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Types of Candles

Traditional and flameless candles are an excellent way to add ambient lighting to your venue. Use this guide to explore and compare the various candles we offer so you can pick the style that best fits your needs!

Real and Flameless Candle Similarities and Differences

Accent and table lighting may be one of the last things many establishments add, but it's definitely not something that should be overlooked. Take a moment to see the various differences and similarities between the two main types of candles to find out what could work best for you!

Watch The Importance of Ambiance for Your Restaurant to see how essential accent lighting is and how it impacts guests' overall satisfaction at your venue. With just the right amount of light, you can intensify an intimate atmosphere or enhance a fun, enticing environment.

Our vast selection of candles provides superior versatility, allowing you to create the appearance you've envisioned for your catered event or business. Add them to restaurant dining tables to create a candle-lit atmosphere or use them to surround your reception area or spa for a soothing, tranquil look and feel.

Overview of Real Flame Candles

We offer a variety of traditional, real flame candles that allow you to customize the look and feel of your venue. With authentic, warm flames, they provide you with a way to set the mood in any room.

Different Types of Candle Wax

  • Paraffin Wax Candles – Paraffin is the most commonly used candle material. It's a petroleum byproduct that has a high melting point to ensure the strength and rigidity needed for votives and tall pillar candles. A lot of candle scents and dyes are formulated specifically for paraffin, so fragrances and colors are more potent and vibrant when used with it.
  • Soy Wax Candles – Soy candles don’t contain pollutants and won’t produce petrol-carbon soot like other materials. The wax also burns cooler than other candles, allowing it to last 30-50% longer.
  • Palm Wax Candles – Thicker than other waxes, palm wax is more sustainable than paraffin and soy. Additionally, it's biodegradable for eco-friendly disposal. It’s created by the fatty acids that are separated from palm oil under extreme temperatures and pressures.
  • Beeswax Candles – Natural beeswax candles help clean the air while burning by reducing pollutants that cause asthma and allergies. They also burn cleaner and longer than paraffin and soy candles.
  • Bayberry Wax Candles – Bayberry is a plant-based, eco-friendly wax that is usually combined with beeswax to create a more rigid candle. It has a refreshing, natural aroma and is usually used to form holiday candles.
  • Liquid Wax Candles – Made with various oils such as mineral or paraffin oil, these candles burn without producing smoke and soot. They’re a clean alternative to traditional candles since you won’t have to deal with any melted wax. Plus, they'll still look great even after hours of burning.

Different Types of Candle Wicks

Wicks deliver the wax or oil to the flame, making them an integral part of candles. To get the most use out of your traditional candles, be sure to properly manicure them by trimming their wicks every hour.

  • Cotton and Paper Core Wicks – These wicks burn very hot and produce more melted wax. They’re usually used with wax filled glass candles.
  • Metal Cored Wicks – Typically consisting of zinc or tin cores, metal cored wicks are the most commonly used type of wick. They remain standing upright while the surrounding wax liquefies for a more professional appearance and are usually used when creating votive and pillar candles. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown both zinc and tin-core wicks to be safe to use since they're non-toxic. Another metal cored wick type, lead, is uncommon as it was banned from the United States in 2003 for its pollutant and health hazards.
  • Wood Wicks – Wooden wicks are environmentally-friendly and easy to light. When burned, they produce minimal carbon build up and debris for a cleaner, more professional look. They create a soft crackling sound as they burn, adding to your warm, relaxing atmosphere. Plus, unlike cotton, paper, or metal-cored wicks, they don't require trimming for long-lasting use.

Types of Wax Candles

Features & Benefits Usage
Sterno Products 40180 2-1/8 inch 36 Count Multi-Colored Birthday Candles - 12/Case
  • Comes in a range of fun, vibrant colors

  • Small and slender forms allow you to add as many or as few of them to a dessert as you desire

  • Offers a way to personalize customers' desserts on birthdays and anniversaries
They can be placed on full cakes, individual slices, or on top of ice cream sundaes to allow guests’ to make a wish on their special day.
Choice 3 Hour Tea Light / Votive Candle   - 500/Case
  • Compact and lightweight

  • Generally inexpensive

  • Can easily be transported to off premise catered events
Surround a reception area or add them to dining tables to help set the mood at venues.
Sterno Products 40114 PetiteLites 8 Hour Clear Wax Filled Glass Candle   - 48/Case
  • Inexpensive and easy to use

  • Bigger than tea lights to provide longer burn times, making them better for longer events
Like tea lights, they're great for decorating the area surrounding dining areas and parties.
Sterno Products 40168 6 1/2 inch White Wax Pillar Candle   - 12/Case
  • Comes in various diameters and heights

  • Tend to have ample burn times to help minimize replacement costs
These candles can be used alone or combined with different sizes to create customized centerpieces.
Sterno Products 40154 15 inch White 15 Hour Taper Candle - 12/Box
  • Commonly known as window candles

  • Long, slender constructions add dimension to table tops
They’re great for adding a classic, elegant look to any room.
Will & Baumer 15 inch Ivory Chace Candle Shell - 2/Pack
  • Authentic taper candle look and design

  • Polished aluminum shells with inner spring units feed real wax candles to the top

  • Eliminates wax drippings

  • Allows the exterior to always stay the same height, ensuring an attractive appearance
Just like regular taper candles, these cartridge candles add a touch of sophistication to any area you place them in.
Sterno Products 40122 4 1/8 inch Clear Venetian Candle - 12/Pack
  • Comes in a jar or container to keep wax contained so you never have to worry about damaging tables

  • Illuminates dining areas without the mess or clean up of regular wax candles
These candles are great additions to accent tables and dining areas, both indoors and outdoors.
Sterno Products 30508 Soft Light 18 Hour Smokeless Clear Liquid Candle Fuel Cartridge - 72/Case
  • Allows you to use real, flickering flames to add mood lighting to any room without the hassle of melting wax

  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit compatible lighting displays

  • Offers anywhere from 8 to 100 hours of burn time depending on the size
    For superior versatility, these candles can be added to a variety of candle lamps to meet your specific needs.
    Floating Candles
    floating candle
    • Molded with large tops and small bottoms so they can float in water without tipping

    • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors to match your particular theme and decor
    Simply place these candles in large bowls or vases of water to create eye-catching centerpieces.

    Overview of Flameless Candles

    We offer a variety of flameless candles with durable, high-quality forms that are suitable for any occasion. Not only do they feature realistic designs for attractive aesthetics, they also help to lower replacement costs over time. Unlike traditional candles, there’s no real flame exposed, so you won’t have to worry about it blowing out or raising safety concerns.

    Types of Battery Operated Candles

    Features & Benefits Usage
    Sterno Products 60168 1 3/4 inch White Flameless Plastic Banquet Tea Light - 50/Case
    • Compact and transportable, making them great for off-premise catering

    • Long burn times, allowing you to use them at multiple events without needing to change the batteries
    These candles are perfect for adding accent lighting in dining areas.
    Sterno Products 60172 1 3/4 inch White Flameless Real Wax Mini Votive - 50/Case
    • Unscented, wax exteriors

    • Designed with realistic wicks to ensure an authentic candle appearance

    • Small to ensure easy transportation

    • Can last the length of multiple events before the batteries need changed
    Similar to tea lights, these candles create just the right amount of light to help you to set the mood in any room.
    Sterno Products 60142 6 inch Cream Programmable Flameless Real Wax Pillar Candle - 6/Case
    • Produces life-like, flickering glows

    • Programmable, providing you with the freedom to turn them off and on at the same time every day without physically flipping the switches

    • Comes in various sizes and colors to suit your needs
    These candles resist the heat of the summer and the brisk chill of autumn so you can create ambience with them in any location all year round.
    Sterno Products 60204 Origin 3 1/2 inch Blue Flameless Wax Filled Glass Lamp - 4/Case
    • Attractive, glass exteriors with unscented, wax interiors

    • Gives the illusion of real candlelight

    • Simple on and off switches under the bases
    Use them as centerpieces or place them on side tables as added decor.

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    Types of Rechargeable Candles

    Rechargeable tea lights and votives eliminate the need for replacement batteries, minimizing excess costs even further than standard flameless candles. Not only are they both available in both warm white and amber colored flames, they also come in sets to best suit your facility's needs. The bases can charge all of your candles at the same time and some of them are stackable to save valuable counter space.

    The tea lights are great for catered events and dining venues that want to cut down on costs while still creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Votives are slightly bigger than the tea lights, making them more noticeable. They produce more light, yet are still small enough to provide accent lighting for any reception or intimate dining area.

    Flameless Candles Parts and Accessories

    • Replacement candles – Coming in tea light and votive forms, these candles are direct replacements for your old or worn out rechargeable candle sets. For convenience, you can purchase them in full replacement sets as well.

    • Replacement Power Adapter – This power adapter replaces any worn or broken power adapters that originally came with your rechargeable candle sets. It recharges your candles in only three hours so you can quickly begin decorating your dining area or catered event.

    • Replacement Batteries – The lithium coin button battery allows you to replace the used batteries within your real wax votives, mini hurricanes, and plastic tea lights. We also sell a variety of regular batteries that can be used with your other flameless candles.

    • Mirage Remote Control – Designed to work with Sterno Products Mirage flameless flickering LED candles, this remote control allows you to easily turn on your candles without having to program the timer or flip the on switch. You can simply point the remote in the general location of your candles and push the green on button. When you’re ready to turn them off at the end of the night, it’s as easy as pointing the remote and hitting the red off button. It’s perfect for flameless candles that are located in hard-to-reach areas.

    Side by Side Candle Comparison

    Image Available Heights Available Colors Burn Times (hrs.)
    9/16” – 5/8” White 3 – 5
    1 3/4” White, Amber 15
    1 3/4” White 120
    Image Available Heights Available Colors Burn Times (hrs.)
    9/16” – 2” White, Yellow 3 - 15
    2” White, Amber 15
    3/4” – 3” White 120
    Image Available Heights Available Colors Burn Times (hrs.)
    3” – 9” White, Ivory, Beige, Red 40 - 120
    4” – 12” White, Ivory 300 - 1500
    Image Available Heights Available Colors Burn Times (hrs.)
    1 7/8” – 3 5/8” White, Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red 5 – 45
    3 ½” Amber, Beige, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, Teal 1000

    Flameless Candles Cost Savings Calculator

    Enter in your real flame candle information to calculate your projected 5 year savings by switching to flameless candles!
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