fries straight from your kitchen is a great way to increase profits, and we can help you find the perfect equipment to start with our fry cutter comparison! Fries can be dipped in ketchup, soaked in vinegar, or piled high with cheese and bacon, making them an all-time favorite in restaurants and bars. By checking out these commercial French fry cutter reviews, you’ll be able to find the best model to meet your kitchen’s demands. Choose from manual or electric cutter, depending on your demand. All of our French fry cutters are made from durable materials, and you’ll find many models that can be mounted to various surfaces in your work area. Whether you're serving up straight, wedge, curly, or ribbon fries, we can help you find the cutter for you with our French fry cutter reviews!

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