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Draft Beer Tap Towers, Faucets, and Components Guide

If you're installing a new tap system or updating an existing system or kegerator, there are a handful of key components you should be familiar with before you get started. First, let's take a look at a typical draft beer setup. Once you have an idea of what individual parts are involved, we can then delve more deeply into the nitty gritty details of things like keg valves, couplers, regulators, faucets and more so that you can install a draft beer system that's perfectly suited to your needs!



There are a handful of different keg sizes to choose from, depending on your volume and available space.

The Cornelius keg is a favorite among homebrewers for its simple maintenance and as a convenient alternative to bottling. It's also worth noting that while the slim quarter barrel has the same capacity as the quarter barrel, the tall, slim design of these barrels makes them a fantastic choice for dual tap kegerators.

Another important factor to consider, especially if you'll be offering a diverse selection, is the keg's valve type. All major American breweries use a "D" system keg valve, but when you start dealing with imports, things can get a bit tricky. For a detailed listing of which valves prominent beers use, check out our Beer and Keg Valve Cross Reference!

Valve Type
  • AKA American Sankey
  • Used by all major American breweries
  • AKA European Sankey
  • Used by many European breweries
  • AKA German Slider
  • Used by many German breweries
  • Gets its name from English manufacturer, Grundy
  • Used by some European breweries
  • Gets its name from English manufacturer, UEC
  • Used by some European breweries
  • Recently introduced into American market
  • Used by some European breweries

Why do you need to know what kind of valve your keg has? Because it will directly affect the type of coupler(s) you'll need to invest in!



A coupler (AKA keg tap) attaches to your keg valve, so it's important that you choose one that matches your given keg. The valve holds beer inside the keg while the coupler allows it to flow, so keg valves and couplers are often referred to as having a lock and key relationship. The coupler gets the beer flowing by attaching to a CO2 regulator through a gas hose, allowing compressed air to enter the keg and push the beer out for your thirsty customers.

Other Considerations

  • Some will come with color-coded handles so that you can quickly and easily identify which keg needs to be changed.
  • Connecting the coupler to the keg (AKA tapping the keg) is typically very simple, though a mystery to some.
    1. Make sure the coupler's handle is in the upper position.
    2. Pair up the threads of the coupler and valve, and then rotate the coupler clockwise about 1/4 turn to engage.
    3. Pull outward on the tap's handle and press it downward.
    4. Release the tap handle to lock the coupler in place and you've got a tapped keg.
      • Couplers are also available with more ergonomic handles that you only have to squeeze instead of pulling and pushing.

Regulators and Distributors

Primary Regulators

A primary regulator acts as the bridge between your keg and CO2 tank by connecting to the tank and the gas hose that's attached to the keg's coupler. It controls the flow of CO2 through the line and is easily adjusted so you can find the ideal pressure for any brew.

Secondary Regulators

Like primary regulators, secondary regulators allow you to control the flow of CO2 through the line. But instead of connecting directly to a CO2 tank, they attach to the primary regulator via a gas hose for two primary benefits.

  1. Different types of beer require different pressure for optimum quality, and these regulators allow you to supply different pressures to various kegs while using only one tank.
  2. Because they don't have to be connected directly to a tank, secondary regulators can be installed further down the line so you can control the gas flow from a more convenient location.

Type of Gauge
Micro Matic 840 Economy Series Gaugeless Primary CO2 Low-Pressure Regulator

The absence of a gauge makes these regulators perfect for rental or event use where rough handling is more likely to result in damage.

Micro Matic 841 Economy Series Single Gauge Primary CO2 Low-Pressure Regulator

The single gauge on these regulators is known as the output pressure gauge because it clearly shows how much pressure is being dispensed. This is critical because having too much or too little pressure could cause excessively foamy beer, flat beer, and a variety of other problems.

Micro Matic 842 Economy Series Double Gauge Primary CO2 Low-Pressure Regulator

Dual gauge regulators feature the same output pressure gauge from the single gauge models so you can see how much pressure is being dispensed. However, they also come with a tank pressure gauge that shows how much CO2 is left in your tank so you can be confident that you'll never run out.

Micro Matic 1245S Plastic 5-Way Beer Gas Distributor with Safety


Distributors are similar to secondary regulators in that they connect to the primary regulator to supply pressure to various kegs and, because they're not bound to a gas tank, can be mounted in a more convenient location. The key difference between them is that distributors provide no way of regulating pressure, so while they do have individual shut off valves for each keg, they don't have a gauge and must be used on kegs requiring the same pressure. Using a distributor on kegs requiring different pressure would mean one or more of the kegs isn't getting the ideal amount of CO2, which can lead to a bunch of other problems as highlighted in our article on Maintaining Your Beer Tap System.

Tap Towers

Also known as draft beer towers or draft arms, beer tap towers are mounted on top of a counter or kegerator and are responsible for not only containing the beer lines, but also holding the beer faucets in place. There are two primary questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a beer tap tower.

tap towers
  1. How many kegs will I be dispensing out of it?
    • This will determine how many faucets the draft tower will need to accommodate.
  2. What size column do I need?
    • This is most important if you're purchasing a draft beer tower as a replacement for a worn or broken unit. Because the cutout has already been made in your counter or kegerator, you'll want a tower that has a column of a matching diameter.
      • The most prominent size is 3", but other sizes including 2 1/2" and 4" are available.

Some specialty configurations are also available which directly impact performance, like shotgun draft towers that keep the faucets close together so you can rapidly fill pitchers of your best-selling brews on busy nights. But once you've narrowed down your options by answering the questions above, choosing a tower generally comes down to a matter of aesthetic preference. The components covered so far will, in most cases, not be visible to guests, but your tap tower provides you with an opportunity to boost your presentation and complement your décor. You can choose different finishes like stainless steel, chrome, and brass, and even different designs like standard and T-style.

Faucets and Handles


Also known as beer taps or beer spigots, there are a couple different styles of beer faucets available that each have their own unique application.

Type of Faucet
Micro Matic 4933 Standard Brass Beer Faucet with Stainless Steel Lever - Chrome Finish

By far the most common beer faucet style, this type is an excellent choice for dispensing all types of lagers and ales. Simply pull the handle forward, and out flows the beer.

Micro Matic MM901 Chrome Finish Brass European-Style Celli Beer Faucet with Stainless Steel Lever

European draft beer faucets are essentially the same as standard faucets. The difference is they have a long, thin spout that gives them a bit of a cultured aesthetic and helps decrease the amount of foam in your pour.

Micro Matic CMB-X2CH Black with Chrome Trim Creamer Beer Faucet with Stainless Steel Lever

Similar in appearance to standard faucets, creamer faucets differ in that they allow the operator to dispense beer by pulling the handle forward for a normal pour and then push back to finish with a dense, long-lasting, foamy head that's desirable on certain ales and stouts.

Micro Matic JESF-4 Type 304 Stainless Steel Stout Faucet with Polished Stainless Steel Finish

An evolution of the creamer faucet, this style is an excellent choice for Irish-style dry stouts. It has the same back and forth handle motion of the creamer, but features two key differences. The first is the narrow spout which has a small opening to encourage the slow pour needed to prevent excess foam. The second is a restrictor plate concealed within the faucet that releases dissolved gas as the beer pours, giving brews like Guinness the creamy texture and cascaded foam appearance they're known for.

Micro Matic GR-F Type 316 Stainless Steel Beer Growler Filler with Stainless Steel Lever - Matte Stainless Steel Finish

As the name would suggest, this draft beer faucet is the perfect solution for filling growlers. The large opening in the spout allows your growler to easily connect to the faucet and complete a clean, complete fill of a 1 liter bottle within a minute, and with minimal oxidation! Snap-in spouts are also available that convert the filler into a pint-pourer to eliminate the need for a dedicated growler filler.

Micro Matic 4933ROTO-V European-Style Type 304 Stainless Steel Rotary Valve Beer Faucet with Flow Control and Brass Lever - Polished Stainless Steel Finish

This unique style allows you to adjust the flow of beer right at the faucet to help eliminate foaming issues. This is a great choice for pubs that change styles throughout the day because they can adjust the flow to accommodate the different beers without adjusting the pressure at the regulator.

Faucet Construction

As with tap towers, faucets are available in different materials and finishes but, unlike the tap towers, your beer will come in contact with the faucet which means you need to consider more than just appearances.

  • Brass: The majority of beer faucets are made of brass, some polished to a sleek finish and some with a chrome-plated finish. Brass faucets tend to be a bit more affordable, but are also susceptible to tarnishing and pitting which can not only affect the faucet's appearance, but create a space for bacteria to grow.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel faucets are available with a sleek polished finish, a brass finish, or a gold finish so you can match your existing setup. They are a step up from brass since they won't add any "off tastes" to your beer, and won't tarnish or pit. Since stainless steel isn't affected by acidity, these faucets can even be used to dispense wine or cider.

Faucet Handles

It may surprise some to know that many faucets come without handles. That's an obviously integral part of the operation, so what gives?

draft handle

Whether you operate a bar or have a draft beer setup at home in your man cave, tap handles are a highly-personalized component of any system. Many who purchase faucets will be receiving branded tap handles from their distributor, while others will want to take advantage of the many creative or customizable handles out there, and others will just want something simple and straightforward. That being the case, even the most affordable generic handle would be a slight added cost for what would be a throwaway to many customers, so handles are sold separately.


tap plug

There are also a handful of great accessories available to help maintain and enhance your draft beer system for long-lasting, reliable service. Keg transportation is made simple with the use of keg dollies and trucks, and keg racks provide a convenient storage solution. Beer tap brushes help you keep your lines clean while beer tap plugs keep fruit flies, dust, and other contaminants out of beer taps overnight. If theft during cleanup or shrinkage after last call is a concern, you can also consider investing in faucet locks for each of your taps.

Beer and Keg Valve Cross Reference

Abbot Ale G
Abby White U
Abita Amber D
Abita Golden D
Abita Light D
Abita Purple Haze D
Abita Turbodog D
ACME Brown Ale D
ACME Pale Ale D
Alaskan Amber D
Alaskan ESB D
Alaskan Pale Ale D
Alaskan Smoked Porter D
Alaskan Stout D
Alaskan Winter Ale D
Alexander Keith D
Allagash Curieux D
Allagash Dubbel D
Allagash Four D
Allagash Grand Cru D
Allagash Musette D
Allagash Tripel D
Allagash Victoria Ale D
Allagash White D
Amstel S
Amstel Light S
Anchor Liberty Ale G
Anchor Porter G
Anchor Steam G
Anderson Valley Belks Bitter D
Anderson Valley Boont Amber D
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA D
Anderson Valley Poleeko Gold D
Asahi S
Aventinus Eisbock M
Avery Hog Heaven D
Avery IPA D
Avery IPA Cask D
Avery Karma Ale D
Avery Maharaja D
Avery Old Jubilation D
Avery Reverend D
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel A
Ayinger Bräu-Hell A
Ayinger Bräu-Weisse A
Ayinger Celebrator A
Ayinger Frühlingsbier (Springtime Beer) A
Ayinger Jahrhundert-Bier A
Ayinger Kirta-Halbe (Pint of Country Fair) A
Ayinger Liebhard's Kellerbier A
Ayinger Premium-Pils A
Ayinger Ur-Weisse (Traditional Wheat) A
Ayinger Winter-Bock (Winter “Buck” Beer) A
Bad Frog - BAD Light D
Bad Frog Golden- Amber Lager D
Bad Frog Micro-Malt D
Bass Pale Ale D
Bavik Pilsner A
BayHawk Amber Ale D
BayHawk California Pale Ale (CPA) D
BayHawk Chocolate Porter D
BayHawk Hefeweizen D
BayHawk Honey Blonde D
BayHawk OC Lager D
BBC Long Beach Crude D
BBC Marathon D
BBC Strawberry Blonde D
BBC Top Sail D
Beck's D
Beck's Dark D
Beck's Premier Light D
Belhaven 80 Shilling S
Belhaven Best S
Belhaven Best Extra Cold S
Belhaven St. Andrews Ale S
Belle-Vue S
Bemish S
Binchoise Reserve D
Bitburger Pilsner A
Black Dog D
Blackthorne Cider G
Blanche De Brussels-Bier A
Blanche de Chambly D
Blue Moon D
Boddingtons Pub Ale G
Breckenridge D
Brooklyn Brown Ale D
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale D
Brooklyn Lager D
Brooklyn Pennant Ale 55 D
Brooklyn Pilsner D
Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale D
Brooklyn Weisse D
Bruin Pale Ale D
Bud Dry D
Bud Ice D
Bud Ice Light D
Bud Light D
Budweiser D
Budweiser Select D
Bull Falls D
Busch D
Caffrey's G
California Cider Ace Pear G
Cantillon Rose (Belgium) S
Caracole Nostradamus D
Carlsberg A
Carlton and United Beers (CUB) D
Castle Maine D
Caybrew D
Caylight D
Celis D
Chimay A
Cider Jack D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Below Deck D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Loose Cannon D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Peg Leg Stout D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning D
Clipper City Heavy Seas Winter Storm D
Clipper City Phillip Amber Ale D
Columbia Brewing D
Coors D
Coors Light D
Corona D
Corsendonk Brown S
Corsendonk Christmas Ale S
Corsendonk Pale S
Custom Brewcrafters D
Cuvee Meilleurs Voeux A
De Dolle Arabier A
De Dolle Special Extra Export Stout A
De Dolle Stille Nacht A
De Dolle Teve A
De Koninck Ale (Belgium) S
Delirium Nocturnum S
Delirium Noel S
Delirium Tremens Ale S
Des Rocs Grand Cru D
Deschutes Black Butte D
Devil Mountain D
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA D
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA D
Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale D
Dortmunder Union S
Dos Equis Amber D
Dos Equis Lager D
Double Diamond S
Dry Blackthorn G
Duchesse de Bourgogne D
Eel River Brewing D
Einbecker M
Ellicottville D
Erdinger Hefetrub Weisse S
Estrella Damm S
Eurobrew Hobgoblin Draft D
Eurobrew Monty Python Draft D
Fat Tire D
Firehouse American Pale Ale D
Firehouse Diego Special D
Firehouse Hefeweizen D
Firehouse Hop Farmer IPA D
Firehouse India Pale Ale D
Firehouse Leatherhead Brown Ale D
Firehouse Seasonal D
Firehouse Sun God Belgian White Ale D
Firestone Double Barrel Ale D
Firestone Lager D
Firestone Pale Ale D
Firestone Walker's Ale D
Fischer A
Flying Dog D
Foret Org Sais Ale D
Foster's D
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse A
Full Sail Amber Ale D
Full Sail Pale Ale D
Fuller's ESB G
Fuller's London Pride G
Genesee D
George Killian's Irish Red D
Goose Island D
Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen D
Gordon Biersch Marzen D
Gouden Carolus Classic S
Gouden Carolus Noel S
Grant's D
Great Divide Fresh Hop Pale Ale D
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA D
Great Divide Hiberation Ale D
Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti D
Great Divide Titan IPA D
Green Line Pale Ale D
Green Mountain Cidery D
Grolsch G
Guinness Blonde D
Guinness Stout U
Guinness Stout ( 20 Liter ) U
Hacker-Pschorr Weisse A
Hahn S
Hamms D
Hard Core Cider D
Harp U
Harpoon Ale D
Harpoon Brown Session Ale D
Harpoon IPA D
Harpoon Munchen Dunkel D
Heineken S
Henry Weinhard's D
High Falls D
Highland Black Mocha Stout D
Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale D
Highland Gaelic Ale D
Highland Oatmeal Porter D
Highland Saint Terese D
Highland Tasgall Ale D
Hoegaarden White A
Hofbrau S
Holy Cow Red D
Hornsby's D
Houblon Chouffe IPA Tripel A
Hudson Valley D
Humboldt Hemp Ale D
Humboldt IPA D
Humboldt Pale Ale D
Humboldt Red Nectar Ale D
Ice House D
Innis and Gunn D
Iron Shore Bock D
Isenbeck A
J.G. Ale D
John Courage S
JW Lee's Chouffe A
Kasteel Biere du Chat Brown S
Kilkenny U
Killarney D
Killian's Irish Red D
Kirin Ichiban D
Kokanee D
Krombacher A
Kronenbourg 1664 A
La Chouffe A
La Gnomette A
Labatt Blue D
Lagunitas Brown Shugga D
Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout D
Lagunitas Censored D
Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball D
Lagunitas IPA D
Lagunitas Maximus D
Land Shark Lager D
Lands Ends Amber (Kannah Creek Brewing Co.) D
Leffe S
Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey D
Left Hand Black Jack Porter D
Left Hand Milk Stout D
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro D
Left Hand Polestar Pilsner D
Left Hand Sawtooth D
Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro D
Left Hand Stranger Pale Ale D
Leinenkugel D
Lindeman's Framboise S
Lindeman's Peche S
Lion Nathan S
Little Kings D
Lost Coast Alleycat Amber D
Lost Coast Apricot Wheat D
Lost Coast Downtown Brown D
Lost Coast Great White D
Lost Coast Raspberry Brown D
Löwenbräu Original Lager A
Mad River Jamalca Red Ale D
Mad River Steelhead Pale D
Magners U
Maredsous Abbey Ale (Belgium) S
Marston's Pedigree S
Maudite D
McChouffe A
McEwan's S
Miami Trail Brewing D
Michael Shea's D
Michelob D
Michelob Amber Bock D
Michelob Light D
Michelob Speciality D
Michelob Ultra D
Mickey's D
Middle Ages D
Miller D
Miller Genuine Draft D
Miller Lite D
Milwaukee's Best D
Modelo D
Molson Canadian D
Monk's Sour Ale S
Moosehead D
Moretti Italian Pilsner S
Murphy's Irish Red S
Murphy's Irish Stout S
Natural Ice D
Natural Light D
New Amsterdam D
New Glarus Apple Ale D
New Glarus Back 40 Bock – Wisconsin Bock D
New Glarus Black Top D
New Glarus Cabin Fever – Honey Bock D
New Glarus Cran-bic D
New Glarus Edel Pils D
New Glarus Fat Squirrel D
New Glarus Golden Ale D
New Glarus Hometown Blonde D
New Glarus IIPA D
New Glarus IPA D
New Glarus Moon Man D
New Glarus Raspberry Tart D
New Glarus Seasonal Assorted D
New Glarus Serendipity D
New Glarus Spotted Cow D
New Glarus Staghorn Oktoberfest D
New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb D
New Glarus Thumbprint Assorted D
New Glarus Totally Naked D
New Glarus Two Women D
New Glarus Uff Da Bock D
New Glarus WI Belgian Red – cherry ale D
New Zeland Steinlager D
Newcastle S
N'Ice Chouffe A
North Coast Brother Thelonious D
North Coast Old Rasputin Stout D
North Coast Old Stock D
North Coast Pranqster Belgian D
North Coast Red Seal Ale D
North Coast Scrimshaw D
Nor'Wester D
O'Doul's D
O'Hara Irish Ale G
Old Dominion New River D
Old Dominion Oak Stout D
Old Milwaukee D
Old Speckeled Hen G
Old Vienna D
Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale D
Oskar Blues Duke Sour Brown D
Oskar Blues Gordon IPA D
Oskar Blues Imperial Cherry Stout D
Oskar Blues Imperial Stout D
Oskar Blues Mama's Lil Yella Pilsner D
Oskar Blues Money Shot Cream Ale D
Oskar Blues Oak Aged Gordon D
Oskar Blues Old Chub D
Pabst Blue Ribbon D
Pacifico D
Palm A
Paulaner Hefeweizen A
Paulaner Lager A
Paulaner Pilsner A
Paulaner Salvator A
Peroni D
Pete's Seasonals D
Pete's Wicked Ale D
Pilsner Urquell S
Piraat Ale S
Porter & Summerfest D
Portland Mactarnahan's Amber D
Portland Oregon Honey D
Presidente S
Presidente Light S
Pyramid Hefeweizen D
Pyramid Seasonal D
Razors Edge D
Red Ale D
Red Dog D
Red Hook Blonde D
Red Hook ESB D
Red Hook IPA D
Red Hook Seasonal D
Red Wolf D
Rodenbach Key Keg
Rogue D
Rogue Dead Guy Ale D
Rogue Hazelnut Brown D
Rogue Red D
Rogue-Mogal D
Rolling Rock D
Saint Bernardus Abbot D
Saint Bernardus Prior D
Saint Feuillein Cuvee de Noel S
Saint Pauli Girl S
Sais Dup Farmhouse Ale D
Sam Adams Boston Lager D
Sam Adams Seasonal D
Sapporo D
Saranac D
Saxer Brewing D
Scaldis Belgian Ale D
Scaldis Noel D
Schmitt's D
Schneider Edel Weisse M
Schneider Weisse M
Scottish & Newcastle S
Scottish Tennents G
Shiner Bock D
Ship Inn D
Shipyard D
Shmaltz Brewing Hebrew Lenny's R.I.P. A
Shmaltz Brewing Hebrew Messiah Bold D
Shock Top D
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale D
Sierra Nevada Seasonal D
Sir Perry William's G
Sleemans D
Smithwicks Irish Ale U
Southpaw D
Spanish Peaks Black Dog D
Spaten Lager A
Spaten Oktoberfest A
Spaten Optimator A
Spaten Pils A
Standing Wave Pale Ale (Kannah Creek Brewing Co.) D
Staropramen Premium Lager A
Starpramen Dark A
Starpramen Granat A
Starr Hill Brewery D
Steam Whistle A
Steinlager D
Stella Artois S
Stoudts Brewing D
Strohs D
Strongbow Cider S
Tecate D
Tennent's 1885 Lager (Export) G
Tennent's Ember G
Tennent's Extra Lager G
Tennent's Light Ale G
Tennent's Pilsner G
Tennent's Scotch Ale (Export) G
Tennent's Special G
Tennent's Stout (Export) G
Tennent's Super G
Tennent's Velvet Ale G
Terrapin D
Tetley's S
Thomas Creek Amber D
Thomas Creek Dopplebock D
Thomas Creek IPA D
Thomas Creek Multi-Grain D
Thomas Creek Pilsner D
Thomas Creek Red Ale D
Thomas Creek Vanilla Cream D
Thomas Kemper D
Tommyknocker Ornery Amber D
Tooheys S
Trois Pistoles D
Tucher S
Twisted X D
Unibroue D
Urthel Hop-It S
Urthel Samaranth S
Val Dieu Grand Cru D
Van Steenberge S
Veltins M
Victoria D
Victoria Bitter A
Victory Festbier D
Victory Golden Monkey D
Victory Hop Wallop D
Victory Hopdevil D
Victory Lager D
Victory Moonglow D
Victory Old Horizontal D
Victory Prima Pils D
Victory St. Boisterous D
Victory St. Victorious D
Victory Storm King Stout D
Victory Sunrise Weissbier D
Victory Wilddevil D
Victory Wirlwind Wit D
Victory Yakima Twilight D
Warsteiner Dunkel A
Warsteiner Pils A
Wasatch D
Watney's G
Weihenstephan Hefe-Weissbier A
Weihenstephan Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel A
Weihenstephan Korbinian A
Weihenstephan Original Lager A
Weinhard's D
Wexford Irish Cream Ale G
Whitbread Ale D
White Tip D
Widmer Hefeweizen D
Widmer Seasonal D
Woodchuck Dark & Dry Cider D
Woodpecker Cider S
Wyder's Apple Cider D
Wyder's Peach Cider D
Wyder's Pear Cider D
Wyder's Raspberry Cider D
Young's S
Young's Chocolate Stout S
Young's Oatmeal Stout S
Young's Ram Rod Bitter S
Young's Special London Ale S
Yuengling D
Zebra D
Zuma Cancun Lager D
Zuma Morena Dark Lager D
Zywiec M

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