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Guide to Stackable Seating

When you want to maximize your space without sacrificing comfort for your guests, stackable chairs are the perfect solution! Our selection of stackable chairs caters to the needs of every venue. Whether you're looking for some replacement chairs or this is your first time buying, we can help you find the best stacking chairs and accessories for your establishment.

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Types of Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs offer excellent flexibility and easy storage. We offer a wide range of options, like stackable stools for your poolside bar, padded church chairs for ultimate comfort, event chairs, and even conference/waiting room chairs. You're sure to find what you're looking for here!

General Purpose / Banquet Chairs

Our wide selection of standard height stackable chairs and banquet chairs are the perfect place to look for anything from indoor and outdoor seating to lobby or conference room chairs. Stackable chairs are ideal for catering events and locations that require flexibility, since you can simply stack them along a wall to clear floor space.

Restaurant Equipment


  • Seat Material: We have several seat material options to choose from, including fabric, wood, resin, vinyl, and metal! Wooden chairs offers an elegant, hand-crafted look for your restaurant that complements any casual or upscale decor. Other materials like resin are impact resistant for durability, while vinyl is padded for comfort and is easy to clean.
  • Padded Seat: For more formal applications or longer events like wedding receptions and banquets, try our banquet chairs with comfortable padded seats.
  • Seat Cushions: Many chairs do come with padded seats, but we also offer separate seat cushions in a variety of colors to make wooden chairs more comfortable for guests. Pair your chairs with one of these stylish cushions to create a trendy, customizable look that can change as quickly as your needs! You can swap out different colors as often as you like to match the look of any event.


Church / Auditorium Chairs

Church chairs are built to be the most comfortable stackable chairs thanks to their upholstered fabric design, padded seat cushions, and waterfall-edges which reduce leg strain while sitting. Book pouches and book racks are also available for convenient utility. These tend to be the best stackable chairs for use in churches, auditoriums, or conference centers.

Diagram showing the anatomy of a church / auditorium chair

Restaurant Bar Stools

red onion being diced on a food cutter

Restaurant bar stools are great for outdoor decks and patios, poolside bars, and even high tables at cafes, pizzerias, and other restaurants! Most designs come in a variety of colors to match your establishment's decor. The stackable feature provides convenient, out-of-the-way storage so you can quickly rearrange your layout for open mic nights or other special accommodations. Be sure to check out our bar stool reviews as well!

Height Options:

  • Counter Height: Counter height stools are designed for use at tables approximately 34-36" high.
  • Bar Height: Bar height stools are designed for use at high tables and bars approximately 40-42" high.

Counter Height vs Bar Height

See the visual difference between a counter height stool and a bar height stool below:

Diagram illustrating the heights of counter vs. bar height stools

Outdoor Chairs and Stools

red onion being diced on a food cutter

When choosing outdoor chairs and bar stools for your patio area, make sure you choose outdoor furniture that's made to handle the elements. Outdoor furniture is constructed of materials designed to withstand corrosion and fading without compromsing on comfort. Choose from stackable outdoor chairs and sturdy patio bar stools.

Chair Storage and Transportation

Stackable chair carts and dollies are perfect for hotels, auditoriums, churches, and more. They allow you to roll your chairs in and out of storage with ease, primarily utilizing vertical space for efficient storage.

Stacking Guidelines

Black and silver bar stool

Determining appropriate stacking heights for your stackable restaurant chairs or bar stools is an important safety issue that affects your business in a variety of ways. When you're stacking chairs, it's always best to follow any guidelines that may have been included in the packaging literature that came with your purchase. Even when it looks like your chairs can be stacked higher than the recommended number, remember that someone has to get those chairs down, which can be a dangerous task if they're stacked too high.

The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. Please refer to our Content Policy for more details.

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