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Range Hood Filter Types

A majority of commercial cooking equipment - such as ranges, griddles, and fryers - require the use of an exhaust hood. These kitchen hoods are designed to remove smoke, heat, steam, and fumes, as well as dirty kitchen air. However, the air in commercial kitchens is filled with bits of grease and food residues that can quickly clog up the ductwork in a hood system if not properly filtered out. By selecting the appropriate hood filter for your establishment, you can keep your exhaust hood working at peak performance and ensure clean kitchen air.

Range Hood Filter Materials

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Stainless steel hood filters are durable and easily washable, making them great for high-volume establishments where saving time is important. For maximum convenience, stainless steel filters can be placed in the dishwasher or soaked in water, unlike filters made of aluminum. They can also be cleaned by hand or with a pressure washer and are available in an array of styles and sizes to fit common kitchen exhaust hoods.

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Aluminum hood filters are a more economical choice for lower-volume kitchens. However, they are not as durable as stainless steel filters. Aluminum hood filters are best cleaned by hand and should not be placed in a commercial dishwasher.

Range Hood Filter Design Features

Each hood filter is designed to be used so that the metal ridges, or baffles, are positioned vertically when holding the filter in front of you. As dirty kitchen air comes in contact with the filter, these vertical baffles catch grease and other deposits, allowing them to drain down and out into collection trays. This keeps the rest of the hood from getting clogged with grease, reducing fire hazards and resulting in cleaner air.

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Spark Arrestor Hood Filters

Some filters come with a spark arrestor, which extinguishes any sparks that might drift up from the cooking surface. This adds an extra measure of protection for cooking equipment that use briquettes or wood pieces.

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Framed vs. Frameless Hood Filters

Most hood filters have a visible frame along the outside of the baffle assembly. These are great for any application, but if you have an open kitchen you might also consider a frameless filter design. The baffles go all the way to the edge of the filter and the frame is much thinner, which creates a more attractive look.

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How to Measure a Hood Filter

Hold the filter so that the baffles (ridges) run vertically from top to bottom like in the photo. The "height" side runs parallel to the baffles from top to bottom, while the "width" side is the left-to-right measurement.

Filter measurements are commonly listed in nominal sizing, meaning measurements are slightly rounded up to the nearest whole number. Exact measurements of the filters are approximately 1/2" smaller in size.

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