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  • High carbon, stain-free steel stamped blade
  • Ergonomic, slip-resistant handle with polypropylene for durability and Santoprene for comfort
  • Perfect for peeling, slicing, or dicing ingredients in restaurant and catering kitchens
  • Spear point design allows you to pierce through thick crusts or skins
  • Creates smooth, accurate slices
  • Fits comfortably in hands
UPC Code: 765301904487

Create sharp, precise cuts with this Mercer Culinary M22003 Millennia® 3 1/2" paring knife!

Combining the versatility and value your business requires with the professional quality you've come to expect from Mercer Culinary Millennia® cutlery, this knife is sure to become a favorite in your commercial kitchen! Use it to peel, trim, and slice through fruits and vegetables. This makes it ideal for use in any bakery, sandwich shop, cafe, or restaurant.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Hand Wash Only

    Hand Wash Only

    To preserve quality, this item should only be hand-washed and sanitized.

High Carbon Blade

This knife's high carbon, stain-free steel blade effortlessly cuts through a variety of foods in your commercial kitchen. Its durable design allows for easy edge maintenance. Its small, spear point allows the user to easily cut through thick crusts or skins.

Ergonomic Handle

Each knife features an ergonomic handle, which makes it comfortable for use day after day. It features a unique blend of comfortable Santoprene and durable polypropylene for a long life and a no-slip grip.

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Can this knife be washed in a dishwasher?
No, hand washing with soapy water and sanitizer solution is always recommended. When placed in a dishwasher, the process will often rust and cause damage to the edges of the blade.

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Trim fat off of meat, peel rind off of fruit, or add detail to your food presentation with Mercer Millennia paring knives. These knives are made with carbon steel blades to make it easy for your chef to make quick, precise cuts as they work. For maximum control, the handle is made of Santoprene that provides a comfortable, no-slip grip your cooks will love. These Mercer paring knives are available with a standard 3" blade, a serrated 3" blade, or a standard 3 1/2" blade. They're also NSF Listed for superior sanitation.

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Perform all of your peeling, slicing, dicing, and other precision tasks with these commercial grade paring knives. They may be the smallest blades in a chef's arsenal, but they're also a vital part of the prep work done in any professional kitchen. We offer all sorts of different edge styles, blade types, and handle materials so you can find the right paring knives for your business. First, decide what kind of edge you want. A smooth edge is perfect for creating even slices of fruits and vegetables, while a serrated edge will make it easier to cut through tougher skin and rind. Next, consider your daily cutting tasks to determine which blade type is best for you. Curved models like bird's beak and spear point blades are great for peeling, while sheep's foot and straight blades are better suited for chopping. You can also pick out your optimal grip by checking out our selection of handles. Whether you need the reliable value of polypropylene, the luxurious look of rosewood, or the ultimate grip of santoprene, we've got you covered! Like many of our blades, these commercial paring knives are available in a variety of colors to help you stay organized and prevent cross contamination. For superior sanitation, many models are NSF Certified.

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Grasp the knife by the handle allowing your thumb and index finger to rest on the blade for support. Before handling a knife, put a light to medium duty cut resistant glove on the hand opposite of the hand that holds the knife. The glove will stay on the hand until the knife has been cleaned and properly stored. Use the right knife for the right job. Keep it sharp.

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Place the blade of the knife on the flat surface with the edge facing away from your body. Flip the knife and wipe the other side of the blade as well. Dip the knife in the solution and then take it out. Using a cloth soaked in the hot water solution, scrub the blade of the knife. Do it very lightly to prevent scratches. After you have removed visible dirt from the blade of your knife, clean the handle with soapy water. Rinse the knife thoroughly under running water. Dry the knife by using a clean dishtowel. Wash kitchen knives immediately after using them so that the food does not dry on their blades. It is never accepted to place your knife in a drawer without a plastic guard. Make sure that knives lying on flat surfaces are never covered with towels or napkins. After handling a knife, lay it down in a clear area with the blade and point away from the body and away from the edge of the table or cutting area. A knife guard is a rigged plastic sleeve that fully encloses the blade. A glass knife block sits on the counter offering convenient access when working and when safely putting knives away. A magnetic bar is a wall mounted magnetic bar design to hold knives firmly in place.

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If you've spent any meaningful amount of time in the kitchen you have cooked with garlic it is one of the most versatile ingredients on earth. So versatile in fact that almost every cuisine on the planet uses it. Today well show you how to prepare smooth garlic paste. Begin by breaking apart the head of garlic. You can do this with your hands or with a knife if the head is very hard. Once you've freed the cloves carefully trim the root and then give it a tight pinch and twist an you will feel the skin loosen. Carefully use your paring knife to clean the skin away from the clove. Once the garlic cloves are all cleaned you usually need to remove the germ, as the garlic matures the germ in the center grows green and develops a bitter quality. Slice the clove in half and use the tip of your paring knife to easily remove the germ. To speed up the pace process mince your garlic into small even pieces. Start with tight horizontal cuts, then tight vertical cuts, and finally tight cross cuts. No need to dispose of the root end here. Mince it into the same size and proceed to the next clove. To turn the garlic into paste we'll use salt not only as a flavor enhancer but as an abrasive to grind the garlic mince into a smooth mash. Evenly season your garlic mince with salt. Then carefully use the side of your chef's knife to grind the salt garlic mixture into an even paste, it only takes a few minutes to turn your mince garlic into a homogenized mixture. The paste can be used in Italian salad dressings, Chinese stir fries, Spanish marinades, Moroccan tagines, its applications are limitless

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Blade Length: 3 1/2 Inches

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Mercer Culinary M22003 Millennia® 3 1/2" Paring Knife

    4.9 stars from 35 reviews


    People Talk About:

    knife handle sharp great paring Love perfect Mercer size small
    Great paring knife for fruits and garnishments. They stay sharp and easy to resharpen when needed. Fits perfectly in your hands and no worry of the knife getting away from you when you are in a rush or your hands are wet.
    I was surprised at how nice this knife was and how well it holds an edge. I bought one of these in the 4 inch size and in the 3 and 1/4 size. Both perform very well, and are a pleasure to use for different tasks.
    Good little paring knife with an ergonomic grip. They stayed sharp for quite awhile. Very handy for opening vacuum packed steak packages and other items.
    Great knife! Perfect size to complete a lot of different tasks and the handle is highly ergonomic. At this price, be sure to buy a few! Highly recommended!
    This has become my "go to" paring knife. This is VERY sharp. I had to modify my paring style after finding lots of small, painless (almost surgical) paper cuts on my thumb. It passed the "too ripe tomato" test and sliced paper thin cuts on a tomato that was too ripe without crushing it. Enjoy it and be careful.
    This is a great paring knife with a full-size handle. If you want a smaller handle that better fits the size of the paring blade look at the Mercer M23900.
    I really enjoy this knife - it is nice and short and great for making small, precise cuts. It is a great value for the price.
    This is a really good comfortable using 3 1/2 inch long perry knife I like the large handle on it for such a small blade it makes it a lot easier to use and handle
    This is the perfect knife for every small job! From peeling to slicing, it will perform better than you expected. I will definitely purchase it again.
    This knife is a necessity for use on vegetables and fruits. I also use it for seeding and cleaning various peppers. You won't regret this knife or any of the Mercer millennia knives.
    This Mercer Millenia 3 and 1/2" paring knife is amazing! It is very lightweight and durable. Cuts food items easily and sharply. Have recommened this item to others!
    This is a great little paring knife. The handle is sturdy & the blade is sharp. It is the perfect size for little jobs. Price is great!
    This is the perfect knife to keep in the front of the house at your restaurant for the staff to cut there own lemons and limes with out going into the kitchen and taking a knife from there
    Great knife. Very sharp with the perfect sized handle to make it very easy to use. You can't beat the prices on the Mercer knives and so far I love every one I've ordered!
    I love this knife! It's sharp out of the box, but what I love best about it is the handle size and feel. It fits perfectly in my hand so I don't feel like it's so tiny I have to work to hold on to it lest it slip. It's also a really good shape for my hand. My hands are an average size, but I think it'd feel good in most hands.
    Our paring knife gets used everyday. Like my other reviews of Millennia series, the handle is nice, the balance and Wright is just right. Sharp too
    Awesome little Mercer paring knife. Very sharp and perfect for our all around needs in the restaurant. Easy grip handle and nice length on the blade for slicing fruit.
    Mercer is my go to utensil when i want to make quick work of meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits. Always sharp, easy to clean and east to store. It has a great weight in the hands and very stable.
    This Mercer Millennia 3 1/2 inch pairing knife is fantastic ! It has a really nice grip and a razor sharp blade. This is a quality made knife
    Really good value for the money. Very sharp out of the packaging. Really nice spear point paring knife. Great for a number of situations. Definitely recommend.
    I love the large handle on these knives. It makes them super comfortable to hold. They are a great all around pairing knife. Love it!
    We have used several pairing knives and this one seems to work great . It's sharp the point is excellent and the group is very comfortable.
    I love this paring knife. I didn't realize how dull my old one was until I used this one. I used it to slice the fat off raw chicken breasts, which usually involves sawing away, but this knife slid through everything like butter. Amazing.
    Great knife - would be even better if it came with a sheath for the blade as it is dangerous to mail without covers on them, but they worked perfectly for our needs
    I loved this knife so much i decided to buy more. It is kind of small 3 1/2 inches but it works perfectly for smaller cuts. I like the handle because even though it is a smaller knife the handle provides support and does not look like it would tier you out.
    We use this knife in everything!! It holds up to cutting everything and stays sharp for a long time. Just make sure you get cutting gloves along with your knives!
    Easy to handle, great at slicing and peeling apples and potatoes. Small blade but very nice large handle. I bought 2 of these because I love them so much.
    I bought two of these and I absolutely love them! Everything about it is right; blade length and width, handle size is perfect (no cramping) and the quality of the knife itself promises many years of reliable service! The most used knife in my kitchen! Highly recommended! Five stars!
    It's quite amazing what that 1/2 inch does on this comfy handled paring knife, work very well for so many different task in the cafe kitchen.
    This knife is great for all your small cutting/peeling needs. It stays sharp even with daily use. The no slip grip makes it easy to use even with wet hands.
    I really like this knife for pealing and cutting fruit. The larger handle is very comfortable and gives a secure feeling in the hand. Mercer knives are super sharp out if the package and easy to keep sharp. Love the big soft handle.
    The Mercer Millennia 3 1/2" paring Knife is excellent. One of it's best features is it's handle. It is large, and has a very comfortable grip. I'm very pleased with it.
    This knife is very high quality at a good value. Be careful because it is extremely sharp and cuts fruit very well! Love how it handles.
    What a great paring knife! Great 3 1/2 length that is perfect for small kitchen tasks! Nice knife that fits nicely in the palm of your hand!!!
    This paring knife is the perfect little knife when you have detail work or for cutting small fruits and vegetables. This knife is also perfect to put out on a cheese platter. Very sharp and looks good too.

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