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Folding Table Buying Guide

Coming in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, folding tables are great for indoor or outdoor events, banquets, parties, or even healthcare and institutional use. Thanks to their foldable designs, they offer a way to transform empty rooms into dining areas or lecture halls in minutes and maximize storage space while not in use. Use this guide to find the right folding table for you and your business's needs!

Shapes of Folding Tables

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Round and Oval Folding Tables

Round and oval tables allow patrons and guests to face each other as they're sitting so they can easily converse with one another. Versatile and functional, they're great for anything from parties and banquets to conferences. They're also perfect for completing the seating layouts of fine-dining events or wedding receptions. However, while they help break up a room for aesthetic appeal, they do reduce the overall seating capacity of the establishment.
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Square and Rectangular Folding Tables

Square and rectangular tables have right angle edges that allow you to push multiple tables together for added seating. Extra tables with the same height and similar top fit flush against each other for a seamless look. Plus, they allow you to fit more patrons in an area in comparison to other table shapes.
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Quarter Round Folding Tables

Quarter round tables combine the benefit of a square or rectangular table's straight edges with the additional surface space of a round or oval table. Their straight edges allow the tables to be set up against walls, giving you more space in the center of school classrooms or dining areas. When not used for seating, these tables provide counter space for food displays or paperwork.
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Serpentine Folding Tables

Mainly used for buffet presentations, serpentine tables have straight ends with curved centers. This design adds dimension for visual appeal and allows you to draw attention to any items placed on the table's surface. Serpentine tables also help ease the flow of materials and guide patrons in buffet lines. Use it to showcase drinks and desserts, or transform it into a carving station for banquets.

Folding Table Dimensions

Diameter Range
Length Range
Width Range
23" - 72"
20" - 108"
11" - 96"
23" - 36"
23" - 36"
24" - 108"
11" - 96"
Quarter Round
20" - 108"
11" - 96"
20" - 108"
11" - 96"

Folding Table Seating Capacity Guide

Find out how many people can sit at your tables with the help of this seating capacity chart! By following the capacity suggestions, you can ensure guests will be comfortable while sitting at restaurants, conferences, or receptions.

alt text here

Folding Table Top Materials

The surface of your folding table can directly effect other elements of your service. For instance, stylish, upscale table tops may eliminate the need for table linens, while plain table tops may need to be dressed up for use in your dining areas. Durability and price are also factors. Check out this table to help you decide which material will work best for you and your business!
Plastic table tops
Melamine table tops
Laminate table tops
Wood table tops
  • Also known as polyethylene and resin table tops
  • Most commonly made by blow molding, where hot air is blown into a plastic mold, making it hollow and lightweight
  • Waterproof and impact resistant for outdoor use
  • Spill and stain resistant, making it great for use where children are present
  • Tend to be easier to clean than laminate and melamine surfaces
  • Least expensive option for the budget-conscious consumer
  • Made out of a thick, durable particle board or plywood core that's topped with a layer of melamine
  • Resistant to scratches for longevity
  • Feature attractive, professional patterns such as faux wood in a range of shades
  • Great for frequent use in offices and at universities
  • Tend to be less expensive than laminate due to its manufacturing process
  • Usually made out of a thick, durable particle board or plywood core that's topped with a layer of high-pressure laminate (HPL)
  • Provides a hard, flat writing surface that is desired in institutional or conference room settings
  • Resistant to heat, chemicals, and daily wear and tear
  • Available in a wide variety of colors to brighten up any area
  • Considered to be the most durable, decorative surface material
  • Made of real wood for a genuine wood grain appearance and texture
  • Attractive wood grain eliminates the need for table linens
  • Adds a rustic appearance to parties and receptions
  • Provides a hard, flat surface for dining
  • Combines the sturdiness of real wood furniture with the convenience of a traditional folding table
  • Not decorative and may require table coverings and added decor if used for higher-end events
  • Extremely lightweight design makes it less stable on uneven surfaces than other folding tables with heavier tops
  • Made for indoor use only, limiting its versatility
  • May become damaged or warped if exposed to water or moisture
  • Made for indoor use only, limiting its versatility
  • May become damaged or warped if exposed to water or moisture
  • Heavy and not as easily transported as other folding tables
  • Made for indoor use only, limiting its versatility
  • May become damaged or warped if exposed to water or moisture




Folding Table Top Cores

Folding table cores provide strength and rigidity for long-lasting use, and ensure that each table can support heavy weights without collapsing. The core is an integral part of each folding table's design.
Core Type
Particle Board Core
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Core
Particle board core
Plywood core
Medium density filterboard
  • Made from wood chips that are glued together under high pressures
  • Heavy weight construction anchors the table into place to prevent unwanted movement
  • Made from layering thin pieces of plywood to a desired thickness
  • Has the same durability as particle board cores, but is lighter to make the table easier to transport and store
  • Made of a blend of hard and soft wood residuals called wooden fibers that are bonded together under heat and pressure
  • Denser than particle board and plywood cores, and can be combined with a resin binder that reinforces the core for even more strength



alt text here
The cores outlined above are generally only incorporated into laminate and melamine folding tables. Plastic folding table tops are designed to support themselves and don't require cores. It should also be noted that tables with these cores are designed for indoor use only and can warp if exposed to moisture.

Folding Table Frames and Legs

Most folding table frames are made of steel for superior strength and longevity. Be aware that the lower the gauge of steel, the stronger it is. A powder coat may also be applied to the frame to prevent scratches and visibility of wear over time. All frame legs are designed to provide balance and stability for the type and size of the corresponding table top.
Leg Type
Pedestal Legs
Wishbone Legs
Roman Legs
Ladder Legs
Pedestal legs
Wishbone legs
Roman legs
Ladder legs
  • Features single or double post designs that support the ends of tables
  • Integrated wide ends support the weight of large, rectangular table tops
  • Features two posts that curve outward at the end, creating a wishbone appearance
  • Integrated wide ends support the weight of large, round table tops
  • Features two straight posts on either end of the table with no connecting rungs
  • Provides addition leg room and storage space underneath the table
  • Two straight posts on either side of the table with connecting rungs
  • Promotes stability of tables that have smaller widths, ensuring they won't tip or wobble

Special Folding Table Features

Adjustable height folding table

Adjustable Height Folding Tables

With simple leg adjustments, these tables can be set at various heights depending on usage. Generally, they can be adjusted anywhere from 21" to 32â", allowing them to accommodate kids and adults of various sizes and physical abilities.
Bar height folding table

Bar Height Folding Tables

If you're looking to host a catered event where beer, liquor, or cocktails will be served, you may want to invest in a bar height folding table. It will provide the look and feel of a real bar setting in any desired area.
Bi-folding table

Bi-Folding Tables

Not only do the legs on these tables fold up, the table surface also folds in half, making them more compact than traditional folding tables. They have handles for easy carrying and are great for facilities with minimal storage space.
Flip top folding table

Flip Top Folding Tables

These tables have a top that can be flipped vertically while not in use, making them easy to transport and store. The flip top mechanism also aids in floor cleaning, as the tables can simply be flipped, moved to the side, and then moved back into place. Flip top tables are most commonly seen in institutional settings.
Folding table with modesty panel

Folding Tables with Modesty Panels

Modesty panels provide users with privacy by shielding their legs. Folding tables with modesty panels only allow seating on one side of the table, making them great for use in schools and lecture halls. In addition, they usually feature wire management holes to keep computer or outlet cables untangled and organized.

Folding Table Storage and Transportation

Quickly and easily maneuver your folding tables within your facility with a table cart! They eliminate the need to lift and carry multiple tables, helping to minimize fatigue and accidental injuries. Choose from the various styles of carts we have to offer!
Cart Type
edge stacking table cart
hanging table cart
flat stacking table cart
  • Transports and stores folding tables vertically, standing on their long edgee
  • Handle on cart for easy pushing and maneuverability
  • Transports and stores folding tables vertically, standing on their long edges
  • Provides room for both chairs and tables for added versatility and convenience
  • Transports and stores folding tables horizontally, lying flat
  • Handle on cart for easy pushing and maneuverability

Folding Table Accessories

Whether you're looking for disposable or reusable table top accessories, we have exactly what you need to dress up your buffet or dining folding tables! They are economical additions to parties and events, allowing you to create an eye-catching appearance without sacrificing your budget.
Accessory Type
  • Available in paper and plastic materials
  • Various coverings include disposable table skirts, table runners, traditional table covers, and roll table covers
  • Roll table covers provide ample coverage and can be cut to fit any table surface
  • Budget friendly
  • Can be disposed of after events for quick, efficient clean up
  • Casual venues
  • Outdoor parties and receptions
  • Establishments that require quick table set up, cleaning, and overall turnover
  • Themed, holiday, interactive, and solid color options available to suit a variety of needs
  • Interactive placemats can be provided to keep young guests occupied, and can be taken home as a souvenir
  • Protects table surfaces
  • Adds a decorative touch without breaking the budget
  • Can be disposed of after events for quick, efficient clean up
  • Casual venues
  • Outdoor parties and receptions
  • Establishments that require quick table set up, cleaning, and overall turnover
  • Available in a range of materials and styles including faux cork, faux leather, faux wood, PVC plastic, rattan weaving, and vinyl.
  • Protects both table linens and linen-less surfaces from extreme temperatures, stains, and spills
  • Attractive, higher-end alternative to disposable placemats
  • Can be washed to reduce waste
  • Draws guests attention toward place settings and perfectly-plated dishes
  • Casual or more upscale venues
  • Indoor and outdoor dining areas
  • Tear resistant
  • Comes in checkered, gingham, and solid patterns with multiple colors to coordinate with event themes
  • Keeps tables free of spills and splatters
  • Repels rain water
  • Vinyl surface is easy to wipe down, clean, and dry
  • Flannel backs add weight to keep the cover and place and protect table surfaces from scratches
  • Casual venues
  • Outdoor parties and receptions
  • Available in multiple materials including polyester, polyspun, and poly cotton
  • Protects tables from spills and messes
  • Provides an upscale dining experience
  • Hemmed edges prevent fraying to maintain a professional look over time
  • Cloth napkins can be purchased to coordinate perfectly with any cloth table cover you choose
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Catered wedding receptions, banquets, and buffets
  • Cruise ship dining areas
  • High-end brunch venues
  • Helps turn ordinary tables into elegant displays
  • Comes in different pleat types including bow tie, box, continuous, and shirred
  • Creates a classic, formal look and feel
  • Wrinkle-free fabrics retain their coloring throughout many uses and washes
  • Can be easily attached and detached to and from tables with hook and loop or snap skirt clips
  • Catered wedding receptions, banquets, and buffets
  • High-end brunch venues
  • Adds a modern look to cocktail or dining areas
  • Easily slides over tables and fits snugly to eliminate wrinkling without the hassle of ironing
  • Integrated feet prevent the covering from moving while in use
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and reuse
  • Protects table tops while adding an eye-catching, contemporary twist to venues
  • Catered wedding receptions, banquets, and buffets
  • Casino game floors and bar or dining areas
  • Conferences, conventions, and seminars
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