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Types of Kutol Soap Systems

Kutol is a leading manufacturer of quality hand soap, hand hygiene products, and soap dispensing systems for virtually any commercial or industrial institution. This brief guide will point out some of the key features of each Kutol dispensing system, and benefits of the various soap types, to help you decide which is best for your needs.

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Foaming Hand Soap Systems

Kutol's foaming hand soap systems save money. Period. They provide up to double the amount of hand washings per refill compared to liquid soap bag-in-box systems. Also, because you don't need to keep as many refills on hand, Kutol foaming hand soap systems cut down on wasted storage space.

  • Reduces waste
  • Saves money
  • Conserves storage space
  • Three dispenser options
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Health Guard Clean Shape Pump Bottle

  • Easy-to-use portable and disposable pump bottles
  • Stylish design and pearlized finish complement any decor
  • ADA compliant
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Health Guard Wall Mount

  • Available in manual or hands-free dispenser systems
  • Bag refill system is simple and clean - no risk of spills
  • ADA compliant
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Health Guard Counter Mount

  • Installs easily on any countertop - universal fit
  • Refills from above - can top off as needed
  • ADA compliant
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Liquid Hand Soap Systems

Thanks to their innovative refill packaging, Kutol liquid hand soap systems take the time-consuming hassle out of refilling your soap dispensers! A variety of refill sizes are available to meet the needs of any commercial institution.

  • Easy to use, quick refills
  • Multiple refill sizes for low to high volume needs
  • Two dispenser options available


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Soft & Silky Bag-In-Box

  • Versatile - can use any bag-in-box style refill
  • Contamination-free sealed refill pouches in a number of sizes
  • Integrated dispensing tubes make refilling simple and worry free - just feed the tube through the dispenser

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Industrial / Bulk Soap Systems

For larger, industrial locations like warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants, Kutol Pro heavy-duty hand cleansers offer the perfect solution for helping prepare, clean, and restore employee hands under harsh work environments! Providing a wide selection of scrubbers, fragrances, and colors to choose from, these cleansers can easily remove tough, caked-on soil, grease, paint, automotive fluid, or other hard-to-remove materials. With three types of bulk dispensing options, there is sure to be a selection for everyone's needs!

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Kutol Pro for DuraView Dispensers

  • High volume system with easy locking cartridge refills
  • 2000 ml and 4500 ml refills available - both fit the same dispenser
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Pump Gallon

  • 1 gallon jugs with integrated pumps
  • Portable design - keep one in the work truck and one at the shop
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Flat Top Gallon

  • Large capacity refill jugs with easy-pour tops for bulk hand soap systems
  • Can also use refill jugs independently with available screw-on pump
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