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How to Open a Coconut

How to Open a Coconut

Last updated on 6/20/2018

The coconut is a puzzling fruit that isn’t exactly the easiest to access. The shell of the coconut is so tough and thick that it seems impenetrable. However, there is a simple tool that’s specifically designed to open coconuts, so you can gain access to the meat of the fruit or even just drain the coconut water for use in gourmet drinks or recipes. That tool is the Vacu Vin coconut opener.

While opening a coconut may seem like a daunting task, it’s easy to do if you use the right tool. The Vacu Vin coconut opener features a spike on one end to pierce the eye of the coconut and allow the liquid to drain out, while the blade along the side functions to crack the tough outer shell. So, by using this tool the whole fruit can be split in half, giving you access to the soft fruit inside.

How to Open a Coconut

Opening a coconut is easy if you use a Vacu Vin coconut opener. Here's how it's done:

  • Pierce Soft Eye1.

    Pierce the soft eye of the coconut by inserting the blade on the tip of the tool and twisting it to form a round hole.

  • Drain the Coconut Water2.

    Drain the coconut water from the coconut by simply pouring the liquid through the hole and into a vessel. You can save this coconut water for later.

  • Hit the Center of the Coconut3.

    Using the long blade along the side of the tool, carefully hit the center of the coconut and rotate it until it’s cracked all the way around.

  • Pull the Halves Apart4.

    Pull the two halves apart and that’s it! Now you can enjoy the flavor of fresh coconut.

So, next time your recipe calls for coconut, keep in mind that working with raw ingredients can save money, and opening a coconut isn’t as tough as it looks.

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