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Types of Floor Mats

Choosing the right floor covering can increase safety, improve productivity, and even reduce maintenance costs, so it's important that you find the proper mats for every area of your business. From comfort mats that reduce the day-to-day aches and pains of your cashiers to grease-resistant kitchen mats and everything in between, our selection is second to none. Use our floor mat guide to help you make the right selection for your business, and you'll be well on your way to a vastly improved working environment.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

anti-fatigue mat

Possible uses:

  • Cash registers at grocery stores, snack shacks, or quick-serve restaurants
  • Host/hostess stations at restaurants or hotels
  • Assembly lines in factories

Keep your employees comfortable with anti-fatigue floor mats! These mats are designed to ease the stress on your workers' legs and backs for jobs like cashiers and hosts/hostesses that require a lot of standing. Some are for individual use, while others can be purchased by the linear foot and cut to any length, making them a great option for long assembly lines! Plus, we offer a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from to match your front-of-the-house decor.

We also have wet area, grease-resistant, and grease-proof anti-fatigue mats available for all of your kitchen, bar, and dish room applications! These mats offer the same additional cushioning of our comfort mats in a more rugged design that can handle harsh conditions.

Wet Area Floor Mats

wet area mat

Possible uses:

  • Dish rooms and prep areas in commercial kitchens
  • Coolers in restaurants or grocery stores
  • Outdoor ramps leading into your business
  • Behind bars

For a mobile workforce that needs good traction in wet areas of your kitchen, bar, or dish room, check out our selection of anti-slip, wet area floor mats. We have a range of mats and runners that help keep your customers and employees safe in slippery conditions.

Do you need a wet area floor mat?

If you plan to use your mat in a kitchen, dish room, cooler, or outdoor setting that will be exposed to moisture, then you'll want a mat with good water-resistance and/or drainage holes. This is very important, as mats without proper drainage capabilities will take longer to dry and wear out faster when exposed to water.

Mat Type

Wet area floor mats are available in both anti-fatigue and regular styles to adequately fit your applications. An anti-fatigue wet area mat combines exceptional performance in slippery conditions with added comfort that lessens the stress on your employees and promotes a happier work environment.

Remember that not all water-safe mats are also grease-resistant. Consider how much grease you have to clean up on a daily basis at your business. Is it splattering and getting onto the floor? If so, you'll need a grease-resistant floor mat.

These floor mats are extremely heavy-duty, capable of standing up to grease without sacrificing slip-resistance. Plus, they won't break down as quickly, which saves you money over time. Using a mat that is not grease-resistant in such conditions will result in more frequent replacements and inadequate performance, so make sure you have what you need.

Carpet and Entrance Floor Mats

entryway mat

Possible uses:

  • Busy hallways in offices or college campuses
  • Foyers and lobbies at hotels
  • Elevator floors
  • Entrances and doorways in restaurants and convenience stores

Just about all of these mats will be used in plain view. Your customers and guests will see and walk on them, so make sure you find the mat(s) that will serve your purposes and also meet your aesthetic standards.

Mat Type

Entrance mats, scraper mats, and other general purpose mats are ideal for cleaning off people's shoes as they walk into your restaurant, hotel, or facility. These common mats hold up well against water, and many of them feature grooves or finger tops to effortlessly wipe away dirt and debris that you don't want on your carpet.

If you've got a busy hallway or other highly-used area in your business, you might need a carpet protection mat to maintain the quality of your flooring. These mats are sold by the linear foot to guard long stretches of carpet from dirty shoes.

Customizable Mats

We also offer the opportunity to create your own custom carpet entrance mats in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors! You can order mats with your college's insignia, your team's mascot, or your restaurant's logo, helping to further your established brand. All of these mats have beveled edges for easy wheelchair access and anti-slip backs to ensure that they will stay in place.

Industrial and Specialty Floor Mats

black industrial mat

Possible uses:

  • High voltage areas like control panels, fuse boxes, and heavy machinery
  • General maintenance applications
  • Weight rooms, locker rooms, and pools

We have different types of floor mats to suit every customer's needs! These industrial and specialty mats go beyond kitchen and hospitality applications to deliver high performance in all areas of your business.

Mat Type

For more dangerous work environments, protect your employees from electrical shock with one of our switchboard mats. These mats are perfect for use around control panels, fuse boxes, and heavy machinery. Like several of our other mats, you can buy them by the linear foot and customize them for your work area.

Our tacky mats are great for general maintenance, medical applications, and construction zones. Their adhesive properties help pick up unwanted dirt and particles from shoes to protect your floors and maintain a clean environment. They can be used on most hard surfaces, including tile, concrete, and low-pile carpet.

You can even protect the floors in your fitness center with our weight room mats! These versatile rubber mats prevent scuffs and marks that can be left from heavy equipment or dropped dumbbells. These mats fit together like puzzle pieces to let you create a customized covering that perfectly matches the dimensions of your space.

For wet areas like locker rooms and pools, we also offer interlocking floor mat tiles that are resistant to mold, bacteria, and fungus. These mats interlock together to make whatever size you need, ensuring that they can be used almost anywhere.

Cleaning Your Floor Mats

How to Clean Your Rubber Mats

Keeping your rubber mats clean is vital to maintaining a sanitary environment, and it's surprisingly simple, as well! You'll be able to keep all of your rubber mats clean with a mild detergent, a stiff brush, and a transport/wash cart (optional). Just mix your soap with warm water and use the brush to scrub away all of the dirt and grime, making sure to get in between the crevices of textured or grooved mats.

How to Clean Your Carpet Mats
black industrial mat

Carpet and entrance mats are also very easy to maintain. Simply use a vacuum for general cleanup of all your carpet mats to pick up all loose dirt, dust, and debris. For certain entrance mats, you can even use a hose to do your cleaning, but please be sure to check whether or not your mat can handle all that water before trying this method. If the literature that came with your mat(s) does not specify that a hose is acceptable for cleaning, then traditional carpet cleaning methods might be best. In these cases, steam vacuums should work very well for getting unwanted stains and residue out.

Features and Accessories

Safety Edges

If your mats will be rolled over frequently, it's best to select one with safety edges. Also called beveled edges, these rounded sides act as small ramps for wheels while also reducing tripping hazards. They're perfect for hotels that use luggage carts or businesses that receive ground shipments from hand trucks. Beveled edges are also helpful for handling strollers, wheelchairs, and wheeled briefcases or bags, allowing you to accommodate all of your patrons and employees. Be sure to look for safety edges on all of our different kinds of mats to ensure a safer environment in your business.

Grease-Resistant vs. Grease-Proof
While the terms are quite similar, there is one key difference to keep in mind: items designated as "grease-proof" offer added durability that makes them capable of handling heavy exposure to grease and oil, whereas items labeled "grease-resistant" are designed for use in areas with much more limited exposure. Generally speaking, you should try to avoid getting grease on your floors since it is a serious safety hazard and even grease-resistant mats will wear out over time depending on the frequency and potency of grease exposure.

black industrial mat
Transport/Wash Carts

Eliminate the unsanitary act of dragging mats across the floor by using one of our transport/wash carts. Simply drape your mats over the top bar to safely transport them to a wash station or to another area of your business. These versatile carts also include long metal prongs that are ideally suited for hanging wet area or grease-resistant mats with drainage holes. Once the cleaning process is complete, just hang the mats back up on the cart to dry! Included casters make it easy to wheel even your heaviest mats from place to place, making transport/wash carts a valuable investment that makes your employees' jobs both easier and safer.

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