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Product Overview

  • Holds potatoes up to 6" long
  • Easily converted to different cuts
  • Ideal for use with potatoes, beets, carrots, and more
  • Quickly and easily cut 3/8" fries
  • 3 3/8" square cutting area
Quality Rating:
UPC Code:400010121144
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Consistently create mouthwatering 3/8" fresh cut french fries with this Nemco 55450-2 Easy Frykutter french fry cutter.

Crisp, golden french fries are a huge money-maker and a staple on menus everywhere from food trucks to concession stands, so save time and labor with this fry cutter! Designed to allow you to serve fresh cut fries with a minimum of effort, this cutter makes it easy to serve this high-margin side dish.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Potatoes


    This unit has been tested to consistently cut high volumes of potatoes.

  • Onions


    This unit has been tested to consistently cut high volumes of onions.

  • Celery


    This unit has been tested to consistently cut high volumes of celery.

  • Green Bell Peppers

    Green Bell Peppers

    This unit has been tested to consistently cut high volumes of green bell peppers.

  • Tomatoes


    This unit has been tested to consistently cut high volumes of tomatoes.

  • Carrots


    This unit has been tested to consistently cut high volumes of carrots.

  • Nemco Original

    Nemco Original

    This is a manufacturer original product and is backed by the Nemco quality guarantee.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

Cast Aluminum Construction

To provide you with years of trouble-free operation, this unit's durable cast aluminum construction resists misalignment problems, which can cause nicks, scuffs, and broken blades.

3/8" French Fries

Thanks to the razor sharp stainless steel blade assembly, this powerhouse machine consistently creates 3/8" fries out of a potato up to 6" long and in a fraction of the time that wedging or slicing by hand requires. You can even use this cutter to prep onions, peppers, celery, and other vegetables!

Stainless Steel Blades

Sharp stainless steel blades ensure precise, consistent cuts and will resist corrosion due to the acidic juices of tomatoes and other foods.

Short Throw Handle

A short throw handle with superior engineering enhances leverage for smooth, easy cutting in just one stroke.

Easy Mounting

The sturdy legs have pre-drilled holes to make it simple to mount this unit to a table or even a wall for gravity-assisted mass production!

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

What is the maximum potato length this fry cutter can handle?
This fry cutter can handle fries cut as long as 6 inches.
Can I use this French fry / potato cutter when working with sweet potatoes?
No, it is recommended to not use sweet potatoes with this French fry / potato cutter since sweet potatoes are too hard and too dense to properly pass through the cutter blades. Forcing sweet potatoes through could ultimately end up breaking the blades.
Can this unit be modified to cut in different sizes?
Yes! Below are the accessories you will need to convert this unit to the given size.

1/4" Cut: 55424-1 Blade Assembly and 55417 Push Block
1/2" Cut: 55424-3 Blade Assembly and 55417 Push Block
4 Section Wedge: 55727-4 Wedger Kit
6 Section Wedge: 55727-6 Wedger Kit
8 Section Wedge: 55727-8 Wedger Kit

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width:9 Inches
  • Depth:20 Inches
  • Height:10 Inches
  • Slice Size:3/8 Inches

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Nemco 55450-2

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Overall User Rating:

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4.9 stars from 38 reviews


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Customer Reviews

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

We cut 2-3 cases of potatoes everyday seven days a week, and our guys are gentle, but this cutter just keeps on moving. One of our cooks even ripped it off the wall one time and it didn't break. Four years later and over 300,000 pounds of potatoes later we felt it was time for a new one.

Tony E. from Brickyard on 06/11/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

We have been very happy with this fry cutter. For our home fries. We have the wall rack so we have it mounted on the wall.

Patricia H. on 01/06/2016

Nemco always makes great products and this one did not disappoint either. I’ve cut thousands of pounds of fries and it’s still just as sharpe and easy to use as the day I bought it.

James F. from Spudz LLC on 10/23/2018

We cut between 3-4 cases of unpeeled potatoes a day and this machine won’t quit. It’s sturdy and since it’s wall mounted a space saver in the limited space we have at our location.

Cassady C. from A Downtown Pensacola Restaurant Group on 08/03/2018
0 out of 1 found this review helpful

Great hand cut fries. If works great and it’s very easy to clean. Installation was a little complicated because we had to be sure it was on a stud and base that could support cutting fries but other than that it’s great.

Sameka J. from Carolima's Lowcountry Cuisine on 11/12/2017

Great item. We use it for fries, tomatoes, etc. Any vegetable that you would like to cut quickly this is your tool. High quality and we have never had an issue.

Chris E. from The Grumpy Monk on 02/21/2017

This is the perfect sized cut for fresh cut fries in my opinion. Once you soak from for a while to remove some starch and dry them a bit before frying, you'll get that crunchy outside and potato inside that people love. And with the handle being so wide you don't fatigue while cutting a lot of fries. Great product from Webstaurantstore.com.

Charles J. on 08/25/2016

Buy anything other than Nemco and kiss that wasted money goodbye! Nemco is the best fry cutter I have ever used. We have gone through almost 25,000 pounds of potatoes with this item....not one problem! Tip: Always check bolts for tightness and get the wall mount piece!

Brian R. on 09/10/2015

Far superior to the other less expensive cutters. The optional wall plate is a nice feature and the install was quick and easy. Our previous cutter lasted about 9 months, I expect this will last longer.

Travis P. from Meadowlark Public House on 05/19/2015

We love this fry cutter! We retired a different model after many, many years in service. This cuts medium sized potatoes with ease for our hand-cut fries. The rubberized grip makes using this unit more comfortable, and it mounts nicely with the wall bracket. We cut the fries directly into a bucket! Nothing beats a hand-cut fry, and this cutter is the best one we have used.

Nicholas T. from Nickel's Pit BBQ on 02/27/2015

Why pay for high price frozen fries? Get this nemco fry cutter and save $$$. Also bought the mounting plate so it is easier to clean.

Bill D. from Ed And Sharon's Restaurant on 12/07/2014

This cutter is heavy duty - solid unit - works like a charm - saved money with this item from day one & you can actual get new parts hassle free !

Mike R. from Mike Rawluk on 11/21/2014

This has been a hit in our Pizza shop, we already had the Nemco curly fry and wedge cutter so this is a great addition to fresh cut potato offerings

John H. from Harts Repair Service. LLC on 10/27/2014

PROFIT.......need I say more? This Nemco Potato Cutter makes awesome Fresh Cut Fries. Using this product assisted us in being known for our "Fresh Cut Fries" which became the number one seller on our menu. Great tool to use. Obvious, use extreme caution when cleaning blade, use a brush.. After almost 4 months of use and several pounds of potatoes cut, blade is still sharp. Thanks Nemco, your product was worth every penny!!!!

Rene H. from Krazy Kitchen on 09/16/2014

We love our fry cutter! We bought this to use at home and we use it way more than you would think. I like to peel and cut up my potatoes and other veggies on Sunday for use in meals the rest of the week. This is also great for cutting uniform pieces when dehydrating or canning. Do yourself a favor and buy the bracket that hangs on the wall for easier cleanup.

Kristy R. on 06/16/2014

I have bought knock offs of this item from ebay before. The original Nemco cutter is the best way to go. Not only a huge price difference but with this item you truly do get what you pay for. The craftsmanship is great.

Roger S. from NORTH SIDE GRILLE on 09/25/2013

I would highly recomend this cutter it has held up under heavy use and hasd exceded my expectations. It is a great buy for the money. Bob Bostwick Owner

Robert B. from Biscotti Winery LLC on 09/12/2013

Received the product the very next day. Very easy to install and use. There is minimal parts to remove when cleaning and easy to put back together.

Cheryl B. from Tailgaters Toot N Tell on 06/10/2013

The best french fry cutter on the market. It is very easy to push potatoes through the cutter, one hand even. If purchased with the mounting piece very easy to clean.

Chris D. from Ckd Restaurants, Llc. Kitchen on 05/04/2013

This thing is great. I feared that it would be difficult to clean but as shown in the picture I've provided, you can simply remove the cutblade attachment and it's really easy to clean. I highly recommend that you mount it on a wall (with wall hanger 55641 if you want to remove it easily). I doubt it works with sweet potatoes since it still requires quite a bit of effort with large russet potatoes that are quite firm. The blade is super sharp on one side only which is great. My initial thought was to get a cheaper unit but the short stroke on this one is great (see other picture) I thought it would be overkill for home use and some would say it is but it works great and my kids will inherit it! Now, I'm tempted to buy a few more cutblades to go with it... wedger and 1/4".

Martin G. from MG on 04/22/2013

If you pride yourself on making homemade french frys. this is a must have product because of how easy to use it is and how fast you can make home made frys.

Zach K. on 03/20/2013

This is a great fry cutter. Considering our french fries are one of our top sellers, Nemco has really helped us our with this nifty tool.

Eric S. on 01/13/2013

I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by how well this product has worked. It slides down with ease and it cuts the french fries cleanly every time! Great product!

Michael J. from The Pie Kitchen on 10/02/2012

This product makes french fries so easy to make! They are cut extremely accurately and are the perfect size for a great french fry. And a great deal!

Dorothy T. on 09/21/2012

This product is both easy to use and affordable. The price is amazing.The Fries are cut with unbeleiveable accuracy. I reccomend this to everyone. Wonderful product.

David D. on 05/26/2012

This is a really great product. I like how easily it mounts on to the table. You can crank out french fries like nobodies business!

Tom M. on 04/18/2012

Talk about french fries and the first thing that comes to mind is "fresh cut" With this awesome french fry cutter you will quickly be known for the best french fries in town! Easy to mount and use!!

Eric K. on 03/02/2012

Works great! We cut over 100 pounds of huge Russet potatoes with it. Works great no complaints. Looking to purchase some accessories for it now.

Shannon M. on 02/12/2012

The best price I have found on this very important piece of equipment! It's essential for our homemade fries and I always have an extra on hand for our four restaurants. Never buy a fry cutter anywhere else.

Ratneshwar J. from Home Run Burgers on 02/08/2012

We just started recently cutting our own fries to increase profit margins. We have a cheaper version that we used for awhile, and just recently switched to this one. I can't say how happy I was when we started using this. It works so well, and fast too. Makes perfect fries every time.

Aaron H. from The New Haven Cafe on 12/17/2011

A must have in the kitchen and home use. I've used this french fry cutter for a while and I have not been let down yet.

Danny D. on 12/16/2011

This is a great french fry cutter. It is well built and will not break even after thousands of potatoes cut. Thus cutter is easily mounted on a counter.

Sebastian S. on 11/30/2011

excellent. works great. easy to take apart to clean. bought the wall mount and mounted it on cutting board so it becomes mobile for us

Cheryl M. on 08/03/2011

This is the perfect fry cutter for a medium volume restaurant. The fact that it has a slide mounting unit makes cleaning easy. It is a much better unit than the "fry cutter" model that is available on this site.

Robert F. from The Restaurant 03894 Inc on 07/22/2011

Cutting french fries just got fun! Seriously, I almost couldn't stop when showing a new prep guy how to use this. There IS a difference in design versus the "standard" ff cutter out there. Must be the short-arm design. Cutting potatoes took virtually no effort.

Larry F. from Chef Dave's Catering on 07/19/2011

I am very happy with this product. Easy to use and care fore. Have just started to use it. I recommend new users lubricate with mineral oil before first use and ABSOLUTELY wall mount if in any way possible. If not, needs a fixed or clamped horizontal surface for best leverage.

Lawrence L. on 01/03/2011

Easy to use and clean. Large and small potatoes are quick and easy to cut. Sweet potatoes are not easy but they are hard for any cutter. But this baby will cut a large russet with very little effort.

Harold O. from Hahnemann Health on 10/08/2010

This has been a great purchase.. We started using it immediately and our french fries have come out perfect every time. we found that if you trim the bottom first they cut much easier.

Jodi J. on 11/02/2009

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