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Different Types of Table Skirting

Table skirting can transform any table from dreary and drab to tidy and professional! Whether you're setting up for a business event or giving out free samples to showcase your products, table skirts are a great way to improve the overall look of your display.

How to Choose the Right Linen Table Skirt

black table skirt

Linen table skirts deliver a long-term return on investment, making them a great choice for larger operations like caterers, banquet halls, and hotels. Our impressive selection of linen table skirts features dozens of colors in the most common and versatile sizes. Follow these tips to find the right table skirting styles for your needs.

1. Measure Your Table

When shopping for the perfect table skirt, start by looking at the table(s) you're going to be using. Once you know the length of your table--or the diameter if the table is round--reference the sizing chart below to find the closest match.

Table Skirt Size Chart

Expert Tip
Do you need to store supplies under your rectangular table? If the answer is yes, select a skirt length that only covers 3/4 of the table so you have easy access!

2. Select Pleat Style

We offer four different pleat types: Bow Tie, Box, Continuous, and Shirred. Each one is available in a wide array of colors ranging from classic black to kelly green and more!

3. Care for Your Fabric

Follow these guidelines for fabric care and maintenance to keep your linen table skirts looking like new.

  • Use mild <a href="/4293/commercial-laundry-detergent-and-supplies.html" target="_blank"><strong>detergents</strong></a>
  • Machine wash to 120° F / Tumble dry to 120° F
  • Tumble through a cool down cycle
  • Remove immediately and hang
  • If necessary, touch up with a cool iron
  • Do not dry clean printed products
  • Do not use chlorine bleach
  • Do not overload the dryer
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Disposable Table Skirts

Linen table skirts are ideal for businesses that require maximum durability, quality, and a highly professional appearance. However, they may not be the best solution for every situation. To spruce up your tables without making a big investment, check out our disposable table skirts!

Designed for one-time use, disposable table skirts are great for outdoor events, children's parties, and other occasions where a short-term solution is all you need. Made of plastic, they repel water to protect your tables, and thanks to the easy-to-use adhesive strip application, you can set up and tear down in minutes! These disposable products are a great option for catering table skirts.

How to Choose the Right Skirting Clips

Linen table skirts are held up with skirting clips. These clips come in a variety of styles, and not every clip will work with every table or table skirt. You'll need to select a clip that fits both your table and your table skirt. Be sure to select a clip that matches up with the edge thickness of the table(s) you're using, and to ensure proper fastening, check to see if your table skirting style has snaps or a hook and loop lining.

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Snap Clips

If your table skirt has snaps along its edge, use snap clips to secure the skirt to your table.

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Hook and Loop Clips

If your table skirt has a hook and loop strip, be sure to select clips with a hook and loop front.

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