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Can Opener

Can Opener Reviews

Pro-Grip Can Opener

Item #: 3325627

The Pro-Grip hand-held can opener is ideal for opening the occasional can of olives or pie topping. Perfect for light-duty use, this product has a gear-operated rotary knife that makes it easy to access your ingredients and finish off your delicious dishes. Engraved arrows and dishwasher safe materials ensure that even your newest staff members can use this item properly.

  • Built-in cap remover
  • Durable, chrome-plated design
  • Easy-to-grip coated handles

Overall User Rating:

(4.6 stars from 24 reviews)

From $4.31/Each

Reg. Lots of 12
$4.69 $4.31

Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener

Item #: 327609WH

Add convenience to your kitchen’s food prep area with the Swing-A-Way wall-mount can opener. With a smooth, gear-operated rotary knife, this product allows you to open cans of fruit, vegetables, meat, and other cooking ingredients with ease. Best of all, this item mounts directly to your wall, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up valuable table or drawer space while in storage. It even has a swing handle, so it won’t stick out and cause a safety hazard when not in use.

  • Gear-operated rotary knife
  • Convenient wall-mount design
  • Magnetic lid

Overall User Rating:

(4.9 stars from 10 reviews)


Edlund 12100 Old Reliable #2 Manual Can Opener with Plated Steel Base

Item #: 3332B

This Edlund 12100 Old Reliable #2 manual can opener is great for low-volume use in restaurants and bakeries. It has a steel-plated base to ensure that it can withstand use in your commercial environment. Its table-mounted design makes it simple to secure this product to any work table or countertop to easily handle large or heavy cans.

  • Durable plated steel base
  • Melonite arbor that resists rust and corrosion
  • Sturdy table-mount design

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 11 reviews)


Nemco 56050-1 #1 CanPRO Side Cut Manual Can Opener - Permanent Mount

Item #: 59156050-1

Use the Nemco 56050-1 #1 CanPRO side cut manual can opener to safely open all the cans in your commercial kitchen. This product is perfect for heavy-duty, continuous use in your restaurant or bakery food prep area. In order to keep your prep area sanitary, the cutter never makes contact with the inside of the can, ensuring hard-to-clean sauces and juices don’t get stuck in the can opener. It also ensures that no metal shavings fall into your food and harm your customers.

  • Screws into countertop for secure mounting
  • Cutter only penetrates first layer of metal for sanitary can opening
  • NSF Listed

Overall User Rating:

(4.5 stars from 13 reviews)

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115 Volts Edlund 266 Single-Speed Tabletop Electric Can Opener - 115V Edlund 266 Single-Speed Tabletop Electric Can Opener - 115V
Edlund 266 Single-Speed Tabletop Electric Can Opener - 115V

Item #: 333266

Make sure your employees don’t strain themselves by purchasing the Edlund 266 single-speed tabletop electric can opener. These units open cans with just the push of a spring-loaded lever. Because these products are designed for medium-duty use, they can be used almost continuously in your restaurant, soup kitchen, cafeteria, or bakery’s commercial kitchen. It even has a durable, stainless steel construction will make sure your unit will look great and operate perfectly, even after years of use.

  • Single-handed operation
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • CE and UL Listed

Overall User Rating:

(5.0 stars from 3 reviews)


Compare our can opener reviews to find the best product to help with your food prep needs.

Check out our can opener reviews to find the product that will complete your food prep area. These products help you quickly and easily open cans of fruit, vegetables, filling, sauces, fish, and other cooking ingredients, so you can complete your signature dishes. Choose from hand-held and wall-mount units for light-duty applications, or purchase a table-mount option for more heavy-duty can opening. You can even find electric can openers that make opening cans even quicker. By using our can opener comparison to make your purchasing decision, you’re sure to find the perfect product for your commercial kitchen.

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