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ESD Equipment List

If you operate a commercial or industrial facility with sensitive electronics or chemicals, it is essential to use electrostatic dissipative equipment. In most cases, ESD events are typically harmless to humans. However, they can inflict irreversible damage on static-sensitive electronic devices and components. We'll review common types of ESD equipment and tools available to protect your workers and products from damage and ultimately save your business money.

What Is ESD?

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, which is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically-charged objects. It occurs when there is a buildup of static electricity on one object and it comes into contact with another object or a person. ESD can damage sensitive electronic components, such as integrated circuits, transistors, and microchips. Even a small discharge of static electricity can cause latent defects or complete failure of these components.

ESD can also disrupt manufacturing processes in industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. It can lead to production delays, increased costs, and product defects. It can also cause personal injury to your workers, especially in environments with flammable materials. If you operate a commercial or industrial facility that works with ESD-sensitive electronics or chemicals, using ESD-safe equipment and tools is a must.

Static Dissipative vs Conductive

When protecting sensitive electronic components and equipment from electrostatic discharge, understanding the difference between static dissipative and conductive ESD equipment is crucial. Static dissipative equipment is designed to safely and slowly dissipate static charges, preventing the buildup of static electricity. This type of equipment is commonly used in environments where a low level of static electricity is acceptable, such as in cleanrooms and electronics manufacturing facilities.

On the other hand, conductive ESD equipment is specifically designed to quickly and effectively eliminate static charges, providing a high level of protection against ESD. This type of equipment is ideal for environments where a higher level of static electricity needs to be controlled, such as in explosive or flammable environments. By choosing the appropriate type of ESD equipment based on the specific setting, businesses can safeguard their valuable electronic devices and maintain optimal performance.

ESD Equipment

When it comes to protecting sensitive electronic devices and components from electrostatic discharge, having the right equipment is essential. ESD-safe equipment is designed to minimize the risk of static electricity damaging electronic components. Here are some common types of equipment and tools that have ESD-safe options available:

Restaurant Equipment

ESD Shoes

Protect staff working in electrical or electronic areas of your workplace by providing them with ESD shoes. When your body moves, it generates a static charge. This type of safety shoe prevents the buildup of static electricity to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components when workers touch them.

ESD shoes are equipped with conductive or dissipative materials that help to safely ground any accumulated static charge, protecting both the wearer and the equipment. Anyone working in environments such as electronics manufacturing, cleanrooms, or laboratories should wear ESD shoes to ensure a static-free workspace and prevent potential damage.

Restaurant Equipment

ESD Workbench

ESD-safe workbenches are designed with materials that dissipate static electricity, such as conductive or static-dissipative laminate. They provide a safe and static-free workstation for assembling and repairing electronic devices, making them an ideal piece of equipment for electronics manufacturing, laboratories, and assembly lines.

ESD workbenches are equipped with features such as grounded surfaces, conductive materials, and adjustable height options. They also come with built-in grounding points and wrist strap connections to ensure a safe working environment.

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Anti-Static Vacuum

Dust and debris can wreak havoc on sensitive electronic equipment, causing malfunctions or even permanent damage. ESD vacuums are designed for cleaning static-sensitive equipment and electronics, including computers, ATMs, turbines, and robotics. They are equipped with grounding features and static-dissipative materials to prevent the generation of static electricity while cleaning.

Many anti-static vacuums also come with attachments that are designed to clean small equipment and computers, grounded wrist straps for the user's protection, and an anti-static vacuum hose for safe dust collection. They come in both handheld and floor models to suit cleaning both small and large areas.

ESD Packaging

control board in an anti-static bag

Anti-static packaging is used to protect delicate electronic components, such as circuit boards and graphics cards, during shipping or storage. These materials prevent the buildup and discharge of static electricity during handling and transportation to keep the contents of the bag safe and prevent internal damage. Anti-static packaging comes in a plastic bag or foam roll format to provide you with dependable options for whatever you're shipping.

  • Anti-Static Bags: Available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes to protect both delicate and heavy-weight items, anti-static bags are typically made of a poly or metallic-blend material. Poly bags are typically pink and have a dissipative layer to prevent the buildup of static electricity while metallic-blend bags block external electromagnetic fields that could harm or interfere with sensitive equipment components.
  • Anti-Static Foam: Typically available in rolls, anti-static foam packaging protects items from ESD or it can be used in addition to anti-static bags for additional protection. The foam's soft and flexible texture makes it an ideal choice for cushioning void fill. It conforms to the shape of your items, providing optimal protection against impact and shock during transit.
Restaurant Equipment

ESD Floor Mat

ESD floor mats are a type of industrial floor mat and are one of the most efficient ESD tools you can have in your facility. Unlike other types of floor mats, ESD mats are made from ESD-safe rubber and have grounding properties to safely discharge any static from items or people on its surface. The mats should be strategically placed in areas where static electricity is generated or sensitive electronic devices are handled, such as workstations, assembly lines, and testing areas.

Anti-static anti-fatigue mats are also available, which provide comfort to workers who stand for long periods while offering the same static-dissipative properties. ESD floor mats are great for use with other ESD flooring to ensure an ESD Protected Area (EPA) is fully protected against charge generation.

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ESD Trash Can

Proper disposal of static-sensitive waste is crucial to maintaining a static-free environment. Anti-static trash cans are designed to prevent the buildup of static charges, ensuring that sensitive materials can be safely discarded without the risk of damage.

ESD trash cans and ESD liners are used to dispose of chemicals and materials that could be ignited by a spark. When grounded, the cans and liners will not hold a static charge so they will contain materials safely. This type of trash can is commonly used in clean rooms, technology manufacturing, inspection, quality control, and electronics applications where static control is important.

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